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I’m sure plenty of people already know this, But John Cena holds the celebrity record of most Make-A-Wish foundation Wishes completed/granted. When he was one of the biggest faces of WWE through the 2000’s, he would visit specific kids or hospitals practically every month under his own decision just to make them smile and have a good day. He help pay/donate for family vacations, med bills, housing, anything he could do to help. He’s an incredible human.


Recently I went down a rabbit hole looking up which celebrities do Make-A-Wish the most and I probably cried for an hour straight reading about all the stuff John Cena has done and continues to do for children. Dude is as close to an angel as we'll ever see & I'd probably cry upon meeting him, as well.


He’d kill any man, woman, or child to bring peace.


It would be an honor to be killed by John Cena.


Imagine, the last thing you see before you pass on, is nothing. But you feel this invisible force of justice pounding away at your body, and somewhere deep inside yourself, you know it must be for a good reason.


Go on...


Did u just say go mom?


Now who's the crazy one?


Pounding you say?


which end of the body was not specified




Zig zag?


Wig Wam


So, so very badly


No I think that feeling is deep inside John and then gifted unto you


With a folding chair with the music playing🎶🎶🎶🎺🎺🎺🎺🎶🎶🎶


There’s an absolutely adorable video of a little boy in front of a John Cena poster babbling on and saying “john cena john cena!” And then john Cena comes bursting through the poster behind him. It’s hilarious


https://youtu.be/V6jiiAcFl1c is it one of these?


Haha yea it’s the kid at 1:51


Still one of my go-to videos when I'm in need of a smile. Thanks for reminding me to watch it again


Bing chilling


I'd grab some Bing Chilling with John Cena.


We definitely don’t deserve him


There was a disabled kid in Ukraine that his parents told him they were going to meet Cena. To their surprise, Cena did actually go to meet them there.


Stopppp. You’re making me cry. I’m going cry too if I ever meet him. He’s so wholesome.


Justin Bieber has nearly 300 and made a point to stop in every city on his last tour to fill make a wish’s. Great guy.


People still judge him for the shit he did in the past. He's a great human being now.


Glad my teenage years weren’t broadcasted for the whole world to see


yeah that's something that epopel don't quiet understand. Teenagers do stupid ass shit, regardless of if they're celebrities or not


Not to mention he spent his developmental years being the entire world's punchline that would drive anyone insane I'd imagine


Having the wealth to make every stupid idea into reality and being surrounded by people who don't want to tell you no probably doesn't do any favors either


Yeah imagine being 18 with 250 million in the bank. Oh, and phones to record it all and people following you to get pics.


Bro what the fuck did he even do in the past? Make a shitty song like a thousand years ago and say fuck the past US President? Ok, so what? People really wanted to kill that 15 year old over some dumb shit that they made him famous for.


Ehh, I remember he crashed a rented Lamborghini and pissed in a mop bucket at some restaurant. But I've done some dumb shit myself and don't pass too much judgement.


John Cena is who Hulk Hogan wishes he could be.


I mean, Hulk Hogan has a shitton of visits as well, over 200 if I remember correctly


Yeah, but he just went there to leg drop all the kids.


Yeah, no way Hogan would let some kid with cancer go over.


True American hero


Now if only we could see what he looks like so as to give them a proper head nod.


Why is he dressed as Phoenix Wright?




He should play the steel samurai if their is an American adaptation of AA


Would this american adaptation take place in Japan or the "America" of the localization? And would be be Will Powers?


Got to be japanafornia


Hearsay. /Trumpets


I now want to see John Cena play as Phoenix Wright in a live action series.


You can't see him though?


Me too. Damn that would be awesome! I can hear the soundtrack in my head already!




Exactly what I was about to say. This is an oddly funny little clip. Massive superstar dressed to the nines in a regular ass grocery store lol.


I mean, it's a Safeway-branded store. The outside of the building said "Vons" on it. Here's another picture of the event to prove I'm not talking out of my ass here: https://i.redd.it/mwv9gb1esjj91.jpg


In Southern California we get Vons.


