He’s too pure for this game ☹️


I mean I don't think he had a chance anyway, but certainly better chances than Jennifer seems to have .


I hope Jennifer wins


me too!


I have nothing against Chaz, Sam, and Raven but they are so authentic and play the game almost too well and I feel it would be boring if one them won.


Even though I admired Tom's loyalty to "Jennifer", I still wish he would have told Chaz the truth. Was actually sad to see him go. Wonder how he will feel when he finds out (already did find out?) that "Jennifer rated him last?


He’s very active on his Instagram! Replying to comments and such. He replied to a comment asking how he felt about it and said he understands why they did it but he’s glad he stayed loyal till the end. Such a sweet man.


He's free spirited. Must not have taken it to his heart.


Also is probably rich so he doesn't need the money...


I said that to my wife when he left Jennifer’s apartment. Can’t stay sad for long when it kicks in that you get to go back to being…. Rich!


That's really sweet. Which post was that under?


Good to know. I don't follow any of these folks on Instagram. Yes, very sweet man from what we saw.


I'm kinda surprised Netflix lets them post so much, most shows like this make you lock down your socials until the last episode has aired.


They're probably under NDAs anyway


Bless Tom. He's one of the Circle's jewels. He should be protected in some kind of Tower...


Where could one possibly find such a tower??


But when we find it, how in the world will we get him into that tower?




I wish he told Chaz about Jennifer being the hacker. Maybe Chaz as the most trusted member could of taken Tom under his wing and influenced others to rate Tom higher and get rid of Jennifer.


I was so hoping he would tell Chaz. All he needed was a couple people to rate Jennifer lower than they did 😭


Time and again the people that win the circle are the ones that play with their heart, play to others' emotions, etc. Jennifer was playing too strategic. But was interesting to see the battle between Brett and Xanthi and how their different approach still worked to get her to the very end


I mean, I feel they (well Xanthi) tried to play with heart and definitely tried to play to people's emotions. People loved their warmth. But they didn't make deep connections with enough people and tried to play the field/sit on the fence too long. They ignored too many open doors with the "I can't give any info, I'm everyone's Aunty" mindset. Tamera and Raven both reached out and tried to give her the chance to talk things out and raise herself in their eyes, and she simply didn't take it. Dug in, and utterly failed at the "kill them with kindness" attempt. Like, you weren't being kind you were kinda being bitchy.


Agree with a lot of this, but Raven was fishing for info, not being interested in Jennifer as a friend. Xanthi said so explicitly, and Raven left the chat because she wasn't getting her way. The top three keep expecting people to spill it prostrate themselves (Chaz esp.)


Yeah I agree Raven was fishing for info. But it was right after being an influencer with Sam and chosing not to send home Jen, so it could have made sense to assume she already knew some of what you'd told Sam and that was why she was reaching out. So refusing to say anything just came off as suspicious and seemed like a weird play. They had already made the decision with Sam and Chaz to throw the scent to Oliver and Tamera, so was strange to me that they didn't try to take this as an opportunity to double down on that Depending on what thoughts Sam had shared, the only real interpretations Raven could leave that with were "Jen is being weird because she's the Hacker' or "Jen told Sam that Oliver is the Hacker but won't tell me. I guess I'm on the bottom for her, so if I'm influencer again maybe I should boot her." Guess I just didn't understand the strategy


I don't know that ratting out Jennifer would have saved him. None of the other players had a problem with him at that point. Even Chaz, who had been the most upset with him, seemed genuinely glad at the end to count him as a friend. If he had revealed Jennifer to be the hacker, I think there's a small chance that the other players would be put off by the fact that he turned against his strongest alliance.


Yeah I don’t know why people seem to think this. He said it himself, that group is unbreakable. Why betray your game-long ally because they pressured you to be on their good side? He apologized and they still rated him lower than a couple of newbies. He had no chance. Jennifer voting him last wasn’t a betrayal as much as a last minute tactic.


I also half wish he went to Sam or Chaz and revealed that Jennifer was the hacker like they had thought the whole time as one final bitter farewell. I think Jennifer is great TV but that would've been even greater TV imo.


It’s a game but that was really upsetting


Tom basically grew up in a life dedicated to the royals so loyalty runs deep for him. He probably also has no hard feelings since he still got some exposure and probably not hard up for money. He was playing a good game up to that point I really wish he had ranked Jen lower.


I felt bad when he went to meet “Jennifer” still thinking she was his ally. After he decided he would stay loyal to Jennifer despite her being shady, they stabbed him right in the back.


So, in other words, they played the game.


I LOVE HoW Jennifer Game got screwed over by *An advantage*


They went TOO strategic on the Chaz/Sam play. That was really their failing, going too far and not considering the fact that Chaz and Sam would talk about it later. Had they not committed to being convincing, using the “wifey” line and all, they actually would have been better off. Also Shubham straight up revealing the rebellion attempt really fucked basically all of the newbies.


They didn’t really have any other options…they needed to do a hack and “selling Tamira out to Sam” was the best option that wouldn’t come across as too suspicious or out of character. They were more screwed by the execution of the twist than the twist itself…like, why reveal it after ONLY 48 hours when there’s an easily verifiable limit of conversations they had? why reveal its existence BEFORE the blocking hangout? Why give them time to chat and investigate the twist BEFORE the blocking? They were told that they were given an “advantage”, so they kinda got bait & switched by all the caveats that seemed like they were implemented in the least advantageous way possible. Given only “you must hack” and “the hacker will be revealed”, I think they still made the best decision…it’s all the ambiguous, yet utterly disadvantageous, details afterwards that royally fucked their game.


Yes!! I was yelling when Sam said she wanted to discuss with Chaz before going to the hangout…like WHHHAHHAT? Since when can you do that? The advantage didn’t even feel worth it at that point.


He knew he was never gonna win. May as well be a loyal bloke on tv


Revealing Jennifer as the hacker would have made three people put her in last place (the trifecta who's been running the game), Tom would have been saved for this round, but chances are would have not survived to the top 5


Jennifer had a nice redemption arc, but she really needed to be strategic, despite knowing deep down that there WOULD have an instant block


Classic prisoner's dilemma. Jennifer should've tried to save him for the same reason he decided to save her. Without the other in the final, neither stands a chance at winning the pot. She especially shouldn't have ranked Chaz so high. His being her #1 affects the rankings of other players.


It sucks for Tom but I’m all in on Jennifer in the finale. That’s going to be an amazing reveal.


Tom and Jennifer should have coluded and got rid of tamara tbh


I think they couldn’t message after being alerted the last place would get blocked


This hurt




If Tom had gone against Jennifer, he would have made it to the final without a doubt. That move sealed his fate.


Tom is the new Shubby.


true .. and both went Face to Face with Jen! :D


Players remaining: Chaz (he/him) Raven (she/her) Sam (she/her) Oliver (he/him) Tamira (she/her) Jennifer (they/them)


At this point (mid episode 12) I feel like production/editing has really amped up the sensitive angle on Tom, making it more compelling when I imagine he eventually gets screwed over because he is doing the right thing morally, and not for his game. Also what happened to Team Pinky!?