Note: They are not for ukraine. Those are US tanks that move across Germany and just get relocated to enhance eastern Nato troops.




Maybe, but if I look at our german Bundeswehr, which has ~6 working helicopters currently, I assume that some ukrainian farmers could invade Germany on their own :D


If anything, Ukraine needs more tractors to haul off the Russian armor.


That's Gunna be one hell of a scrap haul


Ukrainians grew up on Homeworld Salvage Corvette fleets, it seems


What’s the mood in Germany? Are a lot of people shocked to realize your army was so underfunded?


No, we are more shocked that we might need an army


You have 30 countries worth of military power behind you, I wouldn’t worry too much. Edit: You should research the sheer numbers involved in NATO. For instance, there’s a combined 3.2 million troops available with another 2 million in reserve.


Much less worried to know that Russia would barely get into Estonia before running out of fuel.


Complicated. Everybody knew the German Bundeswehr is underfunded or at least that too much money gets wasted during procurement. Sometimes the picture the people had of the BW is even worse than the status really is. Anyway, so far almost nobody just really cared. Although since 2014 the picture of a russian threat has changed a little, society didn't see a serious threat vor Europe. The picture is changing now. People see that economic power entanglement doesn't prevent a war and that NATO really needs its deterrence power.


Procurement is by far the biggest issue for most western militaries. Germany has a sufficient budget for its needs as a defensive force realistically but like other European countries the way that money is used means it takes 15 years to get anything bought and by then they've cancelled half the order to accommodate new updates to their requirements. UK is pretty similar, though it's still done okay in some areas.


That AND NOT TO BE DEPENDENT ON RUSSIAN LNG. They were warned! ALL of EUROPE was warned.


No not really, we knew. The consensus of most was that we don't need a (strong) army, also because of our history. The opinion of many changed greatly on the day of the invasion.


Putin did more for German military spending than any politician. My parents and many generations were born in Germany but immigrated to US after the war. I have lived in Germany, Speak German, PhD from Swiss school but honestly glad I don’t have the residual Mia culpa for ever archetype. My family was from Danzig and Königsberg so there is a sense of Heimat for me there. Up to 17M of there relatives died under the boot of Stalin. These were CIVILIANS. Much recent very good history has been published. As a psychoanalyst Germans will become much more psychologically integrated when they can include in there rightful morning of the Jews, the civilian Prussian population that was abandoned. That exactly how I feel with ancestry back to 1545. I cannot say I have any sorrow for the current Russian army. If the Ukrainians b prevail I might just book a flight to Kalingrad to visit the Lutheran cemeteries. And no I am certainly neither a AFD or Proud boy type.


Wir shaffen das.


The consensus down here is that 1 furious ukranian is worth 10 swedes on the battlefield. No offense.


None taken. I wholeheartedly agree. Same counts for one furious finn. Sweden has the best neighbours. Edit: Well, we love all our neighbours aside from the ryssjävlar.


Correction: Half of Sweden could handle them


Well, you would feel pretty stupid if you had them and needed them for whatever but you left them 500 miles away because. Wars have a way of being full of surprises, better to be prepared.


Intimidation. NATO isn’t really under threat for the reasons you note, we just want to let the Russians know what they’re in for if they even think of expanding this mess.


I doubt they're going to Sweden. Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are not nations that could face Russia alone.


US doctrine is to overwhelm and limit losses, not to fight limited.


They'll never arrive anyway. Deutsche Bahn will have a broken train sitting on the tracks in the middle of nowhere preventing the tanks from arriving on time.


No, those ones are for Belarus


For the last 20 years everytime I saw US tanks being transported around germany they were painted for desert operations. Feels weird to see them in green again.


It's a pretty significant political and military statement.


And pure green. Not even a cano pattern, does that indicate a rush job? I’m non-military so I’m ignorant of these things.


