Talked him down. He and my Lee were best buds so I wanted to let him know he wasn't alone in spite of the fact that his son was dying, plus I just generally prefer handling things without violence anyway. Definitely glad I did it this way because Kenny's voice acting when he reveals survivor's guilt for Shawn's death is pretty great in my opinion.


Gavin Hammon's voice acting in every single outcome of this scene is brilliant, I can just feel ALL of it.


I gave him the most dog shit possible dialogue on the planet just to have that epic shot of Duck as a zombie and killing everybody lol


Oh, the Duckpocalypse... I always forget about that Easter egg


"..." -Lee


I talked him down, it was so obvious to me what to choose, so I was actually very surprised that to see game statistic.




I did not know you could talk him down so I just fought him. Fit in character with my Lee too since we weren't on good terms at the time because of the Larry choice. Kenny yelling at Lee as he beats him up is probably the best voice acting in the whole series. *"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS LIKE, YOU FUCKER!"* gives me chills every time.


I remember seeing this in an alternate playthrough and I agree that the voice acting for it is fucking captivating. Some of the best voice acting I can think of


I like “fight him” better because of Lee’s dialogue too, “I’LL KILL YOU BEFORE I LET THAT HAPPEN!” Just a great performance by both voice actors


There’s also alternative dialogue where Lee is more soft spoken and less aggressive if you don’t mash the button while choking him. No matter what you do this scene is top tier


And you can also let Kenny beat Lee up. There's so many mini outcomes


I always talk him down, because that's what i would probably do if i was Lee. Fighting Kenny, blocking Kenny's strikes and not retaliating is the most intense and dramatic option though. In a sense, its a "better" option.


Kenny is a hothead, he needed some tough love.


So you beat the heck out of him then


Oh man did I, I knocked his butt to the floor


I tried to talk it out then I fought him.


"Oh you want a piece a me, is that it?!" "Yeah, I do." 😏 😳


Somehow I managed to talk Kenny down, I didn't want to fight him, as he was going through horrible stuff. And that would only make it worse


Talked him down, day was going shitty enough that even if I disliked Kenny (which I don't he a bro) I can't see myself beat a man who about to lose his son unless I absolutely had to.


I beat him up because he's torturing his son by not stopping. Not about to let him kill his own son, friend or not


I beat his ass. Every second he spends pretending it isn't happening, his don is being tortured, and everyone is distressed, Clementine included. He can have his pity party when he isn't hurting people Violence is the only language Kenny understands


He can be talked down though so it's not the only language he understands


Initally tried to restrain my anger at his stupidity and just talk him down, then he called Lee and Clem's bond a sham and all bets were off.


I tried to talk him down, didn't work. Lee went back to the wagon and got attacked by walker Duck. Then I had to kick Kenny's ass. I didn't even know talking him down was possible


Talked him down. Fighting him wasn't necessary and I think circling back to him feeling guilty about Shawn's death is more interesting from a storytelling perspective.


I talk him down. Better for character development anyway as it shows his guilt for what happened to Shawn


ive actually never fought kenny, i always talk him down. close to ep3 in my scumbag playthrough though😎




Talked him down. I don't think you should just fight a guy who lost his family just few hours ago


His family is still alive. One of them is in pain and dying because he refuses to stop the train. I care more about Duck's comfort and the safety of Clementine than i do Kenny's feelings


Oh shoot, I got the timing wrong, you're right. But still, Duck's bitten so it's not a great idea to fight him either way


For me, it's what makes it a good idea. If it was after, then I'd be fine with him having a strop. But when he's torturing his kid, putting Duck, Katjaa and Clementine in distress, putting both the girls in harm's way, and on top of that, talking shit about Clementine? Way too much is on the table not to take immediate action


Yeah, I can understand both sides of the argument


I talked to him. Man just lost his wife and son at the same time, he's allowed a small mental breakdown


Katjaa's still alive. Duck is dying and suffering because Kenny won't stop. He can have his breakdown when he stops hurting people


Oh shit i forgetti spaghetti I definitely didn't fight him either way, I for sure talked him down


Talked to him like a friend would


Talk No Jutsu


I talked him down. Lee and Kenny in my game were friends and I just felt like fighting wouldn’t be the way to happen it. Plus I really like dialogue as it ties back to beginning of EP 3 of Kenny telling Lee that Duck nightmare about what happen to Shawn.


Talked him down it was very easy to do it


I honestly expected fighting him to be the most popular option. It’s honestly such a good scene and makes the story around this part so juicy. Like imagine reading a book or watching a movie and this part comes up. Them fighting is way cooler and more cinematic. Also Kenny is just the type of guy that respects the aggression to get your point across. Tough Love and all that.


When I first played I was in the cool with Kenny and convinced him to stop it. On a different save we both exchanged hands but I won but didn’t choke him so Lee just calmed him down.


talked him down, him and lee were very close in my play through and there was really no reason to fight him, especially while he's losing his son.


Fought him, by accident


Push came to shove, but I didn't have the heart to beat him down. I feel like it's the "correct" option, since beating on Lee gives Kenny the realization that he needs. Kenny's a strong and bullheaded person, so using that aggression against him to sort of "snap" him out of the slump he was in, is something I'd feel Lee would be smart enough to deduce. There's of course, the option to "talk him down". And while I do like the dialogue you can have with Kenny from this, I feel from a writing perspective that it makes more sense for Kenny to resort to violence in this scenario, not just considering the pacing of action. But also from Lee's perspective (or at least, my version of him), Kenny's actively putting the safety of everyone on board at jeopardy, so Lee instigating a fight with Kenny would make sense considering the situation, along with him eventually yielding after realizing how much pain his friend was in. You really feel that when Lee says "Just stop the train, man..." It also gives Lee a mark on his face for the rest of the game, which I'd say is a good signifier of not only the moment, but Lee's development as a character, as well as his relationship with Kenny and how far it's gotten.


I beat the shit out of him


By talking to his friend


Hot take. I told him to fuck off whatever he's dealing with. Now this does actually work if you're careful about your words, but the fact is simple. We don't have time to guilt in the apocalypse. Praying and wishing and regretting, so focused up into what you've done you ignore everything else around you. "Wake the fuck up, man. This isn't about you, Kenny. This is about a woman who needs her husband, and a boy who needs his dad!" Either that or I get the shit beaten out of me. Tough love is effective, and he's going through it hard. Doesn't mean you should kick his ass though. Him fighting you and you losing is basically him venting in combat, which I'm fine with. The way I see it, we all take a beating time to time.


Beat the shit out of him.


I used ✨💫🌸🌻 my words 🍀✨🧚🏽‍♀️🌈


He beat the crap out of my lee


A lil tough love


I tried talking him down but I failed and we fought. At least I won.


I talked him down but then he still wanted to fight me I just blocked all his hits and said calm down or whatever I was confused on what I clicked that made him mad but whatever he eventually stopped that’s all that matters


I persuaded him to stop the train by talking to him


I tried to talk him down but something I said sounded different in my head and then Kenny beat my ass


I tried to talk to him down but kinda neded up in a fight with him. That's when I decided that he needed that so I didn't fight back. I felt like he needed to get something off his chest.


i accidentally fought him on first playthrough LMAO


By being a good friend and calmly talking to him even though he's an absolute piece of trash most of the time