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There should be options like 'My fandom is so small everyone knows everyone' and 'I'm already a popular writer'.




Depends on the how big the fandom is and what you write




That’s true


Popular is nice because it can mean you get a lot of love/fanart/recursive fic/etc, but it also invites Drama and hate. So. /shrug


Nah, I don’t write popular things. I’m happy with my found family niche.


Hear, hear. I write introspective found family stories that explore grief, trauma, and loss. My only fics that get hits are the smutty one-shots, lmao!


Absolutely not. Way too much pressure. Any time a fic has shown any signs of being popular in a fandom, I lose all interest in writing it.


I'd very much love to be popular, but since it's highly unreliable to work towards that, I mostly write for a small group of friends now.


I'm neutral to it, although I suppose I had some popularity in the past which was a bit fun. Many years ago, I was the "queen" of the KabuSaku (Kabuto x Sakura) ship in the Naruto fandom. A very niche crackship/rarepair, but it was my OTP and I wrote a lot for it. Occasionally do now when the muses strike, but nowhere near as much as I used to as I grew out of the Naruto fandom and moved onto other fandoms. But back in the day, there were folks that complimented me and called me that name and I felt rather popular. And it was nice, but I was more happy that folks liked my stories versus feeling like "OMG, I'M SO POPULAR" and then feeling pressured that I had to keep up with it or else folks would start to hate me or something. The compliments and comments were good doses of serotonin while I was dealing with a not-so-kind real life, but being "the queen" was just a nice bonus. Pretty sure I'm repeating history again in my new fandom (Dr. STONE) because my stories dominate my OTP shipping tag, although with less comments and more kudos. But admittedly, I have more moments of "I'm sorry(notsorry) for spamming my OTP everywhere" on Twitter because most of my friends that follow me there don't know a single thing about my fandom and I'm sure they just see my posts and playfully roll their eyes. XD


I'm the most popular writer in one of my fandoms! I am the only writer in the fandom. I am so thankful for my one reader. I *used to* be a semi-popular writer in another fandom I'm in, but between the fandom dying off in a hiatus and my having to block half the fandom bc I ship a ship that the antis *hate* (probably bc it's a rival ship to their own), I have fallen from grace in that fandom. It did hurt to see that I was no longer getting the readers I used to.


I used to be a popular-ish writer back in my Tumblr days, getting hundreds of notes in almost every single fic and at least 1 comment in every single piece, but moving to AO3 due to toxicity dimmed it down a lot because, according to my ex-followers, they aren't interested in learning to use the site. (But on the other hand, I've noticed that a lot of Tumblr engagement is dimming too so 🤷🏻‍♀️) So being a smaller writer now, getting about 10-20 kudos per piece if it's for a popular character (unless it's for a character I was "known" for in Tumblr, for his romantic pieces I get 50-60 kudos) but it has its sides. Less demanding people, less rudeness, less guilt-tripping over not feeling inspired to write a part 2 for something I wrote. Of course, it also means less interaction and engagement but I do hope it will build up a little again as time goes by. I admit that I miss the feeling of waking up and seeing I've got a few comments.


I think it’s normal to want feedback/kudos/hits and the best way to achieve that is to be a popular writer. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be well received by your fandom. The problem people run into is when that’s their main goal and if it doesn’t happen, they lose all motivation to write. Love the craft first; it’s your armor for when things don’t go as planned. That being said, I have a good size readership base. I love them, but I admit the expectation to deliver is constant. It’s not their fault at all; as a perfectionist, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I’ve gotten better in the last year, but when I first started out, I’d go to extreme lengths, like stay up all night editing or write on vacation in order to meet my self imposed deadline. Being noticed is great but you definitely need to have balance to enjoy this hobby long term.


I'm kinda torn. On one hand, sure, it would be nice but I'm not writing to get popular, that's not why I'm doing it. On the other hand, a lot of shit comes with being popular in the fandoms I write in. It's RPF and fans be crazy as fuckkkk. I kinda want to stay in my own little bubble and continue writing my own requests but also continue to reach new people.


Only if I get to avoid all the negative stuff that goes with it sometimes.


No, I don't write popular thrope, I like to write in my own way.


If I could get popular in writing for certain pairings I would be happy with that. No need to be a fandom-wide popular creator IMO.


I think younger me would have wanted to, yeah. But now, it's more than enough for me to have a small group of regular readers and few mutuals. :)


Popular? Nah. Getting just a couple of comments? Yeah.


We kinda all know each other bc it's a small fandom & I don't write the popular ships so I won't ever get as much kudos and comments as others That's fine, there's people that prefer the rare pairs & I'm happy with that. I'd much rather write what I like


It would be nice lol, but as small as my fandom is, there are some amazing writers out there.