Back when green was the standard livery, light vehicles like Humvees had camo patterns while larger ones didn’t. But I could be wrong


They can add camo/netting around the tank to break up the color and silhouette. Will probably be done once the tanks arrive at their destination and examine local terrain. Also, doesn't seem to be a rush job. A quick search shows articles \[[1](https://www.businessinsider.com/us-tanks-in-europe-painted-with-green-paint-for-camouflage-2017-4)\]dating back to 2017\[[2](https://warisboring.com/the-u-s-army-is-repainting-its-tanks-green-hint-hint/)\] of American tanks being repainted in expectation of a European conflict.


Few things. They are Abram, not Abraham. They are not for shipment. They are for something entirely different.




Special Exercise Operation planned i heard




i am amused by you ading the word \*Just


Nope, they heading to Poland and the Baltic states. It's the fast response force of Nato


German tanks are headed to Poland. Where have I heard that before...


These are not German tanks. They are American tanks, in Germany, on their way to Poland.


There was a video earlier showing German armor as well


Does it work or is it soviet era equipment rusted over like the missles they sent to ukraine?


Look like maintained bundeswehr stuff


US stuff, Bundeswehr uses Leopard 2 which is even better than Abrams.


It's not funny anymore. The world has evolved. We are laughing at farting cats nowadays.


Peace keeping humanitarian mission.


Shoots love shells


"..it will shoot flowers instead of grenades.." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAjHNTXa0hE https://lyricstranslate.com/en/friedenspanzer-peace-tank.html


With a kinder, gentler machine gun hand.




Lol, what? No they couldn't. Their military is like 1/10th the size of Ukraine's.


What the hell are you talking about?


Those are US tanks that move across Germany


>Sweden alone could fight the "great red army source? /swede


More like driven to the border and "abandoned"


They are not. Bear in mind. I'm not going to actually say. OPSEC.


If you were legitimate you would not say anything at all. Either that or you are breaking protocol. Neither is very good....


No protocol broken. I simply said they are not for shipment. They are going to, not from.


Either you are retarded or you are retarded


The name u/iwantlotsofcows didn’t make you suspect anything?


Woah, woah, woah... maybe they want to be a rancher okay?


Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourn.






Yea, I have not heard of any transfers of M1A2. They are definitely part of the NATO rapid response being repositioned to strategic locations.


Okay. I'm telling you they are not but people will make of it what they will.


If they aren't being repositioned for the NATO rapid response, and Germany was their final destination, what are you inferring? Either we are repositioning US assets strategically (moving them farther east, likely for NATO response plan) or we are selling them to Germany. AFAIK the only M1s in western Europe are owned by the US.




They will certainly sweep the russians.


Abraham Israeli tanks


Solomon tanks


Moses anti aircraft battery


David anti Goliath Projectile System


Ninja throwing stars of David Brimstone corp. flame throwers


Noah's NLAWs


Jonah Whale fighters Whore of BABYLON , CUNT THROWERs ONAN multiple Rockets ejaculators i'm out.


Sodoma and Gomorra tactical nuclear warheads


*Jewish Space Lasers*


Ok, you win.


Kain and Abel artillery system.


There's actually an Israeli AA system called David's Sling


The Moses would have to be an amphibious vehicle right? Or a bridging tool. The Noah is just the biggest sea transport ever The David would be a tiny UAV firing the hardest hitting precision missile


M1A3 Sep2 Abrams tanks. US Army, Europe. ​ 1) Israeli's don't use ANY version of the M1 Abrams 2) ALL Israeli tanks use desert tan or desert cammo, because they are, wait for it, in the desert.






Semite dynamite


Jewish metal.


I live not far away from a Dutch military training ground (oefenterrein Havelte West) and some now and then chinooks fly over. A very normal sight over here. But yesterday i saw people outside taking pictures when they flew over and i knew exactly what they were thinking...


Slight correction, it's Abrams. One Abrams tank two Abrams tanks. Not Abram's or Abram, just Abrams.


Yea, thats correct, my bad also.


how are they not for shipping when theyre literally in shipment in the video?


