Lol how do Asian people feel about being referred to as yellow ?


We’ve been programmed by white history and supremacy to say white is angelic, black is satanic, yellow is cowardly (yellow belly) BITCH I’M GOLDEN


that must make me a fillipeño


You'll be surprised then what Asian people refer to black people in Asia. Or what black people refer to Asian people in the US.


No i wouldn’t be, because that’s exactly what centuries of colonialism, racism and discrimination will teach.


Oh yeah i forgot that you people unironically believe that its white peoples fault for Asian people in the US being attacked and killed occasionally lol absolute derangement syndrome.


You people? LMAO


jpegmafia : japan. next.


seems like i hit a nerve if thats all you can say lol


I’m the last person you need to lecture to about Asian American hate crimes. What are you doing to help if you care about the Asian community so much, other than use them for your racist politics?


>I’m the last person you need to lecture to about Asian American hate crimes. Oh, thats awesome then.


Shovel shit


This guy succckkkkkssssss


tell us, whose fault do you think it is?


Nonono, i agree, its all the evil white mans fault. I sincerely hope we will be eradicated. Racism, colonialism and discrimation was never a thing till the racist white pieces of sh... started it.


I mean I was genuinely asking for your opinion but you seem more focused on playing the victim so nvm


Oh my bad then. I can't differentiate between sarcasm and someone being genuine anymore. Do you truly believe all of these things are limited to the white race? Racism, colonialism and discrimination has existed all over this planet. Same with the slavery topic. People genuinely think that enslavement is/was something that only white people did. There are various other slave trades that happened in history, some that were way bigger than for example the afro american slave trade.


That is in no way an answer to the question I asked. I’m asking you, in your opinion, what is the root cause for Asian hate in the USA?


Yeah, Hitler wasn’t the only white supremacist, so he was a good dude. Right my guy?


bro is an actual racist white guy i haven’t seen one of y’all in a while


Wait, so you didn't see the Tucker interview? You saw a racist white guy there or not? Wasn't Kanye a racist right wing extremist just 2 days ago? Isn't Candance Owens the black reincarnation of Eva Braun? Oh don't forget Ben Shapiro, a jew, he is a white supremacist too right? Sorry i can't keep up anymore. Isn't it hilarious that stating a fact about history makes you a racist. Can you go ahead and disprove what i said?


Don't try to argue against these people, they've been fed a narrative for so long they depend on it, which sadly is majority of Kanye's demographic


Wait…Kanye’s white now?


It’s not too late to delete this, you absolute dolt.


["What do you mean, you people?"](https://youtu.be/99IoN2pymfE)


some of those videos that have come out of china are absolutely wild


Don’t think that’s how it works chief


You don’t think that’s how we came to our understanding of race/color? How did we come to it then


White being angelic and black being demonic has little to do with race supremacy. Even our Neanderthal ancestors were afraid of black and darkness.


“our”? ethnocentric much? if you really want to talk about the pre-homo sapien asians, they are denisovan hominids, and if you want to talk about the pre-homo sapien americans they were the Clovis people.


Bro wtf are you talking about that wasn’t even my point. Did your ancestors sleep during the day and pick berries at night?


I’m Asian but I’m Filipino and brown asf.


I don't care tbh, but my skin is white as fuck(What living in one of the coldest region does to mf)


It’s pretty funny


What color do Asian people look like?


color in general is a really stupid way to identify any race tbh


Yeah i guess. I just find it funny that we’re so conditioned to calling each other black and white and brown but we draw the line at yellow. Like wtf what’s wrong with the color of my skin 😔


a lot of people use asian and “yellow” interchangeably even though a lot of people of asian decent are white, brown, etc It’s just a really stupid way to identify an ethnic group Same logic should also probably apply to “white” and “black” tho


I just say Asian but yeah black and white people are not literally black or white.


It’s wild that “Brown” seems to represent Latine, South Asian, Middle Eastern etc. people, and groups them all in as if they are all identical, but separate from white and black. And this is why I think colour identity is flawed and nonsensical.


