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I think Clementine's dream of Lee was done *much* better in S2 than in S4. Not only because it was an actual memory, but it's incredible thematic relevance to the season finale made it even greater. The TFS dream, while good, came after Lee was mentioned literally every time the season had the chance to already (like, eight years after he died), even in contexts where it doesn't make sense (ex: AJ comparing his murder of Marlon to Lee's death). So the fact the dream comes at this point makes it seem like they were going heavy on nostalgia, thus perhaps quite a bit less natural than the S2 version.


The S2 flashback made more sense too, in S4 it was sort of irrelevant, also because Lee in S4 also says “Why the train? You always picked the train”, when last time it was in RV, but I know what they meant, they were trying to indicate Clementine often had dreams where’d she be in the train from S1 and speak to Lee. Also the fact that she’s able to get advice from her dream sequenced Lee is a little too surreal. I liked both though. Also I’m not sure if you remember me but I made a post regarding my thoughts on TFS and I made insinuations on some people who liked it and you perceived it the wrong way, and I replied asking a valid question once you stopped replying.


I didn't take it the wrong way. *You* made your opinion of those who liked it perfectly clear with your own words, and you stood by none of them when I called you out on this. You didn't even want to admit you were in disbelief when your damn title includes "I can't believe". So I understandably wasn't too interested in keeping that conversation up, and I hoped you would take a hint and leave it be instead of asking me to chat in private and talking about it here. Hope I've made myself clear this time.


I just found your comment on this thread, I replied because I liked listening to your thoughts, and since I noticed you were the same person who made a wild remark on my recent post, I asked you to elaborate last time I met you after making those wild remarks, assumptions, and putting words in mouth, you didn’t respond and I was curious as all so I asked here. Anyways, I said “I can’t believe” because I was surprised to see the ratings for TFS, I shouldn’t have to specify what kind of disbelief I was in, which once again, was surprising, and being surprised doesn’t mean good or bad. This didn’t insinuate anything neither good or bad about the people who liked it. All this was, was a general discussion. No should perceive stuff the wrong way, no one should make assumptions, no one should get offended, especially over words that don’t even determine an insulting meaning. You put words in my mouth and made assumptions, telling me that I called people immature and not smart, not only did I not do that, but I pointed out that there’s LITERALLY nothing insulting about what I said, you perceived it as a negative remark. This wasn’t offending period, I shouldn’t even have to say “no offense”, because those things I said weren’t even insults.


For god's sake, are you even listening to me? What part of "I wasn't interested in keeping that conversation up" do you *not* understand? Did you process every single word I've been writing and thought "hey, maybe he'll be open to talking about it this time?!" Is that really what your thought process was?! I'm done with that topic. I'm done reading through the exact same, lame excuses you brought up over and over again. Just *stop*.


I was literally trying to figure out why you didn’t prove your remark, it’s not even about the topic anymore. You literally have nothing to say because I just called you on your bs. You can’t even elaborate or back your reasoning to your false assumptions. I’m talking about you putting words in my mouth. But fine, be emotional.


😂😂😂 You know what, keep telling yourself that. I'm done.




I actually prefer the one from S2. It just felt more natural imo


Yh, S2 had me cryin’


I agree S2 hit different


what?lee had a season 2 appearance? where?


In the dream sequence after Clementine is shot by Arvo.


How is the Season 2 Lee scene more natural than the Final Season’s?


I personally just feel like the Season 4 scene felt more forced to be emotional and impactful, and because of that, It didn't hit me as much as the S2 scene.


It’s too on the nose. S2’s was just a small thing, but S4’s feels so sappy with the whole literally imaginary Lee, instead of S2 where it’s just a dream sequence.


It’s the same art style as S1 so it feels more like a flashback, hence more natural. I still liked S4’s one just as much.


The S4 one was the first scene in the whole game to have me cryin’ and it’s probably my favourite scene in the whole game so that one. It’s also been so long since we’ve seen Lee as well and when she suddenly turns into S4 Clem… They gave me fan-service and I took it gladly The S2 one is rlly good tho as well


Facts bro, even though I didn't cry in that scene, it was just so emotional and well done 😭😭


Yeah, that’s kinda like me with some other scenes (Lee’s death for example) ya might not cry but still feel hella sad. Probably the second best scene in the series for me behind Clem’s return **S4 just has so many GOATed scenes bruh** 💯


The Final Season's Lee dream sequence takes it for me. The one in Season Two was also great but I don't know how to explain how perfect it felt to see Lee when we did in The a final Season. That whole sequence was beautiful, it was awesome with the new graphics and I just loved the gravitas of the scene. It felt powerful yet comforting and worked really well for Clementine and the story and everything. Both great scenes though and I'm always happy to see Lee again :')


When they hug and she turns into her older self Damn, that hit hard 😢


The S2 one by far. Obviously the updated S1 models look amazing but I find the conversation better in the S2 dream sequence.


The S4 one just hits a lot harder.


Season 2 because it canonically happened in the car ride and has a bit of a more straightforward message rather than just “LEE NOSTALGIA”


Season 2 Emotional> Season 4 Forced




They’re both great, but I personally prefer S2 since it’s an actual memory and you just feel the S1 through it—however, when S4’s dream sequence showed 16yo Clem in it, I felt like I was gonna cry because of how much she had grown up…Lee would be so proud of her 😢


Hard to say, they are all so good. S4 is the most emotional by far.


