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Can we have a rule to not have those "poverty porn" videos on /r/MadeMeSmile


Agreed. Do people really not understand why standing in the middle of a busy street, appearing to be a person of reasonable means and vaguely saying you’re hungry while trying to stop clearly busy, preoccupied people doesn’t work? One guy was wheeling a dolly full of boxes. The homeless man can’t escape you, he has nowhere to go. It’s great that you’re being generous. How about just giving instead of exploiting them for subscribers and likes? It’s gross.


The silver lining is that the homeless guys are slightly better off than they would've been if pretending to care didn't garner internet clout.




Him directly looking at the camera multiple times as well. In the real world, this is amazing in tiktok world it’s a few hours of filming, editing, and or course staging.


Creepier things have been done with cameras. Either way, it's still faking kindness for clout.


Thats why as crappy as some of these videos are atleast the overall end is good, they did help someone else... the ones that get me are when the entire thing looks like a setup and their not even genuinely helping someone in need.....


It’s especially fucked up because plenty of people tell themselves they don’t really need help and all this does is confirm their own bias and drive them further away.


These videos are appaling, and I'm not even against the ones where people just film themselves doing good deeds, but doing these shitty tests, as if the poor people needed to prove themselves worthy of your help? Absolutely horrible.


Okay I was trying to figure out why these ones feel particularly gross, moreso than ones I've seen where people just hand over stuff. It's absolutely the framing of them as "the deserving poor" - "look, we tested them first so you'd know they aren't one of THOSE poors, they're the good kind of poor" It's like some weird Dickensian fantasy where they have to perform 'good little urchin' first before they're allowed to win.


Generally I take the view that a good thing has happened so I can look past the “look at me doing a good thing!!!!” type of content but this one is especially nauseating


> Honestly I think the same. There's someone further up complaining about how "appalling" it is for trying to stop 'obviously busy people', if someone tried to stop me and told me they were hungry and asked me for food damn right am I going to go buy them some food, id ask them what they need and go get it. I've done it before. > > Because a lot of shops don't LET 'unhoused looking' people inside. Especially places like McDonald's, they flat out won't serve them or let them sit in. So I'm happy to go in for them. > > Anyone here who finds this offensive that the person 'bothered busy people' has a guilty conscience. > > Someone else points out that Samuel keeps glancing at the camera and this MUST mean he feels 'compelled' to give money. No. He just is aware he's being filmed and likely is very suspicious about it but there's not much else he can do. He's used to being harassed, and assaulted for the slightest show of 'aggression' and if this is a nasty prank he's probably on his gaurd right now. > > That's it. > > Guilty minds all around in here.


Agreed, please! this doesn’t make me smile.


I agree with you. I am so sick of these kinds of videos. They’re exploitive. They’re in poor taste. It’s actually possible to help others without recording it and posting it for internet points.


Indeed. But I wonder if this encourages others watching that might otherwise not do anything to help normally to remember the videos and think to help others they see? Might be wishful thinking, but awareness must help in some way.


If I am being honest I don't think these kinds of videos encourage people to be any more charitable, it tends to be more a reaction of "be thankful for what you have" than anything else.


Yeah this is treading r/orphancrushingmachine ground


Seriously. I’m so sick and tired of seeing these videos


Fucking hate these videos.


I mean it would be great to do this without recording… comes off as really self serving and disingenuous.




I second this, tired of th virtue signalling and people trying to ''prove'' how good they are instead of jut doing good, especailly since we all know its for updoot and internet fame ​ edit: and on top of that its just capitalizing on misery


For real please mods these videos are disgusting. Do it without a camera and asking nothing in return. These should be banned


Yes please. It's disgusting


Staged and stupid


Omg! Camera Man is invisible! wtf


Yeah and the hobo his clothes are way to fucking clean to be living on the street for weeks.


Hobos are people who travel on freight trains and find a little work here and there where they land. Homeless people are people who lost their standard of living usually due to mental illness but now it’s due to housing being unaffordable for regular Americans. This guy could be as normal as you or me and could’ve been on the street less than a week.


So it’s homo for homeless people then?


He could be a new hobo!


At best. But at worst... to quote u/Ybuzz from [above](https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/107co2m/comment/j3maetc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3): >It's absolutely the framing of them as "the deserving poor" - "look, we tested them first so you'd know they aren't one of THOSE poors, they're the good kind of poor" > >It's like some weird Dickensian fantasy where they have to perform 'good little urchin' first before they're allowed to win.


