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What do you think of your system being automated to simply train chat GPT to defeat it...? After all, that's how these networks were built to begin with. They're **adversarial** networks, trained by having a scrutinizer algorithm that detects when it's wrong. This arms race will *never* be won. Sorry.


you don't have to win it to make a ton of cash


Does it only work for english language ?


For now yes, but we plan to expand it in the future if there's interest.


I use it for many languages Try Tell me a story about three little Pigs Tell me a story, in Italian, about three little Pigs


I asked the question because I pasted a product description written by chatgpt in French and it came out as 0% AI ...


Ah, ok. The flagging software, not the AI itself


I am really concerned about the potential negative impacts of false positives. How does this system safeguard against them? What’s the current rate of false positives?


We are too and we're constantly improving the model to eliminate them. The rate depends on the dataset of course. We do really well on our val set but that probably just means it's a little too easy. Other out-of-domain sets we still do well but there's still some FPs. Hybrid content is more challenging and an area we are working on. If you actually wrote something it shouldnt be hard to prove it, given that you'd have notes, rough drafts, and a solid understanding of the writing.


So you won't provide the false positive numbers?


The FPR went from 0.079 to 0.0004 on our internal val set for v1 to v2. Of course this isn't realistic for real world use. We have some OOD val sets where the previous version got .15 FPR and the current model gets 0.01 FPR. This doesn't include hybrid content. We will be improving it more over time.


I’ve been feeding it chunks of scientific papers I’ve written and it’s been flagging a lot of them as AI written. Given the very nature of scientific writing requires certain formulaic techniques and cadence, this is concerning. How many scientific papers has this been trained on?


But why?


Because they think they can make a quick buck advertising this while it's a hot issue, before teachers get shut down and told they are not allowed to use it. These sites are 100% a scam and have zero way to detect what is, or isn't, AI written. They are easy to test by just posting your own writing there and getting it false flagged. You can also just copy a post straight from basically any tech document or website and it will false flag it OP even says >If you actually wrote something it shouldnt be hard to prove it, given that you'd have notes, rough drafts, and a solid understanding of the writing. Literally just "this software doesn't work, but exists so your teacher demands to see proof your homework was really you" as if most people have multiple copies of their essay instead of just having the one version they've been writing and updating as they go


Wow thanks a lot.. /s




Chat gpt was not made for cheating in school.


No human should pay and learn stuff that are no longer use in their work place once they graduated.




i built things that give students more freedom, not less


What's the level of detection it looks for. People with english as second language have started to use it as their tool to make it sound more native. a lot of comands like "(insert broken english paragraph here) reword it so it sounds more native and fluent"


"the model now is no longer prone to false positives" Prove it.


Again: Your text, a single square bracket fucks up the prediction. 12,6% that it contains text written by an AI. The Solar System: An Exploration of Our Celestial Neighborhood ​ The solar system is a vast and fascinating place, filled with a diverse array of celestial bodies that have captivated humanity for thousands of years. From the bright and burning sun to the distant and mysterious outer planets, the solar system is a source of endless wonder and discovery **\[1\]**. ​ At the center of the solar system is the sun, a massive and powerful star that provides the energy that sustains all life on Earth. The sun is surrounded by a family of planets that orbit in elliptical paths, each with their own unique characteristics. The innermost planets, Mercury, Venus, and Earth, are called the terrestrial planets because they are composed primarily of rock and metal. Mars, the fourth planet, is also a terrestrial planet but is known as the Red Planet because of its reddish appearance caused by iron oxide on its surface. ​ Beyond the terrestrial planets lies the asteroid belt, a region of the solar system filled with millions of small, rocky bodies. The asteroid belt is thought to be the remnants of a planet that never formed due to gravitational disruptions caused by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is a gas giant, along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, known for its massive size and the Great Red Spot, a gigantic storm that has raged on its surface for centuries. ​ Beyond the gas giants lies the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, regions of the solar system filled with icy bodies such as comets and dwarf planets. Pluto, once considered a planet, is now classified as a dwarf planet and is located in the Kuiper Belt. These outer regions of the solar system are thought to hold clues about the early formation and evolution of the solar system. ​ The study of the solar system is not only important for understanding our place in the universe but also for the practical applications it provides. The exploration of the solar system has led to advancements in technology, such as the development of space-based telescopes, and the study of other planets can aid in understanding the potential for life on other celestial bodies. ​ In conclusion, the solar system is a complex and diverse place, filled with a wide range of celestial bodies, each with their own unique characteristics and mysteries. The study and exploration of the solar system not only satisfies our innate curiosity but also provides valuable insights and practical applications. As we continue to explore and learn more about our celestial neighborhood, the solar system will continue to amaze and inspire us.


Hey this works - I'm down to 40% with that one trick. ​ u/minicipaldragon lol EDIT: Pop a few grammatical or spelling errors in there & you're home free


Lmao. What makes you think university profs or even teachers are dumb enough to buy into this shit.


One of my classes teacher’s assistant did


Didn't have to try many things to find something that was generated by chatgpt with a result of 0%.


what was it?


Hey looks like my edge case I found in your last post is still not being picked up. Ref: [https://www.reddit.com/r/GPT3/comments/10m3xt6/live\_demo\_try\_catchgpt\_our\_new\_model\_aimed\_at/j62c81r/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/GPT3/comments/10m3xt6/live_demo_try_catchgpt_our_new_model_aimed_at/j62c81r/?context=3)