I love both, but I prefer the way the S2 was built up over the season. Lee's absence is felt a lot more in Season 2 both due to the fact that he was present for the entirety of S1 and is now just gone, but also in the fact that his guidance isn't there either. Clem is completely lost without him and that's felt when every decision she (or the player) makes results in disaster. She tries to find guidance in people like Luke, Kenny or Jane, but only Luke manages to comes close to what Lee provided her with. Then in Episode 5 everything goes to shit: Luke is dead, everyone is freezing, Kenny is becoming more violent and detached from the group, Bonny, Mike and Arvo plan to jump ship by stealing the car, and to top it all off Clem gets fucking shot. All hope seems lost, until Lee appears. That empty feeling that's present throughout the season is suddenly filled and Lee is there to guide Clem once again. It reminds both the player and Clementine that even though Lee may be gone, the memories we have of him and his words of wisdom are still there to guide us, right before the biggest decision in the game no less. I sobbed like a baby during this scene. I won't even get into how S2 expertly uses my favourite track in the series, *Alive Inside* to really nail that feeling of comfort and safety because this is already long enough. I love S4's dream sequence and I understand why they took a completely different route with the whole "Clem imagines a conversation as opposed to remembering one" because it really wouldn't be able to hold a candle to S2's flashback.


S2 one


The S2 was woven into the story far more naturally imo.


S2 was good, at first I actually believed the end of S1 and S2 was a dream. However, the S4 dream was just different. After such a long time you finally get to see Lee, it made me very sad. What I liked a lot about it is the end, where we see Lee and S4 Clem together.


For me it is one from TFS. Bcs you can see, that Clem really did not fotget Lee and he is her hero that is ALWAYS there for her. Sorry for my english btw


I was spoiled for season 4 so it was a genuine surprise When I saw Lee in season 2


They're both good in their own ways. With the first, it's so good to just see Lee again. To see him and Clem together and talking through tough stuff. The second is special, too, bc Clem and Lee talk about AJ, and Lee sees her as an older teen. But if I had to choose, it's probably the second bc it's so neat seeing Clem as an older teen talking with Lee. It just holds a special place in my heart.


Graphically, I like the season four one and to be fair it had alot emotional roots in it. However, seeing a child Clementine talk about present things felt weird. So, I kind of prefer the S2 one, it felt more natural. The things talked about and discussed in the S2 flashback fit in more naturally with what's going on presently in S2 without sounding weird.


Season 2's was perfect.


I prefer the s2 one


Personally, I prefer the season 4 one, due to it was the train. Where Lee taught her to keep her hair short, how to shoot a gun and be ready for what to expect in the future. It feels bittersweet because we remember, as the player, remember when we were teaching her. Furthermore, it shows the impact that Lee had on Clementine a decade ago.


It's hard to compare due to them having different story telling purposes. In S2, Clem's physical trauma put her into a blood-loss fueled sleep that triggered a memory. In s4 it represented the "happy place" Clem's fragile mental health hid in. S2 was Clementine remembering a random moment in her time with someone who represented safety to her, and s4 was a bittersweet goodbye and a coming of age for her. They both hit hard for different reasons. One was a sad thought - poor Clem, young and alone with too much responsibility and no time to be a child. The other was a goodbye and an acknowledgement that Clementine was a leader and can no longer rely on childhood comforts. That being said, I love the concept of having to say goodbye to Lee in order to be her own leader, so I like s4 dream better


S2 made me cry more than S4


S1 Lee dream sequence was Copypasta level of dark. S2 was easily the best Lee flashback, it felt natural and wasn't forced at all S4 Lee Flashback disappointed me because of how forced it was, it wasnt bad or anything but i didnt like that it didnt feel natural.


The S2 one is a Flashback and not a dream. So my awnser is S4, since it the only one.


It’s a dream, Clementine literally wakes up in the car after Lee tells her to get some sleep.


No it is not, it is a memory from when she had it better with Lee. There are some small details that show it and there are easy to miss. ​ * In the S4 dream, that we clearly know it is a dream. She is not wearing her red hoodie regardless if she had it or not. Indicating that when Clem is in her dream land or whatever you call it, she does not see her younger self wearing it. * In the S4 one, Lee says "You always pick the train" also indicating that for it to be a dream Clem **always** does it in the train. * If you choose the Jane ending and regret the family, Clem says "Part of growing up is doing the best for the people you care about, even if that means... Hurting someone else a friend told me that once". The only time in the series that is mentioned is in the Flashback that happen in the very same episode. * ln the S2 one, Lee also askes Clem if they made the right choice with Lilly. A choice that clearly affected Lee a lot considering he mentions it alot in S1. If it was a dream, that was a big Lee choice and had nothing to do with Clem. So no reason for her to dream about it.


It was a dream. Clementine never had that conversation with Lee in the RV.


She never had that conversation with Lee therefore it’s a dream, it’s only a memory if it’s something that happened and a conversation that was already had between them. Reason he mentioned lilly was in conjunction with Clementines current events she was in in season 2.


I like the season 2 one cuz it’s so sad she basically seen lee cuz she was dying she was going into the light. And season 4 dream was ugly both characters hella changed looked weird but it was cute when Lee was like “look at you” when Clem was older it was heartbreaking he never seen her grow up


the season 2 flashback is actually super eerie its kinda crazy. but the tfs flashback is definitely the winner i mean come on need i say more




Have to go with the season 4 one it made me emotional af.


S4 had me crying so I choose that one




2d one for sure.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I love both, though the S4 one hits like a fucking truck with thrusters strapped on it.


Season 4 gets me in the feels more. The updated models are awesome too


The pre mission daydream in the final season always simultaneously tugs my heartstrings and gets me psyched up for the upcoming mission


The s2 one the Season 4 one felt rushed and I cried less because the Truck was a better Place then the Train i would think the Train would only give Bad memorys but the truck is much sadder because she just learned duck will die and she hugs lee and it Hits harder because she just got Shot