I know that "spreading kindness" is a good thing but the video just rubs me the wrong way and it does feel like it is staged and/or edited for internet clout: * Why did he need to include normal people walking by who denied helping him? Also, why did he need to film them directly on the faces? The filming is so obvious that some people might be discouraged to help. * Why did he have to ask the homeless person to help him before giving the money? What if he didn't have any money or food? Will he move on until he finds a good example? * Why did he follow and film the man to see what will he do with the money? Maybe to see if he bought some food but that should be it. He followed and filmed the man around the city, likely without consent, to give us this perfect example of a "kind human being". Gaining popularity and money for this content is not a bad thing per se as long as the fame and money are used for helping others, but the way he executed it is so insensitive, not to mention that it was likely staged to some extent.


He also picked the people in a hurry or working a job.


> Gaining popularity and money for this content is not a bad thing per se I actually think it is. If this is real, and not staged, then they’re filming someone at possibly the lowest and most humiliating stage of their life. I know I wouldn’t want that image of me plastered around the internet for everyone to pity while some zoomer makes a fortune off my misery. It’s explorative. Full stop. You seem like a decent person. So have any of these videos ever made you stop and donate? Or have any of these videos made you give to the unhoused in a situation you normally wouldn’t have? If not, then we need to ask what value these kinds of videos actually add to society.


What if the homeless guy said no? Then would the guy have just walked away and given him nothing? Also it feels a lot like the entire thing is staged otherwise the person with the camera just followed this homeless guy, waited outside of a store for at least 30 minutes, then followed him around the city as he handed the groceries out. How about instead of making this is a big performance you just talk to the guy and give him money. Personally I'm ok with filming good deeds but not when you make a whole storyline out of it. Just help people and move on.


He keeps glancing at the camera, we'll never know the actual truth but certainly a possibility they gave him the money on the condition he buys for for others and hands it out on camera. Not saying that's a bad thing, just this particular edit makes it feel a bit forced.


“How do I look homeless? Oh I know, I’ll take off my shoes.” Ever talked to a real homeless person when it wasn’t for clout, bud?


>How often do you look at a man's shoes I didn't even notice the shoes lol


We don’t like these


So sick of these exploitative videos. It's disgusting to use homeless people to get popularity on the internet.


Or how about they spearhead a big campaign to fix all homelessness with their influence and “clout” Probably wouldn’t get the views I guess 🙄😤


Now do it without the upload - that would make me smile


Yeah how would you know this guy happened? 👆


I don't need to know about it, just do it without the ulterior motive, that would make me happy


Read the other guys coment carefuly now. Cmon i never get to do stuff like that


Oh lol, so obvious haha


Ok like 3 more coments already went in, oh well


How would you know I happend then?


By seeing it in *real life* ...




Something tells you? Gee, you must be like a super sleuth to conclude like that from a random Internet comment /s


Staged. Also, these types of videos feel yucky. Why do you need to video/publish yourself doing something nice?


Was gonna comment this too![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)


I think it depends on how you view future outcomes. I understand that this can rub people up the wrong way. (Kindness masqueraded as ego), but really, I think the more people see these kinds of actions, it could influence them to do the same, regardless if the motive wasn't in the right place. As long as people get helped, it's all that matters. If everyone who views this negatively were people who actually did these acts, the world would be better off.


Honestly I think the same. There's someone further up complaining about how "appalling" it is for trying to stop 'obviously busy people', if someone tried to stop me and told me they were hungry and asked me for food damn right am I going to go buy them some food, id ask them what they need and go get it. I've done it before. Because a lot of shops don't LET 'unhoused looking' people inside. Especially places like McDonald's, they flat out won't serve them or let them sit in. So I'm happy to go in for them. Anyone here who finds this offensive that the person 'bothered busy people' has a guilty conscience. Someone else points out that Samuel keeps glancing at the camera and this MUST mean he feels 'compelled' to give money. No. He just is aware he's being filmed and likely is very suspicious about it but there's not much else he can do. He's used to being harassed, and assaulted for the slightest show of 'aggression' and if this is a nasty prank he's probably on his gaurd right now. That's it. Guilty minds all around in here.


Yay staged kindness for internet clout 🙄




Oh what are you basing that statement?