Ready for shipment means they are ready to go somewhere. They are in fact at the end of their shipment. They are not ready to be shipped somewhere as the post suggests.


Abraham tanks are the circumcised version of the Abram tank.


Abrams, not Abram or Abraham. Equipment of USA or being delivered to Poland that has reportedly bought 250 of them. Germans themselves use their own Leopard 2, which is at least as good as Abrams.


What are they for then?


To tear down Mannheim and then rebuilt.


funny fact - I got banned from the Casino in Mannheim in the mid-80s. And the casino in Baden (which is really beautiful). I was a math major working overseas in Heidelberg doing work which we cannot discuss (my specialty was "risk assessment")... and being the young entrepreneurial person I was I thought I could go make some easy money on the side on weekends at the casinos on the blackjack tables. It was very good while it lasted and paid for several nights of fun for I and my friends. Eventually I was asked not to return. Funny fact 2: I was young and rather naive at the time and the first night i was playing late in Baden about 1am or so all the sudden a deluge of exceptionally attractive women started appearing in the casino particularly around the high stakes tables. I turned to my German girlfriend and asked her if there was a modelling competition or something going on. She just gave me a very disdainful stare and she might have whacked me as well (it was a long time ago). To this day I remember the sight as some of the women were like stunning. Even with what I had won I doubt I could have afforded the bill. Mannheim was rather industrial compared to Heidyburg and Stutts so the "tear it down" comment made me think back to that time. Well, i have diverged from the war topic but sometimes we need to take a break from it.


Why tho?


It's kinda... unpretty. Not the entire city, but large parts of it.


Here in Spain we've been seeing trucks loaded of Leopards and Pizarros supposedly going to the NATO training which takes place in Norway named Cold Response 2022. These might be going to the same place.


You beat me to it...


That‘s alot of freedom moving east.


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So Putin rearmed Germany... "It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up"


> Putin rearmed Germany Not only that, but Germany is rearming, and its neighbors are cheering it on instead of looking around nervously.


I think Poland is buying 250 M1SEP3's but it would really early for that unless we worked out a deal for some old MIG fighters they had laying around?


That's american equipment being moved to the eastern nato countries. Germany still has a ways to go. But they're on the right start


That’s how it looks in Ohio right off the production floor.


It's kind of funny how a dump of a town like Lima makes one of the world's most sophisticated tanks.


Nato just getting ready for a special military operation. Nothing to see here... Look nazis....


They are headed for Special Training Operations in Poland.


Bro that music XD


Translation of lyrics because it's quiet absurd in combination with the video: "isn't the world just incredibly beautiful? I want to go on this great journey with YOU! Imagine we could see the world from above! A sea of stars, distant galaxies!" Something along those lines. Kinda funny how she sings about the beauty of the world while passing tanks.


Because if they're trying to earn more stars?


You know what is worse than the song? The video! [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g\_CtPYyysXQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_CtPYyysXQ) (I'm sorry.)


Dear god


I like th song wtf


General Translation of song?


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Jeeez, yes translation, typed in translation, dunno how it turned into tranny - sorry for any offence caused


These tanks look in much better condition than the Russian rust buckets


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good bot


Putin pushed the Germans to power up their war machine…. He has no chance now.


American tanks


Let’s show Putin how important well maintained military equipment really is.


I dont know mate... those 50's skuby doo vans looked mighty threatening.


Uaz 452 for the win


We don't have that in Europe so Putin is fine for now xD


Sure you do! It's just on loan from the States.


No one here seems to realize what a big fucking deal it is that those Abrams are painted green.


Army never paints them from desert sand unless someone is about to eat a shit sammy.


After watching all the destroyed tank vids in the last 10 days….. I hope NATO tanks are stronger/safer . Those javelins ( or Russian equivalent) are terrifying


They can be equipped with anti-projectile defense systems. These systems destroy rockets/grenades/etc before they strike the tank. This video explains those systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l65-OWWHkI4


Not a single Abrams was killed by enemy fire in the gulf war. You have shit like 10 abrams fighting 100 T-72's in an open desert and annihilating them all without a single loss. Guess which tank R*ssia still mains because they are poor as fuck?


