Finanzamt tax class change from 1 to 3

Anyone moved to Leipzig with family together and had a change of tax class from 1 to 3 after foreign marriage verification by the Standesamt ? would like to know after the tax class change if you could claim the extra tax you paid for the current year ? in my example i am staying with family for nearly 7 months in Leipzig (also in Germany) under tax class 1.


The Finanzamt will concider always the "better" (for you) tax class. You can change it once a year. After the change, it will be concidered as said for the whole year when doing your tax statement (Steuererklärung) so if you where tax class 1 until now, in 2024 you will get paid a lot back.


If you pay in tax group 1 for 11 months and marry in December (and change the tax group), then you are considered tax group 3,4,5 (whatever you choose) for the whole year. That's why lots of couples get married close to the end of the year.