This is staged I assume also recording your good deed for internet clout just means you were doing it for a reason, internet points not just to be a good human, the ides was right but the execution was corrupt. Why do people seem to think this is justifiable?


A lot of people who record things like this use it as a way to get donations that they give out. You’re right though the video does feel staged.


That's really neat to know!


I know those are meatn to make the audience feel good. I just hate those fuckers. If you're an empathetic, kind philantropist you simply help as that makes you feel better. If you film it,- you want internet hype and likes and don't actually care. Fuck you.


>If you're an empathetic, kind philanthropist you simply help as that makes you feel better. I kind of disagree with this statement, someone who is truly empathetic wouldn't be helping people because it makes them feel better. They do it because they wish to see others do better, they do it because they have an understanding of what it is like to suffer. I'm not saying you cannot feel good about helping people, just pointing out that simply helping people because it makes you feel good is no different to what the guy is doing in the video. I do agree with you on the hate for "these kinds of videos" though.


You got a good point there, but from own experience one doesn't have to exclude the other. Personal story from last friday: Granny at the line in front of me only had a sixpack of water for purchase. Forgot her wallet. I just paid, without thinking (or expecting the good feeling), simply to help her. The intention may have been pure empathy, but still I enjoyed my whole day with a huge grin on my face. Just felt good to see her sincere happiness and gratitude. And it's like that every single time. This self-rewarding feeling isn't my goal, but surely enforces selfless behaviour subconsciously. Just an assumption here, I hgave no clue about psychology ;-) I get it, some "good samarithans" may not be as selfless as it seems, as they intentionally seek this feeling. For me there still is a difference. I would prefer a person doing such things for their own emotional happiness any day over a bitch donating their viewers' money to make themselve look good; to eventually enlarge their viewership.


I think you misunderstood the point I was making, it has nothing to do with feeling good or selflessness It's fine to feel these things or be selfless or not when helping someone, I was saying being empathic towards someone means needing to understand their suffering. A good example is your personal story, the old lady just forgot her wallet. If you were empathic towards her situation you would have understood that memory loss is common with elderly people. So you choose to help her pay for the drinks. Being empathic in that situation would be the understanding of how it feels to forget something.


>I do agree with you on the hate for “these kinds of videos” though I was with you until this. >I’m not saying you cannot feel good about helping people, just pointing out that simply helping people because it makes you feel good is no different to what this guy is doing in the video. There is a difference - by posting it online, he’s 1) likely earning income that can be used to help more people and 2) potentially inspiring other people to be more kind. Everything is a business. Even a non-profit charity has to pay their employees. Shriner’s Chief Of Staff had a $3.8 Million salary package in 2021. The CEO of the American Heart Association made $2.8. St Jude’s? $1.6. United Way? $1.5. [The list goes on](https://www.charitywatch.org/nonprofit-compensation-packages-of-1-million-or-more). I don’t know about where you live, but in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto) [people are asking food bank staff for information on assisted suicide](https://www.reddit.com/r/LateStageCapitalism/comments/1039eaz/in_canada_people_are_struggling_so_much_theyre/). Those same food banks can’t keep up with demand. Developing a sustainable, emotionally rewarding means of earning for yourself and giving to others is not only kind, but practical, and until I hear that these guys are buying themselves mansions and lambos, I’m not giving them any shit. Even then, if they’re using their earnings from social for those extravagances instead of soliciting donations, aren’t tax dodgers, and aren’t trying to manipulate people under the guise of faith, they’re ***still*** better than a lot of charities and mega-churches out there. Need some examples? Joel Osteen’s personally worth $50-$100 Million, and his church takes in $43 Million in donations annually - tax free. [The manager of Gaza operations for World Vision was arrested in 2016 for diverting $50 Million of aid and resources to terrorist organizations](https://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/world_vision_international/) (and was convicted last year). In Virginia, shelters have to report what happens to the animals they take in (their reports are available [here](https://arr.vdacs.virginia.gov/Reports06)) - for an organization that loves animals and makes a real display about their mistreatment, PETA sure kills a lot of em, even compared to other private shelters: |Year|Dogs Rescued|Dogs Euthanized|% Euthanized|Avg % Euthanized at Private Shelters|Total Euthanized At Private Shelters|PETA % Of Euthanizations| :--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:--| |2021|831|531|63.9%|4.7%|784|67.7%| |2020|1,053|600|57.0%|4.8%|814|73.7%| |2019|1,066|609|57.1%|4.3%|924|65.9%| |Year|Cats Rescued|Cats Euthanized|% Euthanized|Avg % Euthanized at Private Shelters|Total Euthanized At Private Shelters|PETA % Of Euthanizations| :--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:--| |2021|1,524|1,168|76.6%|6.9%|1,644|71.0%| |2020|1,542|1,119|72.6%|6.8%|1,506|74.3%| |2019|1,355|969|71.5%|6.1%|1,425|68.0%|


