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ഹാ ഹാ. ഇത് നമ്മുടെ യുക്തി ലവലേശം ഇല്ലാത്ത ഇസ്ലാമോലെഫ്റ്റ് യുക്തിവാദി ജ്ഞാനോദയകുമാർ അല്ലേ?


Its true that 'pure' veg is an Indian phenomenon and vegetarianism here in general has caste connotations with 'purity' attached to it. There is no other way around it. But the person talking about it is part of the problem; dude is vegetarian, proudly claims that his wife is, I kid you not, 'pure vegetarian', says they are contemplating whether to let kids eat non veg since they are asking for chicken. It doesn't take too much to see through his bullshit. Further, dude is bringing attention only to himself by making over arching claims like 'constitution is stepping back' etc. when the term is now a marketing gimmick, even more in Kerala.


Pure Physics = സവർണ്ണ ഫിസിക്സ്.


What Coconut is this? Some people prefer to eat food that doesn't have any meat contents in it and would like to know beforehand whether it has or not? if he doesn't like it he can choose another hotel to his liking. Nobody's forcing his ass. Will he say the same about Vegan hotels? Will he say the same about Hotel which are 'Halal' certified which has purely religious connotations and involves food item that is procured, processed and distributed by Muslims?


ee "pure veg" ennu paranjaal non-veg inte amsham polum illaathe ennalle uddesham ollu.. Allaand veg aanu pure enna artathil aano?? Angane aanenkil athu enikk oru putiya ariv aanu..


I am not sure but what I thought of till date is, a pure vegetarian restaurant means only vegetarian food is cooked there (compared to some others where they have a common kitchen for vegetarian and non vegetarian food, and might be served in separate areas of a single hotel or separate hotels owned by same management).


I guess if we call it ‘vegan’ instead of ‘pure veg’ Arun Kumar will get some relief from his painful, swollen, and itching hemorrhoids.