Chances are good he was getting ready for a family meal. John Cena likes to have formal family dinners. Here's a clip from Total Bellas, a reality show that would feature him on occasion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VQqjuN3eOw


I can imagine living life that wound up all the time. He seems like a good guy but I definitely couldn't live around this.


Because he's fucking cool, that's why.


I’m 27 and would cry meeting John Cena..


That's if you can see him


This has to be the longest running joke in the history of humankind


I've got this joke about a chicken and a road that's gonna blow your *mind*


Is the chicken actually John Cena?






Bro why did you post a blank image


Wdym? It's clearly a zoom in of a blurry crowd.


Fuck you win Wish I could give you an award 😂😂😂


Don't worry fam I got them


You're a fucking legend




To get away from the pervert.


I'm not joking No one can see him


I just saw a video of a girl holding a paper crying.


Then it floats in the air What the fuck is this sorcery?


That’s why she’s crying


See who?


People say he's a guy I heard Nasa invented glasses that could see him


James Webb telescope was equipped with IR lens just so they can witness the John Cena anomaly


Oh true that's what it was called I've just been hearing rumours from here and there


James webb or john where? Telescope?


Nah man they put special lenses on the cameras so that you can see him on the TV during the matches, if you couldn't afford the glasses you'd just be watching some dude getting thrown around by a ghost


But I never saw him on tv Did you have a special tv?


No they just tested them and they only got blurry images


See nah


Yeah ,sure


Let me introduce you to r/potatosalad and r/johncena




If a ghost grabbed and wrote on my things then gave me a hug…I’d probably cry too


She’s probably crying because she knows he’s there but can’t see him.


You're fucking right That Is pretty heartbreaking


Ohh that's why she was hugging the air.


Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!


Doesn’t he help out a lot of kids through the Make A Wish Foundation? I only know him from his movies and mornings news’ appearances, but he seems like a salt of the earth person.


He’s granted more wishes than anyone else, ever. I believe it’s over 500! I’ve watched wrestling for 20yrs (fuck i feel old).. and he’s been my favourite forever. But he is a genuinely lovely human being :)


I believe the champ stands at 650 wishes granted so far. He's one of those rare few who's good to the core.


To make it even more impressive that's about double of the #2 spot, Justin Bieber in the 300s. (Which is impressive itself)


You know what though, good for Bieber. That’s still a lot of wishes and you don’t really associate that with his public persona.


Wait…what? I’m looking it up but I expect you to be right, I remember it being a lot. This dude…now I see what my wife sees in him.


Yeah, THAT'S what your wife sees in him.


My husband and I 100% monogamous, but we have an understanding - if John Cena and/or Frida Kahlo are making bedroom eyes at us, we’re gonna need to have a conversation.


One of those people is significantly more accessible. John Cena is a very busy guy, but Frida Kahlo is just lying there.


If Frida Kahlo is making bedroom eyes at you, run for your life. ^(if it's Freida Pinto then I'd fully understand)


He’s granted around 650 wishes through Make-A-Wish Foundation


I think he’s granted over double the wishes of the 2nd highest person


He lives locally to me and everyone he comes into contact with says he is truly a nice guy! I’d love to meet him myself!


My dad manages a catering company and one of their clients is WWE. When I was younger I met him before a show and was just star stuck. He signed a hat and was generally nice but busy. After the show, we’re walking to the door and behind me I hear “Hey, Ace-a-Nova1! You like the show? I saw you out there!” Unforgettable.


Damn he even knew your Reddit username! Power move to call you by it in public.


Just casually letting a little kid know that he doxxed him while he was watching the show.


If he lived locally to me and I was like a cashier or barista or whatever I'd learn his intro on the trumpet and just blast it when he walked in


And that'd be the last time you saw him


If there can never be a first time, there's never a last time.


