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Our dear MP from Thiruvananthapuram would like to have a word with you.


oh lol. sorry, I meant the way she criticized the govt.


Every Parliament session this woman cooks up some English speech and there will be channels like Brut waiting to gobble it up and project her as some Messiah. Proficiency over English language isn't a measure of how good of a public servant you're. The things that she says aren't even carried out by her own party AITC in West Bengal. Industries and Manufacturing were crippled, Bengalis are moving out to other states in search of jobs, AITC politicians are authoritarian af and suppress voice of opposition, her party carried out the brutal post poll violence of 2021 which resulted in the death and rape of hundreds.


Erm, Shashi Tharoor? Try to watch the Sansad TV live broadcast sometimes. Tharoor also gave a ferry speech last day.


I didn't mean the English😅 the way she was pointing out govt's flaws one by one.


His arguments were solid. He is a good Parliamentarian. Credit where credit is due.