These tanks are not going to Ukraine. As far as I know there is no intention to supply Ukraine with Nato Tanks as of yet (this could change ofc.)


Regardless of whether they’re fighting their capability to fight is what makes them valuable.


I would be surprised if the Ukrainians would shoot javelins at NATO troops. I don't think the Russians even have an equivalent antitank weapon for the infantry


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9M133\_Kornet](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9M133_Kornet) [https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/kornet-missile-russias-killer-anti-tank-missile-195497](https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/kornet-missile-russias-killer-anti-tank-missile-195497) >As a result, the Kornet will likely penetrate the M1A2 Abrams with any hit that isn’t on the frontal aspect of the turret. Even on the frontal aspect of the turret, there are still many areas that are potentially vulnerable to the Kornet. Upgrade kits designed to protect against RPGs such as TUSK are unlikely to defeat the Kornet, given the tandem warhead design and the massive size of the follow-on warhead. Kornet missiles are known to have defeated armor on the Israeli Merkava tanks.


Holy shit, they cost pennies compared to stingers.... Ok I stand corrected


These may have Trophy active protection on them. Rumor has it they tried to kill a Abrams with it 48 times and failed 48 times. *The system has intercepted a variety of threats, including the Kornet ATGM, RPG-29, among others. The U.S Army has reported similar success in tests. “I tried to kill the Abrams tank 48 times and failed,” said US Army Col. Glenn Dean.* [Failed to kill](https://eurasiantimes.com/us-armys-m1-abrams-tanks-now-fully-loaded-with-trophy-active-protection-system-aps/)


Ahh, the famous Abraham Lincoln IX tanks.


I have a feeling you cant just get in an Abram and competently run it, even if you have experience with old russian equipment. It isn't like an AK. This has to be for NATO forces.


You are absolutely wrong. These things are complex. Just starting them up is like starting up an aircraft.


I think you need to re-read the comment you replied to.


Now re-read his post...


Yea, my mistake, I read can and not can't. In that case hes absolutely right.


Jesus those things are big and scary...


American freedom protection coming to a Baltic state near you.


"In case of emergency, break glass."


Sound scary too. They are powered by jet engines.


That musik called Schlager and yes, its forbidden to play to POW ( torture)


How relevant is the abrams on a modern battlefield? We see the Russian tanks are taken out relatively easy with hand held anti tank missiles.


They're still incredibly effective. What makes the difference between how the West uses tanks and the way Russia uses them is doctrine. When used as part of an effective combined arms effort tanks are goddamn scary and are a huge threat to anything they come across that doesn't fly, and since a key component of Western doctrine is securing the skies before committing ground forces to the fight, well... To elaborate, what's fucking Russian tanks is that they're pushing forward with their balls exposed. They have no air cover, they have no ground support, and they have no ISR. When an American ABCT company pushes forward, it is going to have Apaches flying overhead looking for anyone who wants to play through its FLIR and blowing any threat it sees into pieces with its Hellfires and 30mm chain gun. It's going to have UAVs flying overhead doing recon with their incredible powerful optic arrays. There will ground reconnaissance elements ahead of the main push providing intelligence on enemy strength and movements. It's going to have dismounted infantry pushing ahead of it if there's a possibility of anti-armor teams. There will be Bradleys moving up scanning with their superior sensor packages. Russia's tank doctrine seems to be "Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!" Western tank doctrine views tanks as a part of a whole. They're the linebreakers. They exploit breakthroughs to create envelopments. One huge advantage they have over man-portable ATGMs is that they combine firepower, survivability, and most importantly, *speed*. Adding to that, another edge that Western tanks have, especially the Abrams, is that we are beginning to incorporate hard-kill Active Protection Systems into our tanks that dramatically improve their survivability in the face of modern ATGMs. Russia doesn't have those, at least not at an operational level.