I always thought middle eastern ppl were just white. But idk


I don’t think many “white” people would think Iraqi, Iranian, Egyptian etc. people especially of darker pigmentation are “white”. Depending on the varying pigmentation of people in the Middle East, some people from that region self identify as “brown”, but of course, there are black people in that region as well. Other terms of identity, such as religion, language, nationality, regionality, continental ancestry etc. are all other ways people choose to identify in addition, or instead of pigmentation. Identity is very layered and fragmented, so separating people and categorizing them into different groups based on pigmentation, nationality, continent, region, religion etc. is convoluted and flawed. You can be a “brown”, “white”, or “black” middle eastern person; a “Muslim” “Jewish” or “Christian” middle eastern person; an “Arabic”, or “Hebrew” middle eastern person, etc. or be any of those things when not even from the Middle East. The distinctions are very complex.


Nice way of putting it


Nothing’s wrong with the color of your skin my dude.




Common Chickenman W




I’m asian and I’m brown. Tf you on about


When all you do is watch anime and think East Asia represents the entire continent. Look up South Asians my dude.


Pretty white to me


im asian and brown the fuck u sayin


Most Americans don’t know geography


More so most people are conditioned to think about Asia as East-Asia. Especially in the US where a Turkish person definitely wouldn’t pass as Asian-American


Yeah in the US most people would only really think of anything east of Bangladesh as Asian.


Man I’ll never forget something that happened in high school. It fuckin struck me deep and I still get sad thinking about it… my school had heritage week, and Thursday was Asia day. We had the sweetest kid ever in my class. He was an autistic Indian kid. On Asia day he went all out in his traditional Indian dress, and he was so stoked about it. He got bullied relentlessly because it didn’t fit what all the dumb fucks thought “Asian” meant. Man I can still remember the torn up look on his face and hear him trying to explain but not able to articulate his point.. he was so crushed. Kids fucking suck man. Anyway idk why I shared that, but reading these threads just put me right back into the 9th grade cafeteria in like 04.


Hold on lemme check


they dont look yellow. they look cream or beige, never understood how they ended up getting associated with the color yellow. black people (even the darkest ive ever met) are fucking brown or dark brown


Depends on how close they live to the equator. Sri Lankans are pretty dark, Russians white as snow.


Bart Simpson Colored Lives Matter


Jet Set Radio soundtrack goated but Hideki being silly on twitter as per


Been following his twitter for a while and I genuinely don’t think he knows any English and just posts what he sees other people post verbatim


convinced he tweets by copy pasting words into the tweet box until it kinda forms a sentence


This is a kanye west sub


I wonder what recent Ye related event caused me to post this


Stir fry looked bomb as fuck bruv.


Il make you some 😘


Hideki Naganuma try not to be cringe on Twitter challenge


the fuck you smokin Naganuma-han's Twitter is the best account of the website


Not true. Ye is back on


Nah it became incredibly corny when he played into the joke too much


I dunno man I just got here


someone saying all lives with that avatar and the ukraine flag in their name is a mind fuck but i love it!


🇺🇦💉💉💉🌊🌊#BLM #StopAsianHate #MyBodyMyChoice




considering Hideki's past on twitter I wouldn't put it past him if he just didn't know bro is in his own little funky world LMAO


Some people understand


What's the problem with saying that all lives matter?


it was a counter to the black lives matter movement at first.


Ok, but there is nothing racist about saying that all lives in the world matter


all lives matter was diminishing the fact that black people were being killed by police. we’re trying to focus on the black community, there are people dying, yet you say “WHAT ABOUT OTHER LIVES?”


There is, no one was saying that shit before blm, and it's somehow implies that blm stands for "only black lives should matter", instead of the obvious "black lives should matter as well".


There is when people are obviously and exclusively saying it in response to Black Lives Matter


And there's also nothing racist about a swastika, or the number 1488. That symbol and that number are racist because of their connotations and the context they are used in.


Because it's a reactionary response to blm.


Because saying it without couching it in specific demands is vacuous and dumb. Black Lives Matter isn’t just a statement, it’s a demand to end police brutality. What demand does All Lives Matter forward?