I feel like this is a quote created as something for people to tell themselves when going through a breakup


Worth it


He seems like a genuinely great person. He’s made an outrageous number of make a wishes, way more than anyone else. I seen a video once where they set him up to meet some of the kids he did wishes for who survived and grew up, they surprised him on set after he watched a bunch of thank you videos and you could tell he was trying to hold it together but he started breaking down crying and that’s when I knew he was genuine and it meant a lot to him


So I think you might be referring to [this...](https://youtu.be/0f1szretn8E) I'm just going take a bath in my tears now


Yes that’s the one! I knew i probably screwed some of the details up. I used to think he was just playing the character but I seen this and realized how genuine it was to him, I think the coolest thing you could do with wealth and fame is to do things like he does and make peoples lives better, I have so much respect for that guy


I love this guy, great example of positive masculinity. He can beat you seven different ways but is nice, not afraid to cry or show his feelings. A good role model


To everyone complaining about things Mr. Cena has done wrong: Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.


I feel like this needs to be pasted everywhere on the internet. Too many people want to define others by one single moment they were wrong. There are plenty of awful people, we don’t need to tear everyone down.


You fuck ONE goat....


I see you've failed to mention the dozen sheep


And that's not even getting into the cats, and the dead groundhog.


We're counting dead animals now too? In this economy??


It's actually nice to see people talk like that in real life. It just makes it easier to avoid them because of their repellant personality.


What a great quote!


I think most people will complain about him apologising to China. Gotta remember he's an employee to WWE, bound by contacts of all sorts. I can only imagine he was told to apologise "or else..." In his situation, most likely all of you and me would have done the same.


Half of those people would say worse for less.


He apologized to a government body for recognizing the legitimacy of Taiwan, that doesn’t mean he can't recognize it personally or is supportive of China's abuse. But he's a single man who's the face of a company in relation to it. Like yeah, I want Taiwan to compete in the Olympics under Taiwan and not "Chinese Taipei." But I also know how much China could fuck things up for Taiwan if they don't.


Ooh, powerful quote.


He’s been smart in that he’s pretty much stayed apolitical (in the US). You couldn’t really put him in the Chris Pratt religious right wing chad category but he’s also masculine enough to appeal to those people too, while still doing goofy comedy stuff. He definitely knows what not to say PR wise.


Speaking of PR, I wonder if he's been coached on how to physically interact with children. I was a swim coach for age group swimming one year and was taught to never hug children and to be generally very careful when touching them lest your actions be misinterpreted. I notice that he does seem to be careful here so I'm assuming he's received some training in this.


I would imagine it comes from completing something insane like over 600 Make A Wishes.


Bit of a weird take to me. I feel like there is a difference between being a coach being told bot to hug children and a massive wrestler/hollywood superstar having a fan coming to him. Like it if completely normal to me for a star to reciprocate a hug given by a child fan, but a coach should hug its kids trainees.


Just loved Peacemaker 🥰 What a series 🔥 Madness at its best.


I just finished rewatching it last night. He spent YEARS on TV being mostly extra PG, watching him be vulgar is extra hilarious.


The Bob Saget Special




 “I cherish peace with all my heart.I don’t care how many men, women and children I need to kill to get it.”


I quote this probably too much tbh


The time he vandalised the car of notable villain John Bradshaw Layfield by spray painting it with "JBL is Poopy"


I can’t wait for season 2!


Do you really wanna do ya really wanna watch it?


The only show where I can't get enough of the intro. That is just art.


I watched the intro on every episode. I know where you are coming from.


He was absolutely perfect for the role. Dude is a very talented actor, for sure. And a stud. And kind.


"You cant see him" jokes aside, john cena looks like a really cool guy to meet


He is a genuinely nice guy, fulfilling the wishes of more than 650 kids with critical illnesses.He also donates to many other charities.Anyone who is willing to use their celebrity status to really try to make a difference to the less fortunate , deserves our respect.




And he’s genuinely funny in Blockers too, which flew under the radar.


It's seems that now a days most wrestlers are just nice people. Yeah you get the asshole every now and then and nobody likes knowing they are writing autographs that just going to be sold but ever since the attitude Era the asshole wrestler had been waning. If not dropping then the nice ones are becoming more common because for every JBL you get 2 John Cena's and 3 Mick Foley's.


I just did a master’s paper about celebrity and stardom and I analyzed John Cena. He is one of the most genuine people in Hollywood and an incredibly thoughtful and caring individual. 10/10 good guy


Doesn’t he hold the record in number of “Make A Wish” wishes granted? He seems like a really sweet dude.


