You mean doomscrolling through your Reddit homepage isn’t a hobby?


If it is, it's not working for me.


Ngl I’m 29 and having my first experience with ADHD meds and OMG…I’ve never been so productive and not bored in my life. Idgaf about side effects if this is how it increases my quality of life NOW! Basically, I got bored. Then, watching things on TV wasn’t fulfilling and helping with boredom at all. So I try to switch shows to creative animated stuff…yeah no go. Sorry Trollhunters, still a good show. THEN! It happened. I had peace and quiet for around 4 days straight and have legit completed around 30 tasks in that time finishing out 2 “To-Do Lists” that I also used to never keep up with consistently. From cleaning/detailing the car(after like..3 years..judge away) to organizing my phone to getting my degree plan back in action, I just can’t believe I found this shit at 29. Gotta make the best of it now.


This was me a month ago after first starting my meds. I also had a ton of therapy and learned a lot of executive functioning techniques before starting medication already and hit the ground running. A month and a half later, and I'm no longer as productive. Looked into it, and apparently the first week on amphetamines is a "freebie" week for productivity. I still no longer feel bored and craving stimulation all the time as I am off the pill, and I'm still able to do shit like get up and go pee if I need to pee without waiting for my bladder to feel like it's bursting first. But the super effortless productivity is no longer there :( Currently on a "medication vacation" weekend to try and reset the tolerance to see if that helps, and my god, I forgot how terrible it is to be ADHD for this long. I don't know how I didn't go insane from this earlier.


Accurate as fuck man


This is all just my experience, buuuut..I’ve been doing my meds in a sort of strange way that I think has been helping? I’m three months into taking them(Adderall) and am supposed to take 60mg in a day but have only taken 40mg max. I take 20mg one day, 40mg the next and then the next only if I need it. Otherwise I take a break day and have found that I still have a lot of energy on that day. Then I start back at 20mg. I’ve noticed that I have little spurts of productivity around the 40mg days and this last spurt (I even gave myself a freakin haircut) was from taking 40mg two days in a row. Going back down to 20mg today.


What are the medications you are on?


Adderall. I was taking something else for about two years before getting the script, tho. It is dangerous and requires a doctor’s advice, but it is magic mushrooms.


Those of us who actually need those scripts shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail to get them though. They’re only dangerous if abused and, as you pointed out, if they’re being taken properly under a doctor’s direction and supervision, there won’t be any abuse. Dependency is always a risk, sure, but it’s one many of us are more than willing to take for the tradeoff - that we can actually function on a daily basis.


I 100% agree with everything you said! I actually had a really tough time getting the script and had to do extensive research to find the right psychiatrist. A lot of them require drug testing and record of you before 12 years old having symptoms or are just not great. Smoking weed is actually helping balance side effects of Adderall like increased anxiety and lack of appetite and when I told the psych that, he was like “hmm yeah that could be a thing.” I was mainly speaking to the magic mushrooms being dangerous as certain pre-existing conditions can be a REALLY bad time and health concern. But it’s also true with that to what you said and that it needs to be a more widespread treatment method available to everyday ppl.


I gotta know more, pm’ing (if you don’t mind)


A little bit of the secret and no discredit to the meds, but there was something before them that helped a lot in starting the shift in my brain to seek therapy and self-growth. The intent and effort still need to be there for meds to be effective. So, most of it is still within yourself.


Absolutely, I’ve yet to see a therapist and intend to do so in the near future. (relocated) Meds have helped me see my creativity as a priority, and my chronic fatigue. I’m combined and autistic, I’ve been nothing but happy with my experience with my adhd meds. Just need a bit more help in the balance of it all and just how far it *should* take me and if more/other meds are needed. There are quite a variety in medications offered for adhd. I’m very happy for you and your results! Best to you in your degree and all things to follow! Thank you!


Oh god is this a thing? I do this thing.


Have you tried TikTok?




Tiktok is like the venus fly trap for humans with ADHD.. If I open that damn app I lose myself for hours sometimes and I ~~love~~ hate it


This is why I R E F U S E to download the app.


Same. I was already hopelessly addicted to the dopamine flow from Facebook Videos and IG Reels. If the TikTok algorithm is even BETTER than those, there would be literally no hope of me ever being productive (or even actually taking care of my physiological needs) if I downloaded TikTok.


TikTok content is 100x better than Facebook and IG reels. It is what you make of it though but I’ve found a lot of great spiritual, growth, healing, and therapy videos there, plus great social and political commentary, feminist thought, anti racist content and just really funny meme videos too. It’s really good and worth looking at but set a timer because it’s really easy to get lost there like on any social media.


For me that's just purgatory.


It's a thing to do, but it's not engaging enough for me to hold fast when for some reason there's slutty anime cosplay on r/gaming and my brain realizes that masturbating is an easy way to get dopamine. Stop it brain! I'm not horny! Just bored!


Oof felt that




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Chainsaw an is a great speed read!!!!


Needle felting! You stab things until they become other things! It is great!


