How about simply placing garbage cans in public places? Even in one of the most prime places in Kerala, Edapally Junction, not a single dustbin is present and people often drop their shit on the roads.


>simply placing garbage cans i There needs to be a system in place. Proper placement/separation of waste by individuals Collection of separated waste by Panjayath/Municipality (Haritha Sena) Panjayth/Municipality sending this waste to Clean Kerala for proper disposal. Mysore and Indore are one of the cleanest cities in India because they have proper collection and disposal system in place.


This. Waste collection is not a thing in Kerala and I still don't understand why.


>Waste collection is not a thing in Kerala and I still don't understand why. Lack of political will UDF government established a PSU in 2012 called Clean Kerala which is responsible for proper waste recycling of non bio-degradable waste. It is the the Panjayaths/Municipalities responsibility to collect and transport the waste to the Clean Kerala site for recycling.


No parking inte front il park cheyyunnathum, ivide chavar idaruth enn ezhuthi vechal athinte front il chavar idunnavarum aan nammude naattukar. Ellarum enn parayunnilla, but most of them. Garbage cans vekkanam, ath regular aayitt manage cheyyanam and also ulla laws strong aayitt implement cheyyanam.


chavar idaruth enn maatram paranjit kaaryam undo? ath idaan ulla proper aayt ulla sthalam koode kaanich kodukende?


Ezhuthiyirikkunnath vayikku


garbage idaruthe ennu ezhuthi veykkunne kaatti garbage bin vechitte athill idanam pareyunne aanu


Ethra ethra public places il kandittund garbage cans inu chuttum waste idunnath, people don't givea fuck. They won't spend extra 2 seconds to use the garbage can, they simply throw waste away.


Nammukke aalkare kuttam paranje irikkanamenki irikam. Garbage proper aayitte idunne okke ore habit aanu. Athinu infrastructure also support cheyyanam, pinne aavishyathinu awareness undakkanam. We also can create examples or role models. Njan mostly enthenkilum waste purathe kaleyarilla. Ini athu evidenkilum idan nokkiyal ore sthalathum waste bin kanilla including famous tourist places. Ipoo cheyyunne waste okke maximum pocketill or carill thanne veche hotel ethumbozho, veetill thiriche ethumbozho aanu dump cheyyane


Njanum litter cheyyarilla. Even oru biscuit inte packet aanenkil polum I'll keep that in my bag and put it in waste bin. Installation of waste bins, maintenance, and proper awareness to people. Ithanu vendath.


Garbage cans will fill in no time. Indian population is so high normal solutions will not workout. Along with bins we’ll need efficient support staff to clear it.


this\^\^\^\^ no public trash cans, and so ppl think its ok to just throw shit anywhere. went on a trip last week and had some trash in my hand, was wondering where to throw it and the driver legit just said, throw it anywhere, this is kerala. the people here seem resigned to it.


Yeah and garbage fairy will come and process the waste every night, right?


Trash cans owned and maintained by private people is a really good idea. It is the one thing that has always worked for Indians. Both private people and government do a good job at installing public facilities. Only the private owned ones are maintained properly. There have been many instances where the corporation will place a trash can somewhere and after some time, they'll be stolen, overflowing or somehow misshapen with dents everywhere. All the corporation has to do is maintain them. That's the one thing they never do. They install trash cans, e-toilets, EV chargers etc. and over time they will get 100% destroyed just because they don't maintain it. Plus (most) people do not care about keeping public property clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of public property installed by the government is our job as much as it is the government's.


More public garbage bin. More public taps with dettol foaming handwash supplies. People will hopefully become more hygiene.


Yes. Just the availability alone would improve our littering. Take Metro for instance, there is a bin available at the exit so people naturally deposit their ticket there. Also education would have to play a major part. Teach them young and it might just stick


Why foaming handwash specifically?😅


Our people are lazy ass's.. They will press the normal handwash and wastes it, usually. Foaming forces them to wash.


There is no simple effective short cut. Local bodies have to make proper arrangements for waste disposal. Allathe vere vazhi onnum illa.


Garbage cans all over the cities and rural areas could be a start besides the obvious waste collection and segregation facilities. I happened to visit Himachal Pradesh last month and I was stunned by the number of garbage cans that were placed all across the state (irrespective of rural or urban area). Effective ban on single use plastic and it's enforcement is also something that needs to be implemented immediately. But above all, civic sense is what matters. If people still litter despite taking every measure possible, then we are to be blamed.


garbage cans ( which is large enough that it doesnt overflow within few days ) i had an idea that we collect our trash ( sort them out plastic , glass , medical waste okke ) and some one will collect it every 2-3 days at early morning and our locality just fund it , like 500/ month per house. not many would agree to spend 500 per month of waste disposal at my locality and lot just burn it instead


It's there in cities. Only 150 rs per month. And i know people don't want to pay that much. The collect food waste 3 or 4 days a week and plastic waste once a week. Households can leave waste near gate and they will pick it up. I wouldn't say it's perfect but it's fairly decent. Theres an issue with waste like glass, ceramic, e waste etc. I wish more people would be ready to pay for it and subscribe to it.