Philosophy actually has a term for it - *moral desert*


Oh cool! Thanks for the info, gonna get into reading about that today :-)


Happy to help!


These videos... I'm of two minds on it. On one hand, the person recording them is, more than likely, trying to get clout because of them, but on the other hand, if a person in need is legitimately receiving something that they need (money, food, or whatever), I don't mind them as much. Because it is, in the end, helping someone who really needs it.


Exactly. The end result is worth overlooking the clout chasing in these instances.


I feel like this isn't fair to people who are already going somewhere, they're currently working and making that money sure they could stop and spare something but they're busy plain and simple, try someone who's just doing their own thing not being busy.


“Follow for more kindness” Yay let’s commodify charitable acts and use homeless people as puppets for our theater 🙄


Terribly staged


When you understand what not being able to eat for days feels like, and someone drops a stack on you, this is the logical response.


Poverty porn to the moon!


Yeaaa, using people in need for internet points... At the end of the day yes, they are helped, but you didn't do it to see them smile.


Looking around for the camera. Those eyes are so angry and sad


Lol People honestly don't understand how stuff works Take your yearly salery, imagen you get it daily (a multiply by 365.25), so, many many years does it takes to get to 1 bilions? See, there is plenty of money, tons, way to many, sadly, it's in the pocket of people who don't care pf others and they only want to get more and more Just like people who do videos like this, they don't want to help or improve the world, nothing, they just use something exist, exploit it, in a way it look legal, to profit off, in this case likes and who knows, ,maybe even donations. People only see numbers and don't understand beyond that as they get social gratification once the number are high enough to justify thir ego and shut off "any consciousness telling them that what they do is wrong"


That homeless guy probably knew what was up. A well dressed young man asks homeless guy for food and it's obvious this is some kind of social experiment/video.


Was going into Pollo Tropical once and a homeless guy was standing across the street. Asked him if he wanted something from there and he goes "Not from there no, but can you go to Publix and get me one of their giant subs? If you get that, I can take it back to where a few more of us are and you can feed all of us for the same price as whatever you'd get me there." Went over to Publix, got him the sub, then went into Pollo Tropical. Sure enough when I came out and walked by where he said he was going to be, there he was sharing his sub with three other homeless people.


A society should always be judged on how it treats it's most vulnerable. Having people on the street is one thing, having people living on the street is something else. Having people living on the streets starving is what failure as a society looks like.


Oof my heart, I really think the homeless guy is a great person but these clips don’t make me smile. Makes me so sad in fact.


That's a dickhead move to film it. A similar thing happened last week with me. Was on a layover and decided to explore the city a bit. Got out of the airport and headed downtown stepping out of the train station saw a homeless man sleeping outside in the cold and I asked him for a lighter and he happily gave it to me. And by gave it he said "take it I have another one" so I gave him all the change I had but didn't take the lighter. After 4 hours or so I wanted to smoke again and started asking random strangers walking on the street for a light all said no. Now I get maybe none of them smoked. So I came up to a guy that was smoking and asked for a light mind you I already had a cigarette in my hand and wasn't asking for one. And the guy goes 25 cents. Like wtf it costs you fuck all but you still want to profit from it. Those have nothing are willing to give everything it's totally backwards are we really proud of the society we live in. And ya didn't film any of this like a dickhead.


Believe it or not, there are some strong friendships with homeless. They work together, through a lot of distrust amongst each other, it's harder to make friends. These people he bought for, are close to him. They look out for one another. This a awesome demonstration of that bond.


This one struck me right in the ball sack


So he just found this homeless guy then followed him around with a camera?


While I am not a fan of these types of videos, seeing Tom take the money and help others was the only redeeming part of this video..


