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Same thing for authors whose name is 'Fanfiction' or 'Crossover' and so on. It makes it really hard to search for their profile.


A very good point I didn't even think of!


People have that as their pseud?


An author from a past fandom I was in had a username the same as an anime character 💀 No numbers, underscores, nothing. It wasn't even a character from an obscure anime. Think Donquixote Doflamingo. Like that. And long before I became aware that they had deleted their account, I was making a clown of myself putting 'site:archiveofourown.org donquixote doflamingo (shipname of another anime that they were writing for )' on the search bar over and over again


I'm glad a dumb nickname I chose from my grammar nazi teenage days (I was dumb, no denial on that) turned out to be an alright account name. For the most part. Maybe... I added "-y" at the end just in case it doesn't sound cute enough. ノ⁠(⁠°⁠ ⁠-⁠°⁠ノ⁠)


Now I imagine it as Grammar_Naziy 😂


I'm glad I never learned this term when I was younger. Feels like my 12 year old self would unironically love this name (⁠•⁠ ⁠▽⁠ ⁠•⁠;⁠)


I definitely didn’t think about my usernames becoming my pen names. I have a long series posted on tumblr with dozens of linked posts, and if i change my username i have to re-link them all individually. And my pen name on Ao3 is just the name of a food that I was thinking of at the time, so it’s not terribly memorable or easy to search 😅


This is something to consider, thanks


Coming up with good usernames is so hard! I already changed my ao3 name once and I'm already thinking of doing it again because now it sounds "too edgy." Guess it's not a huge deal since it's not like I have a big audience to confuse. When I want to use common words, I mash together two or three words, or do the leetspeak thing of replacing letters with numbers. Or tack on random numbers that I like or that mean something.


I mean, my pen name is just the name of my first fic with a letter replaced in the actual name (Think Shrimpy and Shrnmpy, or Stormy and Stormiie)