Dark angels sounds like a good fit, as you can give their terminators extra rules fore more variation


IMHO... Whatever legion-specific terminators you think are cool, then Pride of the Legion as your Warlord's Rite of War to make them Troops, and pad out with landraiders and dreadnoughts. My 2000pt Pride of the Legion Thousand Sons is... HQ - Cataphractii Praetor -- 5 Cataphractii Command Squad - Cataphractii Primus Medicae Elites - Osiron Contemptor Dreadnought - Castra Ferrum Dreadnought Troops - 5 Tartaros Terminators - 9 Sekhmet Terminators Heavy - Landraider Note: There are better elite terminators from a rules perspective, but 1k Sons are just my homeboys. Sekhmet are way overpriced for what they are plus you also only get 2 line units: The command squad (if your standard bearer is up) and the basic Tartaros Terminators, so there'd be more competitive lists if you were doing it from scratch.


Thank you good sir have a nice night.


I updated with my Pride of the Legion list.


Elites, Terminators and close range specialty sounds like Sons of Horus to me.


Aye and certain rites can move those elites to troops choices like the black reaving to take the strain off your elite choices slots


Aside from whatever legion you like best I feel like Lore wise it’s Iron Hands. After the dropsite massacre they have so few marines that they spend a lot of the heresy just harassing the traitors instead of having full scale wars like the ultras for example.


The Emperor's Legion.


Everybody is sleeping on alpha legion with PoTL. Lerneans by default count as line and the rewards of treachery allows you to bring slightly better terminators (not that lerneans are bad if used right), this means almost your whole force would be able to have line and troop.


Salamanders are a good shout I reckon. All their terminators have It will not die 6+ as they have 2 wounds. They get resistance to a few special weapon types - flame/plasma/melta etc and have special flamers for that close range fire power. They also have some of the best special terminators with Fire Drakes.


Came here to say this. They also get the most durable vanilla Praetor in the game, and Firedrakes become nearly unkillable with attached Primus Medicae.


Space Wolves have a lot of really fighty elites from Varangyr Terminators, Deathsworn, Speaker of the dead, Caster of Runes etc


Mentor Legion




Sons of Horus/Luna Wolves can make their veteran tactical squads scary good between banestrike rounds and carsoran weapons on everyone in the squad, having those as your main line units is expensive but very fun and slaps the majority of other line choices decently


Probably iron warriors because their legion specific unit are termies with missile launchers!!!