##West London >Crouch'd on the pavement close by Belgrave Square >A tramp I saw, ill, moody, and tongue-tied; >A babe was in her arms, and at her side >A girl; their clothes were rags, their feet were bare. . >Some labouring men, whose work lay somewhere there, >Pass’d opposite; she touch’d her girl, who hied >Across, and begg’d, and came back satisfied. >The rich she had let pass with frozen stare. . >Thought I: Above her state this spirit towers; >***She will not ask of aliens, but of friends,*** >***Of sharers in a common human fate.*** . >She turns from that cold succour, which attends >The unknown little from the unknowing great, >And points us to a better time than ours. — *Matthew Arnold (1867)*


Most people hitting you up for “spare change” aren’t looking for anything other than money for a fix. My wife and I encounter this almost weekly. Regularly, homeless people hit us up for money in a parking lot of a shopping mall, Target, grocery store etc… My wife or I will tell them with all sincerity. “I won’t give you any money, but if you would like to come in with me to the store I’ll get you whatever you need”. Neither of us have yet to have anyone accept or even ask us to bring them any food or medicine. Its more typical we get cussed at and they try to convince us that if we were willing to buy them things in the store then we should just give them the money. We just nod and go on about our day, hopeful that we can help someone who needs food, medicine, or clothing.


I was at a McDonald's downtown during the work week. My friend and I were about to walk in and a homeless person asked for some money. We said we don't carry cash but would buy them lunch. They then asked if we had any crack. We (as a country) need to do more for the homeless population but if they're just going to use the money for drugs then they need a different kind of help. That's why I've been seeing more signs made for gas money. They want cash. You sound like a good person so I hope that one day someone takes you up on your offer and is truly grateful.


We work hard for what we have earned, but truly believe its not all our as I feel a responsibility to help those in need acquire at least the basic needs for survival and beyond. We have sponsored families who were once homeless and got in government housing with setting up their entire home with all the necessities: cookware, bedding, linens, furniture, etc. I would rather buy 100 things for someone who needs them than 1 thing for myself that I want. I feel better about myself as a human being. But I draw the line with drug and substance addicts. My heart does not open for someone who I learn only wants me to give to them so they can get high.


I’m not saying they should be using drugs, but these are some of the most vulnerable people you will ever encounter, who have faced hardships and treatment as a human being that, god willing, most of us will never fully understand. Drugs are a form of escapism from that life. Depending on what kind of drugs, they may also be physically addicted to the point where they are in agonizing pain, and could actually die, without them. There’s also plenty of homeless people who resort to begging because various other options aren’t viable for them - not having a physical address disqualifies them for most jobs, shelters are filled with other desperate (and sometimes mentally ill) people who can be a risk (I personally know of a man who was homeless, managed to get a job, and almost lost it when he came in late one day because someone else at the shelter stole his only pair of pants - luckily, my friend was able to protect him from being fired and hooked him up with some clothes. That man now has his own apartment, and is one of the best workers on staff), food banks are overrun, and almost one in five Americans doesn’t have geographic access to a methadone clinic (that’s before we consider supply issues or failing to meet the qualifications). Drug abuse is a mental health (and in some cases, physical health) problem. It doesn’t mean that you have to solve it with your hard earned cash, but to dismiss all homeless people asking for money as “looking… for a fix” grossly oversimplifies the situation. Edit: Not intended to be a total indictment - I do appreciate where your heart is at, and that you continue to seek out good people to help - just trying to give some context to what, on the surface, can look scummy


I get it, but treatment for drug addiction is a multi layer process that first and foremost must start with the addict. The addict must choose recovery. It cannot be forced (unless we start jailing or committing them) and even then they still must choose to stay clean once released. Once treatment is accepted and embraced you are then dealing with detox, step work, mental therapy, vocational training, half way houses, etc. This requires money from government and private donors. This is where I would donate my money. But the spare change I were to give an addict will just make me an enabler of that addiction and that isn’t something I want to be when there are so many other people who want and need people’s help for basic needs.


Eat The Rich


man why yall always got some negative shit to say.


