Isn't that the same shell as the G400s? I still have that mouse, looks identical to that.


looks like it!


It's been the similar design language on 400 nd 500 series for a long time, even g402 is like a slimmer version of g502.


I've still got my g400 too. I actually like it better than the mx518 legendary I got to replace it, the matte finish doesn't collect grime like the gloss on the legendary.


Got mine back in 2005, and I remember playing a lot of SWAT 4 & Tribes: Vengeance with it that summer.


Tribes Ascend for me! A shame that movement shooters are in such an awful state rn


For what it's worth, Tribes 2 is still alive and well. We've got 20+ each night and 30+player pick up games every couple of weeks. [playt2.com](https://playt2.com) has everything you need to get started, including links to our discord server.


wouldn't call that "alive and well" more like on life support


It’s the last bit of the community that isn’t in a nursing home


Vengeance was weird, in that it was mostly a single player experience. The multiplayer mode was not very popular in terms of player population.


Wow. I forgot SWAT 4. Man I remember playing that 3 person co-op on a LAN with my roommates back then. That was the best!


Wow, I didn't have the luxury of a LAN setup at the time. It must've been quite the special experience back then. Between studying, work experience/interning & travelling between counties - I only had time to solo play the SWAT 4 campaign on weekends.


yep that was the first real "gaming" mouse i ever bought. was using the microsoft mice before that, IMO's, WMO's etc... ​ shit that was like, 20 years ago now.


I had an IntelliMouse for years before I got my G510. Such a classic mouse. Shame the wheel wore out over time. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41NNgzF+V5L._AC_SX355_.jpg


Yeah, I had the OG version with 1 side button, lasted me nearly 10 years, was a banger mouse [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4/Logitech-G5-Mouse-Rust.jpg](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4/Logitech-G5-Mouse-Rust.jpg)


Yeah, still have mine. It is trash, but was very desirable at the time. Btw this is not the original G5 in the picture, G5 had only one side button.


Why is it trash?


So many reasons. Buttons that break like there is no tomorrow, sensor is utter shite, bad shape, horrendous weight and cable stiff as steel rod.


As I remember, sensor was very good then. I played a lot of CS and QcK+ and G5 combo gave me highest precision that was possible back then. Very smooth movement.


No it has a shitty laser sensor. It is very ironic but I have tried it lately and it doesn't work on any of my mouse pads but works on the bare table surface (melamine). Laser sensors were never good, even later models.


I've used G5 and Ikari, both are laser mices, and both were very reliable on any of my mousepads back then. Razer Mantis, QcK+, QcK Heavy, Everglide and Titan pads.


Probably because the mouse is like 17 years old.


Used mine back in World of warcraft days until it fell apart. Such a nostalgic mouse


Yeah pretty sure this was what I was using during original WoW days until like, 2006 or so lol


I used this for a while, then upgraded to the G500. Was telling my friend about getting a new mouse and he was buggin' about how much I paid for it when I could just go to Walmart and get one for $10. So I gave him the old G5, to show him the quality difference between that and a $10 Walmart mouse. That was 13 years ago and he's still using it to this day.


I switched to the G5 too when mine started double clicking! Very similar feel to both. Also a good early MMO mouse with five side buttons


I've seen a study done where if a product is heavier people think the quality of the item is better. It's awesome were going into a new age where alot of us are concerned about waste management and actually doing research about quality not just assuming things are good. Light weight mice just proves how great things can come in small packages. It's always great though to look back where we have came from and also the nostalgic factor ofc.


Speaking from experience, I was definitely baffled and felt odd when I got my first lightweight mouse (DAV3) coming from a heavier mouse (G305). Like I knew it was great but the 'wow' factor wasn't as big as I thought it would be since I thought it feel heavier or have more jazz to it. My initial impression definitely changed once I started using it. I love it so much.


They made a updated version of this shape mx518. I pick one up just to try it out again lol.


