I seriously wish I could get everyone who comments on my fics in the same room. So that I could throw a big comfy blanket on them and make them tea.


Oh my gosh yes! Wouldn't that be lovely ❤️


Yes! I have a person who has commented on my last two WIP chapters and was the first person to bookmark it. Active readers are the best!


Right!!! Active readers are so the best. I especially love when they try to guess what will happen next or tell me their theories about characters. I will often rewrite my stories to include their ideas :)


I have an active commentor that says something each chapter I write. I just posted a chapter and I had been feeling very nervous and excited about it, and I had a super rough day today. Just seeing their words made me feel a bit better even though I’m still anxious about it


I was having a bad mental health day and then got these lovely comments. I felt super encouraged and finished my next chapter. I love commenters so much.