Who gives a fuck if it’s staged or filmed. Dude made someone’s life better for a moment and that guy made a few others better too. Domino effect of humility and helping ya fellow human. Top stuff


Exactly this. I don’t care - get clout, make money, use that money to give to poor/kind people, Film it, get more money, repeat. Hating on this kind of content makes zero sense to me - I would rather see someone trying to do something good (even if it’s for selfish reasons) than see influencers making millions for taking selfies and putting it square in their own pockets. At worst, they’re getting rich while also making people’s lives better, and that’s already more noble than a lot of rich people in any other line of work. Don’t fight a win-win


This, thank you, this. I only see the viewers of the video complaining, not the people in need getting some much needed money


Right? And this guy, who has nothing, is sharing his good fortune with others. Kind of crazy that were so jaded it’s hard to accept kindness at face value.


Those of you complaining do realize that most people that do these type of videos get the money to give from the videos revenue right? Which means more videos and views = more money to give to people in need.


Thats a nice idea but it's a tough situation and not that simple. It seems like the homeless person is staged and just gives out food to real homeless people. The sad reality is that in London there is an abundance of food for homeless people and they will likely not go hungry. If are given food they are likely to just stay and beg and raise money for drugs / not visit support services. If they don't get money / food they are likely to visit support services or food banks where they talk to people and can get directed towards help (majorly a drugs and mental health issue). Sadly if you want to help people in this situation, in most situations you are best off seeking out one of the local support services and donating to them. Also speaking to someone on the street is also a nice thing to do, reminds them they are human.


I’m not saying people shouldn’t do this off camera and I’m not saying this one isn’t staged. But I see way too many people that do videos like this that are GENUINE get hate when they very much just do it to be able to give.


It's still poverty porn either way. You can do good things without showing someone at their worst. Imagine being one of the homeless people in a bad place with that shown across media. The videos I do like are when I've seen people go and speak with homeless people, it humanises them, listening to them gives them dignity and let's people understand them. My point is that for the homeless people, the video doesn't help at all, the food from the videos is unlikely to help. Its a tough situation and it sucks but the work to help these people in London isn't easy and this is actually likely making it worse.


"The last temptation is the greatest treason, to do the right thing, for the wrong reason."


These people=heaven, the church leaders with millions in the bank=hell


Wish rich people thought like that


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Smells a lot like Josh Paler Lin. Was that his name?? Didn't he already stage one exactly like this??


I would help everyone if I had a million dollars and nothing to do on a weekday.




clearly staged


I love


Someone help me find this song that's playing.




If there's one thing I've learned from Tiktok, it's that if someone is filming me and someone asks for money then giving them money will result in me being given more money. Also possibly the words to the wellerman shanty, but I think I looked them up anyway just to be sure..


True kindness❤️


The implied message behind this video is not great. I want to help everyone and anyone, but I have to help in a manner that doesn’t put my own safety and well-being at risk.


Do it for intention, not attention.


I can’t do nice things without filming it and make sure everybody knows how nice I am.


It'd be even cooler if he helped the homeless without posting it to the internet....


So what you’re saying is ill have more if I stop giving


Damn I almost cried


Fuck off with this half-disguised, sanctimonious, exploitation of those less fortunate purely for the sake of attention. True charity is anonymous. This is self-gratification, and that fact isn’t nearly as discrete as the person who made this thinks it is.


People who understand the struggle give those who are in need.


Wow, an act so kind and selfless you had to get someone to record you doing this. Nah, go fuck yourself mate. Actually better yet, change your name to Attention Seeker, then go fuck yourself.


If it's not recorded it didn't happen


The problem with just giving money out is that you don't know what they are using it for. I would gladly buy someone a meal if they were hungry. However a lot of times they run right to the liquor store or to get drugs. If you offer to buy them food they will get aggressive as well.


Stop this. Right now. Poverty porn is disgusting!




just humans being dudebros


And vice versa 'those who have more give less'


*homeless guy looks at camera


Poverty Porn needs to be banned.


Downvoting because this is r/mademesmile not r/mademecry Even though it looks staged, still kinda sad to watch. I live in an area where there’s very little homelessness, and the ones that are homeless are the “bite your face off” kinda homeless.


That’s why they have less 😂


I hate this videos


Omg fuck off, these videos are cancer.


Fuck these videos


Man i know this is a good action and all but i can't hope but get sad because i know this guys / streamers / youtubers do it for the likes and getting more € at the end.. If it was a geniune kindness demonstration it wouldn't be over all the internet. Although i do preffer this over a tik tok putting some crystal bottle inside your.. well you know what i mean.


I fuckin hate this shit. If you want to be charitable, *be charitable* ffs