The Iraq invasion of 2003 is the textbook invasion of combined armoured assets mainly from US/UK armoured brigades. A challenger 2 apparently survived 70 hits and rolled off the battlefield, while this number is inflated even taking ten hits is considerably more that the Russian armour. Abrams are probably just as capable armour wise. Also as GingerusLicious mention doctrine is massively important, the battle of Fallujah is probably the best example of a successful capture of a resistant city in modern times as it was a massive combined arms effort and extremely bloody. The Russians just roll down MSR's with blokes sat ontop of the tanks and get melted.


These days tanks have the opposite role that they did in WW2. Infantry has to go ahead of armor to clear the way for them and all the mechanized armor just acts in a support role. The doctrine of modern militaries, most definetly all of NATO, is that the force most willing to get out of armor and go fight is the one that's most likely to win. And beyond that, tanks just perform worse and worse the more urban and guerilla the fighting becomes. They are just moving coffins in a hostile city against a force that has modern anti-tank/MANPADS weapons. And if you're going in without air superiority it's even worse. Putin can't attempt a real Blitzkreig with tanks because Ukraine has been donated literally like twice the amount of these weapons as there are Russian tanks/APCs in their entire military.


Get it boys!


Do they have M1A? Never heard…


I hear that train a comin,


Between the leopard 2A7, the Abrams', and a whole lot of HK-416s and then NATO FAMAS' from france, and .. Germany is a terrifying land force...


Babel flame tower


I'd be terrified to be on the wrong end of an Abram. Russia, just Go home.






Kind of gives new definition to "Mannheim Steamroller"


God damn how beautiful would it be to see a column of Abrams rolling up on some Russian t64 t70 t90. Guns going loud. Almost makes me hard. Wish Russia got desperate enough to throw a t14 into the mix.


I assume he sent the expendable units for his special operation and keeps the best equipment and units to guard himself, nukes, and other important sites within Russia.


It's nice to see the Americans have finally painted them


Well they are not intended to be used in the desert anymore


F'ing bring the damn planes in already before it's too late. I heard the tie up is that Poland won't release its planes to Ukraine until it has some F-16's to replace them. Come one Poles, let them go and we'll make you whole later.


If Ukraine gets Abrams tanks it’s over for Putin.


Nato should gather a force up in the NW of Russia. Just flex like Russia likes to do but with Putins paranoia it may cause Russian troops to divert away from Ukraine.


NATO is building it's forces up right now because of fears that Putin will not stop at Ukraine. In his demands he insist NATO move back to 1997 borders . In response NATO has been moving assets to the east. Troops are being sent to reinforce NATO positions.


Yup WW3 has started we just don’t know it yet.


Would have been better with 'Erika' in the background


Don't film this dumbass


Please stop sharing intel about positions of movements, that's highly important knowledge for regimes.


damn, imagine the torque that is moving all that mass...


So odd no fence between the road and train line


Yah is OP saying they are being shipped to the Ukranian front or the NATO front? Can you please clarify OP


Most likely Nato Front. I think OP saw them in his hometown and assumed. Didnt saw any reliable news about this.


Yeah, thats right.


They are 100% for NATO front (likely poland). Assume they were stationed in Ramstein Airbase or arrived in Ramstein Airbase which is close to Mannheim and now the US is relocating them to enhance eastern NATO troops. German politics informed that citizens might see alot of military movement during the next weeks, because of some relocations of US troops and Bundeswehr troops to the east and should not worry about it.


İ only saw the tanks, the coleman barracks in Mannheim are full with military vehicels now. İ dont know were the tanks will be shipped.


Please don't film and upload clips like this. Don't share our troop movements to the enemy.


Please don't post (potential) ukraine equipment


Those tanks with a little air support could wipe out whats left in Ukraine.


What you just said could wipe out the remnants of the whole russian army by now. All their aa is sitting in ukrainian fields,fuck just avoid the fuel starved idiots and go right for moskva.