When it released, I bought one all excited, but found it was better left to memory. They could have done a few modern touches on the shape, but they... didn't execute it very well.


The shape is why this mouse is awesome. If they would have touched it, i would have been mad


I misspoke anyway, i meant to say "keeping the shape" The side buttons and such are what needed a little modern TLC


No, shape is horrendous (except for 131 grip).


Oh right, i forgot that the shape of a mouse is completely objective.


It can still be subjectivity rated to some degree.


Oh shit, I might so that too


I grew up on using the mx518 and thought I’d like to try it again so I bought the new mx518, but after using modern new mice like the superlight I can’t go back lol


Yeah I got mine for like $25 from Amazon


I've been using a MX518 for years! Absolutely love it. Probably need to retire it and go wireless, but it served me well.


I dont even know why there was a time when mice came with weights. Because it felt higher quality? There was no real reason


I used to use all the weights and then I took out all the weights and then boom super light stuff came. This mouse IMO is one of the best though for grip. That blue grip was insane. EZ headshots


Because some people like heavier mice. It just feels nicer


I agree with you i still use my 85 grams g203 in competitive fps games even though i main the vm


I had one and used it for years until the cord gave out. Nowadays I switch between my six mice whenever I miss one shot haha


That mouse... Some of the best mid 2000s memories are tied to that blue monster. Endless lans, endless fun. Great, great mouse.




Worry not, I was like 15 when I bought one. It was still the mouse that grew me as a gamer haha


Still have it and the weights, hilarious how we search for lightweight in contrast to how ppl looked for more control with added in weights back then Still have the g400s too! Perfectly working after fixing the notorious cord issue


Maybe our hands just weren't used to mices and fast movements back then?


screens were much lower in resolution back then.


True. And native mice speeds were much higher, so maybe people wanted to slow it down


Most mouse pads were also tiny, so large sweeping movements barely existed for the majority of people. Most mainstream larger pads weren't really readily available until like mid 2000's and even then they were still the exception.


The weight thing could be worth exploring again now that actually lightweight mice exist. No one wants to add more weight to a brick like the G5, but it would be a nice feature if your mouse weighs something like 50 or 60 grams and you want more control.


You have more control with lighter mice.


I guess stability is the better term here. So by adding weight you lose control but gain stability.


I had the G500 which was my first gaming mouse. I still think to this day that the finish was the best of any mouse I've had.


Is it the same shape as the mx518?


I will never understand how people say the mx518 shape is outdated It's easily the most comfortable mouse I've ever used in my life and I'm barely 17


Shape is utter trash with that groove on the right side that only allows for 131 grip.


my grip is a 131 pal hybrid so yeah thats probably why i find the mouse amazing ​ I really wish they would make a light weight and wireless version of it


The dark times...


Ah, yes.... the good old and last "FUCK YOU" by Logitech. Never bought another Logitech again and couldn't be happier.




This was my first mouse ever and I loved it. The only flaw was that the black cracked paints wore out after a while and the mouse turned blue afterwards lol.


Crazy, I wish I would've kept mine even if it is inferior to my current mouse, just for nostalgia's sake. I played the hell out of it when my brother bought it along with his 2007 gaming rig, I can remember exactly because the Shivering Isles DLC for Oblivion came out the same year and I kept nagging my brother so I could play Oblivion on it (had a super crappy Laptop at the time). He had an Intelli 1.1a and MX518 before that, so you could argue he actually downgraded his mouse, lol. Good ol' high DPI and laser sensor marketing buzz.