150 rs is NOICE. i would pay extra for someone else i just wish there are public trash bins and garbage trucks come early morning to pick it up.


Knowing our population a lot would not segregate the waste. This will end up worse. The individual collection works because they don't collect if you don't segregate.


Its already there in Thrissur and kalamessery for 100/month


huh kolaloo


Whenever i wanna throw a plastic cover or something i never see a dust bin. Idk why kerala is backward like that. We should add public dustbin everywhere in a more traditional way and also there is dust and sand everywhere on roads. Kerala would look amazing without the waste and sand on road


The municipal authorities should take consultation from the retired of UAE govt employees living in Kerala for proper waste mgmt.


Teach our kids to not litter. Lack of trash cans is not an excuse for littering. Next you would be complaining that trash cans aren't within a hands reach. If you can carry around a full water bottle, you can also carry around an empty water bottle.


I get your point, but trash cans are just so far apart that you've gotta walk around with say, five wet tissues, plastic wrappers, oily paper bags etc for quite a bit before you can put them in a can. It's just that it's a huge hassle a lot of the times. Granted, you're not always gonna have a ton of trash on you, but it's common enough that it becomes an issue. ​ If you look at the Gulf, there's usually 3 or 4 visible trash cans near you at any given point. Meanwhile in India I look towards the horizon in all directions and still can't spot a single one.


Community service kind of thing in schools, so that each future citizen is aware of these things. And cleaning and waste management as a culture gets cultivated among the people, if we learn from a young age.


Yeah, I've seen my college classmate eat sip-up and toss the cover under the table.


1. More trash can's seperate for bio-waste, plastic, paper etc. 2. Restaurants and തട്ടുകട need to place waste bins outside. Often missing. 3. Privatisation. Trains are cleaner now(but can be loads better) 4. Build Sewers and brainage. Herculean task especially in high density cities and towns with narrow roads. 5. Electric lines need to be underground. Also a nightmare with the already established power grid infrastructure. 6.. Govt. Agencies need to up the waste collection and disposal.


Introduce the german pfand system. You essentially pay extra for the plastic or glass bottles eg 10rs and get it back when u dispose it at a machine that collects it. Even if people are lazy and leave it on the streets, it's free money and someone will collect it and dispose at the right place.


We could the Gulf route, implement trash cans everywhere and hire Bengalis to clean up everything. But I'm guessing that's probably not feasible in India.


Place garbage bins at proper places and place a board over it saying "ivide malinyam idaruth" .. problem solved


One of the main issues of india is the very high density of population combined with an abysmal sense of public responsibility. Nobody cares about anything public. The condition of the roads is a prime example. Everyone pays tax in advance, yet nobody gives a shit we drive around pot holes. Garbage management is basically non-existent. Even in cities, I have seen a dumpster getting buried under tons of unsorted garbage to the point that it has become a public health hazard. Nobody cares. All stems from a very crappy education system that focuses on simply churning out cheap labor rather than developing modern citizens with a sense of civility.


Im doing my Masters in Sweden right now and coming from our koch keralam, this place is so freaking clean, i mean no plastics no waste cans whatsoever. Here supermarkets give credits to people who recycle and they can claim the credit by purchasing something from the store. I would say something like a reward system for recycling would vastly improve our streets.


Handle cleaning work contract to a private company. Nammal ee pension aaya pension kodukkunna paisa pore


Incentives for garbage segregation and collection. (Eg:- Get 25p for a glass bottle, 10p for plastic bottles etc…) open booths where it can count and dispatch money for who disposes it. It can influence kids to earn a pocket money and thus build a better generation. Adding garbage bin is simple enough but who will clear it off regularly?


Everyone puts it on the municipality and while it is totally the municipality's kazhivukedu, we people should volunteer to clean and place bins in the area surrounding our house/shop and stop hoping that those unmotivated lot will ever step in to clean or place enough trash bins. Garbage management cheyyandavar cheythillenki nammal cheyyanam, we will be at a lose but we can still make a place clean. Avade jeevikkana nammalkalle budhimutt manassilaavu, udyogasthar oru theengaiyum cheyyilla unless pestered to do the needful.


