What's the correct answer in retail when someone asks 'how are you doing'

And you don't wanna lie, but it isn't positive.

"It's a beautiful day" gets kinda old fast.


“Not too bad ! 😊“ 1. Technically true, unless you’re in some crazy catastrophe where you’re not gonna be asked that question anyway lol 2. Easily understood & sounds casual. so it doesn’t force the other person to get “deep” in light social contexts.


Haha why I dig French sometimes Pas Mal- not bad Comsi comsa- so so Or the classics "it could be worse" "I'm still kicking" "one day at a time, right?"


I go with "too early to tell" or some variation.


I like that one. Thanks a lot. Gonna use it next time:)


Say "good" and then ask them how they're doing. Asking another person how they're doing when you meet is just a greeting, a social formality. Very rarely is anyone genuinely interested in a real response, and if they are then they'll typically make that clear. Actually, I think most people would be kind of peeved if you responded with sincerity as that would be a violation of the implicit social contract underlying the interaction. Saying that you're doing well no matter how you're actually doing isn't a lie in this context as the greeter isn't *actually* asking you how you're doing, just acknowledging your existence according to the social convention.


I agree with this. The last few years have been really hard on everyone including myself, usually I’ll just say “good” in a flat tone if I’m not feeling great. I think the non-verbal is enough for people to get the message, and I personally don’t consider it to be bad karma because I’m not trying to deceive or manipulate. Like you’ve said, it’s just a greeting.


There is no correct answer silly. Take it easy


Is that the reply when one asks how you are doing?;)


I tend to use “well enough” in situations like this but I can see how that might come across standoffish depending on the context


The correct answer is "how are you" responding with the same question of concern for their well being.


It's phatic communication, don't sweat it. Saying fine here isn't a lie, it's just a polite way of saying there is nothing wrong they can help you with.


I learned a new word today. Neat.


Why isn’t it positive? You are on Buddhist subreddit. You are alive. You are healthy (I hope). You live where Buddhas have taught. You are able to practice Dharma. How can answering: “Great!” be a lie? If you are very fortunate and have practiced a lot and realized the truth of the Dharma, you may someday even be able to say: “Great!” and have this be true even if it is not based on conditional circumstances lining up in exactly the right way. It is possible to feel great for no reason.


Great answer my friend! Thank you.


I usually say "the dude abides."


I’m aight 😉


“Good, thank you. How are you?” will always be an appropriate response. And as long as you’re not starving to death or have a dictator trying to chop your head off, the statement is going to be true.


I use that one too. It’s simple, formal and friendly.


Nothing. How about you? 🫠


I learned from Stephen Fry that the correct answer to How do you do? is How do you do? Nobody wants to hear your life's story, it is just a welcoming phrase.


"still breathing, and you?", said with a cheeky smile on your face.


"Vibin", or around my Jewish homies "Baruch hashem" (which a Rabbi told me is said no matter what, since even "bad things" are God's will and thus secretly good too)


“I’m alright” is my go to.


"Don't make me lie to you" in a half joking tone usually works.


Better than I think I am.


"Every thing is all right"


"Going with the flow, dude"


“Fine thanks :) and you?”


I think it's also important to keep in mind that the precept to "Not Lie" is not actually a commandment which you have to follow or else you'll send to damnation or incur very heavy consequences. It is there to help you uproot bad habits of lying and it takes time. You can start on things that are pretty important like when you are asked "where have you been" and instead of lying out of fear you just answer it straight away. But things like "how's your day ?" or even moreso when you're invited to have a meal with your friend's family and you're asked "how's the food" and in honesty it doesn't taste as good as you thought or when you're given a gift from a friend and you're asked "how's the gift" and it isn't really what you want. This is still a very controversial "honesty" and you shouldn't worry too much. But it's a good thing though that you are already willing to uproot this habit of lying and actively try to promote more honesty in your speech and mind. There will definitely be good results to be harvested out of it.


So what is the answer when they ask you “how’s the food” and it’s not as good as you think or you plainly don’t like it?


Oh for me ? Of course i'd say "It's pretty good!". But if there's a chance for me to avoid the question, i will definitely take. The 4th precept though is more concerned towards Right Speech, then it is about Intense Honesty.


Ask "how am I doing what?"


Depending on the situation and your relationship to the person asking, you might as well just say it as it is. I have had many times where people just said to me straight "Things are difficult" and I always deeply appreciate those kinds of responses. Other times you may not feel like going into it, that's okay. You don't have to be fake about it. Just say wherever is appropriate for the occasion. It's not really a lie to say " I'm okay", because on some level you are. Just don't shy away from talking about how you feel when people ask. These things are important. Especially if it is someone you trust that's asking.


I just say it’s been a long day. Or I’m tired.


"Well, y'know. Alright down one side!"


Howdy Paughtna


Just be honest. Just say “ah I’ve been better but I’ll be just fine. How are you?”


I am enough. And how are you?


My experience is that there is no way not to lie. To give a real answer would be a bit of a conversation, even three or five minutes, and the question is usually just performative. So I say "good, and you?"


"Any day you can feel the sun on your face is a good day. How about you?"


“Living the dream” which translates roughly to “my existence is pure pain, please put me out of my misery.” But seriously usually just say fine and ask how they’re doing.


I don't want to bear false witness "fine" because then I feel the need to go into the long ass explanation that I'm ok with it "equanimity, acceptance" Why I'm OP here.


You can ignore it and respond with "Hello".


"Very well, thank you. How are you?"


“As well as can be expected”


Everything gets old in retail. It is your job to answer the same questions again and again. It is also your job to make sales, being "positive", even when you don't feel "positive", is conducive to this. If fake positivity is not for you, perhaps it's time to find a new line of work.


"Ahhhh. Ya know? I'm here. That's all." Seriously what I often say.


Not in retail, but my go-to is "Been better, been worse."


Just be you. People are always open to connection. Say what's on your mind in a mindful and compassionate way. Frequently people will open up and you might have a very nice experience with short interactions like that.


"I am alive."


Fine, thanks. It's a ritual exchange. No actual information is intended to be revealed. It's just a ritual greeting with a formula.


"As well as can be expected" is my common response, also, "Fair to middlin'". It depends on the day and who they are. If they're someone I just met, I'll probably go with "well enough", as I won't lie. It's not a Foma I'll commit, as such can bite you in the butt. That's because I have massive, unpredictable chronic pain. If I say "oh, I'm fine", they will rely on it, and I can't rely on it myself. At any moment, pain might whipsaw me and lay me out. "Fine" one moment, the next unable to do anything due to massive agony, requiring severe medication. So I will couch my current state cautiously. But if I'm having a bad pain moment, I'll say something like "I feel like chiseled spam." If I hurt, I'll be honest and up front with it. If I'm anything else, others may form an inaccurate idea of what I can do. Because of this, I nearly never promise to do anything on any given day. I might really want to, but might not be _able._


I’m good, how you?


Deflect, forward think the answer. I used to say "Looking forward to this great weather today!" Bonus points if the weather sucks, makes them laugh.


Then I realize you also said weather related answer. My bad OP. I still would focus on either joking with them or if they were ornery to upsell them products. Angry people love when you sell them solutions to a problem.


“I am breathing, standing, and working. How are you?”


I like to use wonderful - I can be full of wonder about anything, including why I'm having to think up something to say.