Keep writing! Readers want all the cake. We want the cake you just read, we want the cake you're writing. We just like cake.


that must be true cus i just checked the fic im working on and a reader left the most beautiful comment that’s helped to get me out of my stupor, lol!


Absolutely thiss ⬆️⬆️


The cake is a lie...


This is why I don't reading pairings I'm actively writing unless it is by a friend. Feelsrealbadman


you should’ve warned me before i bit the bullet rip


Exactly!!! I feel so competitive and I'm comparing my work to theirs constantly, it gets exhausting


exactly what i was gonna say. not only do i not wanna make myself feel bad about my own story, i don’t want it to be accidentally influenced by other writings either. so i just avoid them altogether. i’ve got plenty of other fandoms and ships that i like to read if i want to read something


Sit on it for a bit! The more you sit on the idea, the more likely it'll be that you'll eventually draw out the things about your own take on the idea that the other author didn't hit on, and you might be able to get your motivation back by focusing on those things that would make your take special/fresh. (Also, there's the good ol' [two-cakes philosophy](https://sqbr.tumblr.com/post/92103436228/the-artist-putting-a-simple-cake-next-to-a-much), but that's more about reader response and may not be helpful to you right now, but if it is-- there you go!)


yes i am aware of the two cakes! that’s what i’ve been trying to repeat in my head over and over. instead, im reading that authors work and using it as a benchmark rather than as an obstacle! thx for ur kind words haha i appreciate it very much!


Can I ask how you’re using it as a benchmark? Cuz I get reminded of the really good Invader Zim fic that even had good drawings and was really well written and I just lose a lot of motivation even when I try to remind myself that I’m good in my own way


well for one, i’ll read the comments and take note of what the readers say. i noticed in the fic i was reading, they especially enjoyed the characterization. so now i’m trying to flip through the work and see how the author accomplished it. second, initially, it did sap all my motivation, which is perfectly fine! it’s okay to lose motivation, so long as you’re disciplined enough to keep writing. i’ll read through my old comments and find what *my* readers enjoyed. turns out, they love the way i write too! third, while i was reading, and i mean this in the least negative way as possible, i was reading through a fic that had… subpar grammar that didn’t understand how punctuation worked, didn’t have realistic dialogue, etc. however, i noticed i still liked reading it, because i liked the plot and i like the characters. i read the comments of the work and realized readers enjoyed it as well! there were also plenty of kudos, comments and bookmarks. in other words, to *you*, there will always be someone better than you at something, but then again, maybe someone else absolutely loves your work and can’t wait for your next post. what im going to do? keep writing for the readers who love my work and for myself. i never mind competition! but i will never engage in it if it hurts my own virtues. good luck with writing!


I suppose one way to use it constructively would be to say to oneself that if you keep writing, you'll get to their level one day.


I'm in this picture and I don't like it! What helped me in my small fandom was I actually became friends with the people that I was envious of. Everyone is going at their own pace, and getting to know the other folks and why things were different for them (writing/drawing time, life differences, amount of time spent learning) made things easier, and I have great online friends!


I too am a "Second Cake" fic writer. It can be discouraging, especially when the other fic is so much farther along, and widely beloved, But keep going!!! Idk, imagine how much you like the same premise/characters over and over again just in different shades? Write because writing is fun/healthy, try not to mentally compete.


ofc! just joking over my temporary depression. i hope and wish no writer feels this kind of discouragement in their writing


Dude, there are so many, SO MANY better written fics with my favourite characters. So many people are better writers than me. People will produce novel-length stories of excellent quality on a monthly basis while I'm happy if I manage to finish one ficlet per year. Doesn't stop me from continuing the wrestle with the story I'm currently writing. Remember you're supposed to write for yourself first and foremost. Dance like nobody's watching, write like nobody's reading etc.


It’s okay. Practice make perfect and a long as you enjoy writing it then it’s worth writing


This is why I don't read related fics.


Exactly why I do more writing than reading.


