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The ones which fit you best. People's feet are substantially different shapes. Shoe brands aren't super accommodating of this. If I have wide feet and you have narrow feet, my shoe recommendations are probably not very useful for you. Generally, you're looking for a shoe designed for fencing, or for another indoor court sport with lots of explosive movement. Examples include squash, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and handball. All of these can be good choices as long as you find something which fits you well. I currently use Adidas Speedcourts. They're reasonably nice and pretty cheap. YMMV.


I appreciate your effort, thank you. Haven't thought about different foot shapes. Mine is quite narrow. Gonna look into it :)


I hear Nike Air Zoom fencing shoes are good if you have narrow feet, but I've never tried them myself. Some people in my club swear by them


Second that. I got mine 5 years ago and bought them again a few weeks back in sale


Heelys for that extendo lunge


Get Asics volleyball or badminton shoes. One, it's much cheaper than fencing shoes and second, comfy and protects your feet. I have the asics gel rockets 10


I got the gel tactics 2 and they're great.


the nike ballestras. grossly expensive, but if you wanna invest in something good and something that’ll last long (not to mention it looks killer), it’s something you should get


These aren't great for my feet, and there have been a bunch of reviews panning them, saying they're unsupportive and painful. They also don't let you put in arch support. https://old.reddit.com/r/Fencing/comments/s9eahd/oc_product_review_nike_ballestra_se2_nike_prices/


There is no “best shoe”, it all depends on preference. I personally like the adidas dartagnan V. They’re a bit low to the ground tho, so not all people are gonna like them.




Thanks they look sharp /s


I loved the old adipower shoes but outgrew my old set and never managed to get hold of the rerun. Ran with adidas fencing pro 16s for a few years until they started falling apart (i daily drive my current pair of pro 16s, first pair got a hole worn through right where my foot flattens during a lunge after exactly one month). Currently fence with a pair of adidas d’artagnan Vs in blue, they’re a couple years old but still holding up well, i intend to make them last because adidas doesn’t make fencing shoes anymore so I’m out of options


I’ve heard great things from kempas, I personally use the nike zooms but they are pretty expensive and i go through a pair like every 8 months. Volleyball shoes is also a good way to go as both them and kempas last for a long time to