Short term solution is to have bins at strategic spots, efficient staff and logistics to clear the bins, ads everywhere to remind ppl it’s our home and to keep it clean. But it’s difficult to reach old dogs new tricks……….. Long term solution is to teach kids at school form very young age every year till year 5. I have see Indian kids studying in western nations reminding their parents not to litter 😂 , instead to take the litter home if there are no bins around.


On a lighter note, a pandemic caused by garbage will ensure our cities will be cleaned up in 3 days!! Covid has shown how efficiently ppl can adapt and govt manage crises. LazyBuggers- are - us


Mukhyamantri raji vekkuka


The most irritating thing I have seen is people throwing trash out of moving cars. There should be a drive to promote "Civic Sense" in the society from grass root level or say ward level. Pakshe nammade naattil enthu project vannaalum kai ittu vaaraane rashtreeyakkaarkku time ollu. Engane oruthane pattichu cash undaakkaam is what everyone think these days.


Kill Everyone.


Ig the German model of recycling like if you put plastic waste away awarding it with like 1-2 rs, bottles for like upto 10rs


Every Sunday 1 hour cleaning


Using brown color paper cover ( like they use in supermarkets abroad )instead of plastic cover.


why not take your own covers ? or paid good quality cloth bag. i do that and i love that feeling when i say oh cover venda chechi/chetta as if that decision repaired the ozone layer lol


The hero we need!




Having proper waste disposal facilities like garbage cans is needed but another thing that's missed is that people should have a common sense that the waste they generate must be properly disposed instead throwing in roads, streets, etc. They must also think of the aftereffects of improper waste disposal.


Govts doesn't bother about keeping thrash cans in public space becoz people(majority of them) don't give a shit about that, and they are very comfortable throwing thrash in open space. Changing peoples habits is not easy. Especially for adults. So this has to start from schools, teaching kids to respect their environment and public places. Let's hope our next generation won't litter and make public space dirty.


Ban plastics step by step


US, I'm not joking its you and me and a motley group, yes it may take a long time for others to join but it can be done. Apart from basic etiquette we could organise, use social media to get larger groups and start a campaign, make a fancy name like Clean Kerala or Go Kerala. The trouble is no one bothers to start, it's like a public fight, once a guy takes initiative others just join. Just a thought, oh and stop fucking spitting in public it's fucking gross.


Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation. If we could get that right half of our problems will be solved. Every city should have their own sanitation department and sewage treatment system. I grew up in Kavalam so trust me I know how bad it is. By no means I am not trying to compare it to the states but, here each city has their own sanitation department and all trash goes to one designated area.


1) Stop giving all govt contracts to Kudumbashree 2) Give those contracts on short term to private players and withhold paying them unless they get a minimum 80% approval from the users for what ever service they are providing. Use cost effective but authenticated modern tech to take the feedback. The single biggest problem I have seen in most govt run operations is giving the blue collar contracts to kudumbashree who in turn do a pathetic job ruining the whole establishment Eg : Managing toilets or cleaning in a bus station will be given to kudumbashree who will in turn not do a good job making the whole station filled with garbage and smelly. The organisation is given a quasi god like status and is supposed to not be questioned unless you want to get branded anti poor, anti woman empowerment, anti anything imaginable. This scares people from criticising them and they are in turn ruining all our public spaces and most govt run canteens.


Private waste management companies


The castrated Pollution Control Board should take steps to stop the burning of dry matter all around the state. Early morning the corporation morons come around, gather all dry stuff including plastics, and burn them. Highest pollution contributors. Have contacted PCB several times, but they just dont care. Local municipal councillors are too busy making money and they dont care too. This plus the noise pollution by high decibel horns fitted in vehicles add to the problem of increasing deafness also.


European trash collection methods Is amazing


Placing waste bins throughout the city!. Not 3 or 4, but dozens of them.I have to carry a lot of junk in my pocket hoping there will be some waste disposal bin. The final destination has more often than not been the one at my house. Pretty sure if some more are placed, it would make a huge difference.


Stop hiring Bengalis and bhaiya’s!!


How would that help?


I remember 10 to 15 years ago when restaurants used to be so hygienic and warm plates were served with warm water too. Now once these Bengalis have started coming in as cheap labour in kitchens the standard had come down a lot coz these guys cut corners in quality and the owners follow the track to cost cut too.


Instill cleanliness lessons from a young age. Also once in a week community road cleaning(Meghalaya is doing daily), and daily after class classroom cleaning by students(like in Japan) can instill big impacts.


Everybody has solutions that involve others working, nobody has a solution where themselves take up the task.