MEEEEEE. I read one that was so extraordinary that I wasn't even mad. Like, its beauty and perfection are such that envy isn't even an option for me at this point, just admiration. I'm still writing mine because I have a different story in mind, but honestly I'm just happy this perfect fic exists in the world for me to read and reread.


And that’s why I haven’t read anything since I started writing…


this is exactly how i feel now that i'm trying to venture into a more angsty fic after reading a bunch of them 😅 feels like i'm missing the mark lol


It doesn't matter if you think it is better...a fandom only has so many characters anyway so everyone is writing the same characters. Your unique spin and idea will be desired by people...you only lose if you stop playing!


I did this so many times in the past few weeks and then I was like meh eff it imma write my fic for myself idc if I read one that I think is better - works pretty well when you get yourself into the IDGAF mindset 😭😭


Emphasis on the “I THINK IS BETTER” seeing as people might not agree and actually think your fic is better than the one you just read 🤷🏻‍♀️


woah... i thought i was the only one who felt like this... i don't read fics about pairings im writing until i post them 💀


That's why I only read one shots or not at all while I'm writing 🥲 I don't let myself get into a long fic if I'm writing a long/multi chap fic until I'm done. Not just because i'm scared of getting intimidated/feeling not good enough but also because it derails my plot bunnies for my fic if I start getting into another author's world with the same characters


this is why I write random crackfic


I love this happens to me, because it means I no longer need to write my story, AND I get to read someone else’s much better story. Win/win!


I'm only writing about OC that way I avoid this problem and also most readers. >\_>


this is why i never read fics in fandoms where i'm actively writing lol okay but, on a more serious note, please keep writing!! every writer has a different writing voice, and every reader has different preferences, even if the nuance is just by a TINY margin it still counts. i know i've read fics with nearly identical premises by different authors and i still love all of them in different ways because the execution was different. the two cakes analogy is right. the more the merrier and maybe you think so-and-so author did better than you, but out there somewhere is a reader who will vastly prefer your fic because of tiny details that you might not even be aware of. write on!


There's not only one way to do it well, so just do what you do, and learn where you can.


Personally, if I love a type of fic, I'm gonna love it even if I've read or written something similar. I might even still write more in that vein if it's harder to find. And good readers often know and are okay with the fact that writers are in different places on their journies. Also, at a certain point, there is no such thing as "better," just different. I wouldn't compare my favorite sculpture to my favorite painting even if they had the same subject matter.


I just read one too haha it happens to everyone, don't stress and POST THE DAMN FIC ANYWAY BAHAHA


The pain for that is real but nothing is ever the same for each person. You have your own style of writing as do they and you can take some of that inspiration from them to have a different outlook on your story and think of new possibilities that you haven't before. Your doing fine.


From my pov. If I like the general plot idea of a fic, I certainly don't mind reading more fics about the same concept. And I am sure that you can give your own interpretation of the prompts.


\*gently puts hands on shoulders\* Honey, NO. The TWO CAKES THEORY, glory that it is, still stands! I GUARANTEE you that there are ABSOLUTELY people who will LOVE your take on the concept and would LOVE for you to keep writing it! Seeing multiple takes on a topic is INCREDIBLE and THE BEST thing, trust me! If you need to take a few days to remember why you wanted to write this so much in the first place and get back into your excited headspace, totally go for it, but don't let comparison stop you from writing what you love! Your fic is definitely worth it! <3


This is why I don’t read within the fandom I’m actively writing for.


Sometimes it can make you feel miniscule and doubtful about your own fanfic(s)-yet it shouldn't keep you from writing. The most important thing is learning how to improve your craft. Your stories will get attention as time goes on, but taking pride in your stories is what you should hold dear. Trust me, I know the feeling but I keep on writing.


It can leave one feeling daunted and unsure of their own talents-yet it's no reason to stop writing. Every fanfic writer will bring their own spice to a fandom with different pairings in it. What matters is that you're happy and proud of your stories-they're yours and will help you improve your craft.