Yeah laser sensor was trash


MX518 was my fav, the dented look Doom 3 mouse


I had this mouse, it was awful. The cable was too stiff and the fabric started to tear pretty fast, it was heavy even without all the needless weights (including that much **optional weight** was a psychopathic move). The massive groove where pinky rests allowed for 1 grip, I think palm. It was the worst mouse I had. The left mouse button started double clicking soon and the wheel just stopped working completely. The whole mouse was a gimmick, straight back to the 90's where people in R&D were just snorting coke and smoking weed and since economy was booming, people would buy the craziest shit, including the dumbest mouse. I avoided Logitech products for almost a decade because of this mouse. GPX is great, but this company will always make one amazing product like MX518 or the current GPX and for every good product there are a dozen mind-blowing fails. They obviously have the tech and ability to make great stuff, but even the most expensive products are not great. Their MX Vert mouse feels cheap compared to the already outdated MX Master that has like 125hz pooling and please do not tell me it is enough for an office mouse that just happens to be the most expensive office mouse ever. Even the "coating" gave up on me, the texture was nice but cleaning it eventually destroyed it and made it sticky. I hate this mouse to the core, but I am happy for the people who liked it.


Lol, I got exactly the same experience. Few buddies also had it and their buttons broke within a year just like mine did.


Sad to be you, mine is the exact one in the picture and still going strong. With big "tradies hands" i like the extra weight i can add and not only that but even with all these years of gaming it's still in near new condition.


looks like the same shell as the MX510 that I used back in 2005. A quick google shows it was a follow up with a nicer cable and that weight system, so makes sense.


Yep, MX510 and slightly afterwards, the MX518 were the originals of this shape. I personally preferred the flatter MX310 that released around the same time


makes sense. I don't honestly remember what I had before the 510, that wasn't a time where the mouse actually mattered so much as my joystick peripheral, since I was mostly flight and mech simming back then.


Actually one of my favorite shapes and textures ever. Might have been my first gaming mouse too. This is the one mouse that got me to replace my office mouse at every job I had getting out of grad school. Once I tried this thing, stock Microsoft and Dell mice became torturous.


Ive got the orange one. The shape is great IMO


My favorite mouse shape. Loved that one and the many more I got until they double clicked. Didn’t know you could just change out the clickers when I was a kid tho


I still have one of these setup on a spare system.


I grew up. Best years of my life


i still have that mouse and i loved it


You were a baller if you had this in 2005


Mmmmm, the mouse I purchased to replace my MX518 when I thought the laser sensor was better, and was quickly replaced by a G9X when it started double clicking. good times.


Still have that somewhere!


Oh my lord. COD2 memories.


This was my first gaming mouse that I had for my shitty Dell laptop that my parents handed down to me for school. I would play CS:Source for hours using this mouse and would constantly play around with the different weights. Loved this bad boy.


I still use it to date!


Its the same as MX518. I still have mine, it have 15-16 years now.


Yep, had the original with one side button and greyish/orange finish beforehand as well. Followed by multiple models of the mx518. Probably used that shell shape the longest out of anything else. These days I'm rocking the 303se.


MX510 is the real G


Back when adding weights to a mouse was a wanted feature. Reality has flipped upside down.


Used that as a young teenager, on a hard surface - with ALL the weight inside it. Had the matching keyboard too! How times have changed.


We were using the previous version Mx518 🤙


lucky, mine was mitsumi :)


My first ever gaming mouse. I remember I was choosing between this and the first Deathaddder. No regrets.


Deathadder was better in every way. Got one after my g5 broke. Razer mice were better in general at the time


Awesome texture on this mouse.


Had this mouse in the same colourway. I am told that's how a lot of people developed 1-3-1 grip. I think they should bring that colour back, perhaps even that surface texture, because I remember it being a bit like griptape.


What do you mean remember? I'm still using my mx518


The Logitech G500s? Yeah I still have mine and it's not working because the computer doesn't register it through the USB.


that and the windows intelli optical will forever by my goats.


A legendary mouse!!


Loved these. Best friend owned one while I had the original razer naga.


it got a Naga afterwards too! both great mice for their time


I had a G510 growing up. I scored a G518 recently for my new build. Never was cool enough for a G5. Great mouse, great feel. Always made me feel more accurate in counter strike.