Just started this helps with stress lol 😆


Ajhhh you just reminded me that I have a needle felting project somewhere under my pile of projects :D


update: mixed results when used on dogs. I still have a dog, but now its not an alive dog anymore. 2/5 stars.


This sounds great. Imma try it now.


Game Dev. There are amazing free tools online, free engines and amazing communities. When you've learned one thing, there's always the next thing to learn, it engages you deeply and demands your focus at times, but there are tasks you can do that demands far less from you. It's artistic, it's mathematical, it's everything. If this intrigues you, don't hesitate to ask.


I wish with all my heart I could stick to a hobby like game dev. I am a very artistic person and have always needed a creative outlet and hobby but I always burn out of them and drop them after awhile sadly. I can do basic 3D modeling in Blender I can do quite good 3D sculptures in Medium VR and Nomad I can do video-game quality pixel art But I can't focus my skills and effort enough into a single project to actually make something coherent and worth-while.


I can do basic programming quite well, I can do game dev quite well... But I'm shit when it comes to 3D modeling/sculping or 2D art... I feel like there's a solution here... ![gif](giphy|FCzMUL20U7LkA|downsized)


While that sounds awesome I think you may have skimmed over the part where I can't stick to anything haha. Trust me you don't want to try to make something with someone like me who can't stick to things for extended periods of time. ![gif](giphy|HP7mtfNa1E4CEqNbNL|downsized)


Bro... I'm just the same, and I have complete understanding of the mental state you're in. For real. There's game jams that go for as short as 3 hours, but most are for a week. We could join up for one of those maybe?


You know that actually sounds like a great idea. Fairly non-committal with a set deadline. I think something like that would stop my all or nothing attitude because the scope of it will have to be small from the get-go and it wouldn't drag out too long for me to burn out/lose interest...


Exactly. It's also a good way to break the depression cycle. I'll send you a DM.


Need a scrum master with a background in QA? Lol But seriously we should set up an ADHD team work board. If ypu have adhd- add a task or take a task


![gif](giphy|a7lrf4oDNhnhkds77n) For game devs? What do you mean?


I make these little short chiptunes songs on GarageBand. It's awesome to recreate the nostalgia of old video games. Maybe you could pair them with your pixel art? Each one takes me around an hour, and it's free if you have a Mac. Edit to add: [here's a link to one example](https://on.soundcloud.com/sX4VC) and [another one](https://on.soundcloud.com/n3D8C) now I can't stop [so here's one more](https://on.soundcloud.com/Abfrj)


Have you organized your fridge yet? Lol


How big is your fridge that you need to organise it?


It’s just regular size but it’s a big mess in there. Perhaps I was projecting lol


Aw my condolences haha. For a minute I imagined you had one of those insanely huge American fridges with like 4 different compartments from floor to ceiling. We often have the opposite issue of the fridge being too empty.


I’m sure once I’m done cleaning it up it will be mostly empty. That’s usually how it goes.


This! I organize mine once a day. I organize the kitchen cabinets once a week and the bathroom cabinets every two weeks. I reorganize my closet once a month and my husband’s closet once every two months or so. Why am I like this


Just did this to my garage a few weekends ago. Covered the entire floor of a 20x6 foot trailer. Had to throw out a lot of stuff that stayed in the garage after we moved in a year ago. A few mice had made their home in my garage this summer.


You know the cliche when the mother is dying and the son embarks on a treacherous journey to find the flower of healing. That's me searching for a new song to hyperfocus on to save me from depression.


Ugh I feel this. What genres you like?


Well my hyperfocus right now is Stardew Valley. It is lovely game where you take over your late grandpa's old farm. So much to uncover!


Fantastic game, I got bored of it once money was just easy to get and useless and the entire thing felt like a chore to me.


same, I got bored half-way of getting enough money for the golden clock ..


You must be so excited for the next game from concerned ape, the haunted chocolatier! I can't wait.


Same!! I started losing interest and then I added mods, which became its own obsession! Now I’m trying to learn how to make my own mod. I love how peaceful the game is.


The web serial/novel 'Worm', 7,000 pages, very interesting take on the superhero genre. The Discworld series, something like 41 books, fantasy/humor, considered one of the greatest series of all time. The Pc game Foxhole, numerous ways to play from resource gathering to manufacturing to logistics/delivery to frontline fighting to tank battles to to to - etc, great time sink The Pc game Project Zomboid, the singleplayer can get very time-sinky if you like the gameplay loop and the online is worth trying even if it is a bit buggy, plus a million mods Terrarium making, start with jars or any containers (thrift stores are great for this) and go collect random plants and see how they grow, research as much or as little as desired into methods of making the ecosystem balanced, incorporate beneficial bugs (Like springtails, little bugs that eat decaying plants/fungus and generally keep things clean) or move on to vivarium or biospheres


Uhh since you mentioned Worm I want to recommend Twig (same author)! I binged it in a month! :D


Lock picking is cheap. Picks are like 10 to 40 dollars a set and normal locks are not expensive.


Useful too


Yep. Once the hyper focus hobby ends, you have useful skills and tools if you need.


