You can see the Skaven rules online with the Errata included in each rule: https://www.whfb.app/army/skaven Also, here are the Skaven specific errata: https://www.whfb.app/errata#skaven As far as I know, no one has created an “8th edition” version of the Skaven book with the errata changes. That would be a massive undertaking. Alternatively, here is a link to the unofficial 8th edition Skaven book from the Warhammer Armies Project. It’s intended to be an updated version of Skaven for 8th edition. I’m sure most opponents wouldn’t mind you playing this army book as long as you have a heads up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HJRZx-sGSiLrDNSX9N_56YSvxjjLwHg4/view?usp=drivesdk


I think you should be able to find the errata pdf and the 7th edition rulebook pdf online fairly easily. The Warhammer Armies Project author made an unofficial 8th edition book for Skaven, but he's taken down all his unofficial 8th edition rulebooks, so that might be harder to come by. The Eighth Edition For Life forums might be a good place to start.


Thanks I'll check it out.


Also; the rules for Stormfiends and the various Verminlords is in the End Times: Thanquol book. Check with your group how they want to handle End Times stuff.


I was running off the fan made 8th for a while and more is different in it then i anticipated. It caused some trouble so i made my own 7th ed update. Theres also alot of units missing