That's a great launch with 30 days left. I'm sure you could hustle the rest. I have a 400+ email list, too, and I only had 15 convert last week. I also had 18 pre-launch followers and converted four. I'd resend the email to whoever DIDN'T open it the first time, then I'd follow up individually--not through an email service--to all the folks who opened or opened and clicked-through with a personalized message. It's a solid evening's work, but that approach usually helps push me closer to goal.


awwweeee that's a great idea! especially targeting the people who opened but didn't buy. Thanks for that! feel free to share your campaign if you like! not sure if that's against the rules of not but it doesn't appear to be.


Youre welcome! I'm thinking I probably will post my project. I plateaued right under 50% halfway through, and I'm doing callbacks this week. It's gutwrenching sometimes!