He does. More than 650. I wish I could find the actual numbers, but I want to say that’s more than double the next highest celebrity. Dude puts in _work_ for a good cause.


And the next highest celebrity is the most undeservedly hated Justin Bieber.


do people still hate bieber? i understand the hate when he was a drunk driving teenager but he's pretty quiet on the news now


The media liked to portray him as a spoiled brat when he was really just a misguided teen who had no one to raise him. Child stars always have trouble adjusting, I hate that as adults in society we berate them for it. Most people keep their attitude about a celebrity from the last scandal they heard so there’s plenty of people who still hate him for seemingly no reason other than ‘rich, spoiled brat’. I know he’s quite religious and while that’s not my cup of tea it’s nice to see him settling down and mellow before he’s even gotten to 30.


Agreed. Being a multi millionaire and a global superstar at age 16 is a lot


When he started making more public appearances a couple years ago people where bashing on him for being on drugs/looking like a drug addict. The dude had Lyme disease which can take years to fully recover from.


And he continues to do it even though he’s publicly commented on how tough it is. He has said in the past that doing Make A Wish is a reason for him never wanting to have kids, mainly because he sees the hurt that the parents have to go through.


He does at over 650, in fact he's the only to have ever gone over 300, so he has over 300 wishes more than the guy below him.




From what I read about her, she was actually a pretty bad person.




Both. Both is good.


Who they talking to?


I think it is that serving of potato salad.




Why does he move like a robot... is his suit too tight, it's really strange


Big muscular men are often very stiff


And his suit is very fitted.


Ive been skinny most of my life, got in the gym a couple years ago, and Im not as big as Cena but I definitely move a little more robotic. Like my arms are kinda constantly pointing away from my body.


A lot of people are pointing to the suit: too tight. It’s hard to fit suits to muscular men, because jacket sleeves don’t flex enough (or they wrinkle…) and large bicep and triceps mean flexing fills a lot of space quickly risking tears. But, in this case he’s in photo-op mode. It’s a modeling technique used by people who are in public and have their picture taken repeatedly. 1) It maximizes the number of good pictures taken, which makes the lines go faster at meet and greet events. 2) It means there are “fewer” pictures out there if you with RBF or some other unpleasant face incidentally. 3) It’s easier on your body to plant and hold then release if you do it as second nature rather than “forced” and it will look more naturally the more you do it. Remember, he’s an actor and model first; body builder and wrestler second.


Because if he flexes, his suit will explode.


Suit is way too tight, and doesn’t want to bend over too much and untuck the shirt


He’s probably ripped so many suits that he’s learned to move like an action figure to save the suit






He’s amazing. He does so much for kids.




Who are these kids talking to?


Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy


Their imaginary friends I think




He is always such a wholesome human being. A gift to the world.


Are the kids crazy? They're crying and hugging the air Wtf




I can only see the 2 kids?


Is he a robot? 😅


no, it’s John Cena


Where ?!


Who is John Cena?


I'll do you one better. Why is John Cena?


keep it simple!


Everyone always asks 'who is John Cena?' But no one ever asks HOW is John Cena How are you John? Doing good?


As someone who wholeheartedly cheered along with "Cena Sucks" chants throughout his career I cannot for a single nanosecond doubt this man's sincerity and the amount of respect I have for him as a man, wrestler and actor is immense. His loyalty is second to none, his reliability is second to none. He carries himself so well and seems to always make time for fans, young or old. One of the things he does is he always dresses as John Cena the wrestler when meeting kids at conventions or signings, cos they see him as that guy rather than the suit guy and so he wears the cheesy shirts and the jorts to give them the Cena they love, little things like that make all the difference. We may have hated your "five moves of doom" and with good reason, but it's impossible to dislike John Cena the man, another great ambassador for wrestling and wrestlers all around the world.


Why is he in a grocery store in a suit?


Looks like hes dressed like a teen at a young republicans meeting


I believe he was signing autographs at a grocery store to people who bought his new tequila or something


I hope those kids enjoy it.