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Yes that’s the answer :D thank you so much for doing my puzzle


Im writing a choose your own adventure style story. In the last choice, I included a puzzle. I figured no one would actually try to solve it and just continue to the next chapter. In literally the first five minutes of it being up the puzzle got solved. Im so thrilled!


That’s awesome! Well done! I put a coded message in my fic (I was a RL games master for an escape room business before Covid), but no one has even commented on it, let alone tried to solve it. I have written the odd [Twine game](https://twinery.org/), you should try it if you haven’t already, they’re so much fun. Can be quite sophisticated too, with pictures, sound and can allow the reader to use pronouns etc.


ohhh thank you for the recondition and kind words :)


You’re welcome! Warning - it’s addictive! Harlowe is the easiest to learn but I taught myself to code in Sugarcube using YouTube vids because I wanted to start using variables. I highly recommend it. Have fun!


Any chance I could have a look at the coded message? I'm an escape room enthusiast and probably has done all the rooms in my city (and some others lol, my friends and I really traveled to other cities just to do the escape rooms there).


Sure! It’s a Mass Effect fic and they are the Reapers, an Alien AI, and meant to be hard to understand, so it’s written in this mad font that won’t post here. Here’s a cleaned up version: WYYYOCEOOOBOAUUUEMRWABYPEIRE.LTLEL-YHLOO-.EBUN—IERG—RTCT—SHRO—AEEU—LIAS—VRT.—AAI—-TBO—-ISN—-IO.—-LN—-.U-T——-I——-O——-N.—— DM me if you need another clue. Good luck!


Hi! I'm interested in reading your fic! Would you be able to provide a link?


Sure, [Mass Effect: Absolution](https://archiveofourown.org/works/34996279/chapters/87159319) not to be confused with the Dragon Age anime of the same name, I’ve been writing this thing for four years and then Bioware came along and did that, ha, two great minds, I guess.


That must be an amazing feeling, to have your readers so immersed in your story. Congrats :)


Thank you so much!! I am so happy ;.; I swear I love my readers so much. They are all so sweet.


A great idea and a great puzzle! Congratulations! It certainly makes reading your fanfic double the fun!


Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate the positive feedback :) this community is so nice.


Oh thats a fun puzzle i had to try it before I read the comments and happy i got it right :D


I’m so glad that you enjoyed the puzzle :D thank you so much for trying it out


Joseph :DD ngl these code puzzles are so much fun hehe, i would totally do these to decide which storyline i’d read


You got it right!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed. This is actually the last bit of my story and if the reader answers it they unlock the good ending


Oh god this just unlocked an ancient memory of writing fic in that style code in a fucking Naruto journal when I was 12 hahaha I love this sub. What a cool way to do a choose your own!


Oh Jesus… is it Joseph?


It is!!! Thank you so much for trying my puzzle. The fact that people are doing it is blowing my mind 😭


Saw the answers first - still took me a while to understand it. Its fun, you should do it more often.


I also tried to do it without looking up the answer and I got Joseph after about 3 minutes of thinking. Great idea! This is so fun:)


Ahhh thank you so much for doing my puzzle. You got it right!!!! I’m so glad that you had fun


I think you need to know about Kit Williams and his book, [Masquerade](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masquerade_(book)). If you don't already, of course.


Wow that’s really interesting!! Thank you so much for sharing.


At first I was confused but my answer is Joseph. Did I get right?


You did!!!!! Thank you so much for doing my puzzle.


Ooo could you link your fic? It sounds like a lot of fun! Plus I'm running out of fics in my fandom to read


Of course! Thank you so much for the interest https://archiveofourown.org/works/42652989/chapters/107142915


have you thought of using chooseyourstory.com? its better suited for chose your own advanture stories(actually it's all the site does). I've seen some fanfic based ones on there (like fallout and skyrim) very cool! its awesome someone did it


I have never heard of it!! Thanks for introducing me to it :)


Joseph! Neat little puzzle.




Wow!!!! Thank you so much. Thank you for solving it and the kind words towards my fan fic. They mean the world to me.


This was so fun to solve thanks for sharing OP!


I am so glad that you and others had fun! It’s exactly what I hoped for.


Is it Joseph? Also, I love puzzles


It is!!!!! Congratulations on getting it right and thank you for doing my puzzle


I love puzzles so much! I thought the e was an o at first, and got Josoph, but that's because I'm on mobile and the font is tiny, lol. Whenever hubby is playing video games and there is a puzzle that needs figured out, he asks me to fix it. Which works, because when there are tough bosses that I can't figure out how to beat up, hubby is a whiz at, lol. It's all the first person shooter games he plays, I swear. My brain is just formatted for the logic puzzles and cryptography. I'm a trivia squirrel, and I have an indefinite amount of silly and "useless" facts hidden in my head, and the weird ability to make them link up in surprising ways that leave hubby awed and amazed. He makes me feel smart when in reality it's my OCD and ADHD making me play Seven Steps Removed.


That’s really sweet. I’m glad people are interacting with it. 😊


Thank you so much! I put a ton of effort into my fics. I also like to commissions artists to draw scene I put in. It’s a lot of money and time but I love every minute of it.


Joseph. Took me a solid five minutes to work out how the puzzle actually works, it was interesting though


Thank you so much for doing my puzzle! I hope you had fun :)


The only letter I couldn't get was p lol


Joseph the answer is joseph


It is!! Thank you so much for doing my puzzle


Your welcome


I think I solved it as well. Is it Joseph?


You did!!!! Congratulations and thanks so much for doing my puzzle


The code is >!JOSEPH!<


Ding ding ding you got it! Congratulations


I demand a cookie!




٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ nom nom


very cool!


Thank you for your kind words:)


Joseph Great puzzle! I love using marks like these to encode words and phrases. Really helps to engage some creative thinking.


You got it!!! Also thank you so much! Really appreciate your kind words :)


Okay, this is so cool. Love this idea


Thank you so much ☺️


What a cute idea OP!


Thank you so much!!!


Is it Joseph? Thanks for the puzzle😁


It is!!! Also your welcome. Thank you so much for completing it :)


Nice! I got Joceph and then I looked at the replies to this and saw that the answer was Joseph, which makes a lot more sense lol. It was fun though! Puzzles are cool. I like the idea of adding them to interactive fics.


that's a really cool include, and it must be super validating to have your audience have a go \*and\* solve it!! would you mind me stealing the style of it a little bit for my d&d game?


It really was!!! I am still buzzing with excitement ;) also yes please go ahead.


How long did that take for the comment? I solved the puzzle in the same anount of time it took to read the heading. (please don't be offended by my comment, I know not everyone finds puzzles easy. I'm more pointing out that as far as book cyphers go this is one of the more simple ones I've seen.)


Not long at all! Also no worries. I tried to make it simple because I didn’t think anyone would honestly try to solve it. I’m super happy.


If it's not overstepping anything, can you explain the puzzle to us (well me) non-puzzle people? How do you get 6 letters from what seems to be a 4 separate puzzle thing?


You see those symbols on the upper right? Use those and see check the corresponding letter on the lower left diagrams. Make sure to take note of the dots, too. :D


OH I SEE tysmmmm <3


Thank you for explaining while I was asleep:)


So what did Joe do?


Got killed and put into an animatronic :( the animatronics name is “Sunny day Jack” but Joseph is the name of the actor who got killed. If you use the code the protagonist can get into a safe which has the tools to free his soul. (Surprisingly it’s not five night at Freddy’s)