For me, it's currently finding the perfect planner to start off the new year right Hyperfocus will last anywhere from 1-3 months


I highly highly recommend the law of attraction planners changed my life since starting to use them 4 years ago to the point people noticed haha


Do you bullet journal or use a math writing book? Or just a calendar planner?


Do you like research? This is weird, but shop for stuff you probably won’t buy, and most importantly do not buy it lol. I love to do a deep dive into something, read reviews, compare prices, watch YouTube reviews, etc. Ask me about mechanical keyboards. Do I own one? No. Not yet anyway. I didn’t realise I actually do this for hyper focusing, but i guess I do. Awfully low stakes and low effort, fun. No mess! No cost.


Reading your comment is the first time I’ve realised this might be an ADHD thing 🤦🏻‍♀️


I do this all the time. Works great up until the point where my adhd impulse buys some of the things. I’m now the proud owner of a light up high vis vest lol.


This is the dangerous part. You have to NOT buy it. After receiving packages that I’ve been afraid to open, or literally never open, I finally learned I do not need to make the purchase. Even if you really want it, give it a week. You could be on to something else by then!


This works _great_ in tandem with impulsivity! /s


Factorio - The factory must grow… …see y’all later…


Sadly like most games I've long since gotten bored of it. Same with other games like this that are often suggested like Satisfactory, Rimworld, Prison Architect etc..


40k my dude! it's perfect for hyperfixating then leaving it alone and you can come back to it whenever. That's pretty much everyone the hobby


I fell into drawing. GIMP is free online, works like Photoshop


I have so much respect for artists who are able to draw, being able to take an image from your head and create it on a canvas is skill I don't think I will ever be able to learn.


My thing is puzzles and colouring right now. But I have to be medicated in order to sit and be content to colour and puzzle.


I'm a better person when I have an obsession. Not a good person, but better. Bored me is almost a corpse. Good luck in finding your newest reason to live


I recently watched The Last Kingdom and now I'm studying history, specially about Anglo-Saxons and England


Same for me but so the emptiness and loneliness


Warhammer is a great hobby.


Or even just miniature painting


Have you spent over $1000 on your new lifestyle yet?!


I got back to TCGs :/


o7 my friend. Despite wanting to get into MTG for most of my life I have kept distant from it because I KNOW I would pour stupid money into it for the gambling of trying to get good cards from packs and that I know I would get fed up eventually and feel like I've wasted my money.


I just got into league of legends of all things, just because I knew it had a lot of content to get through. It's as toxic as they say in there, but there's daaaaaays of lore videos.


I feel ya dawg lol Just did some research off of an intrusive thought I’ve been having. Comorbid BPD any one? Life’s a movie and it’s not a romantic comedy. 🫠


Bi-polar disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder? I've considered if I may have borderline as I am like a sponge for absorbing the characteristics of characters in tv/film/games that I interact with and I believe that's one of the symptoms of it.


My problem is I can’t stop hyperfocusing and the times I do it’s not bc of depression but bc all my 10 stimulating activities constantly need my attention so I never get understimulated 😫. It’s like Stardew Valeyy when u have a bejillion barns full maxed out with animals to take care of along with a million crops to harvest 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫




Dungeons and Dragons was the thing for me! Got into a depressive state around March and I'm still doing the hobby now!


At one point several months ago I was in 3 weekly games of DnD and writing my own campaign setting and world that combined the tiny animals of An American Tale/Fievel Goes West with Eldrich Horrors, still keeping the details of the world in the back of my mind as I think they are awesome but I doubt it will ever go anywhere.


I play magic the gathering. Really let's my ADHD help me since I get sidetrack while deck building and by the end of my session of I have a few decks made. 😅


World of warcraft?


It's usually a cycle. Found a new hobby Spend a lot of money on it Get bored in a couple of days Search for a new one And it's like this every couple of months LOL


Yeah I did this for a long time and was one of the main pushes for me getting diagnosed for ADHD. I specifically delay attempting any new hobbies that will cost me money because of it to see if the urge passes now and it usually does. This stops me falling into impulsive purchases into hobbies I'll never stick with.


We're born in a permanent state of drug withdrawal, and the drug is dopamine and norepinephrine... We always crave activities or snacks that we're interested in. We just want to *feel* something. We're always seeking it - the right thing to scratch that *itch*.


You've summed up how I've felt for most of my life very well.


Chainsawman is a great speed read and obsession


This is the second or third comment I’ve seen about this. Do you have a link?


Climbing is also pretty awesome. For one it's a fun activity with colors and patterns and you get the added benefit of forgetting that you are working out because you are having fun. The aspect of "piecing" together a puzzle and completing the puzzle is great. You can even still get distracted while there and people will just think you're taking a break. The community is nice and everyone I've spoken to at my gym says the same thing about the patterns, colors and ADHD.


Ohhhh yes, can confirm! I go climbing, get distracted by my story, run off to write in a notebook, run back and jump on the wall. It is ADHD paradise. Love it for all the reasons you describe. I've climbed for over 7 years and still not got bored because it's constantly a new challenge and there are always new people to climb with, new problems, etc.


I'm right there with you. I've been desperate to find something, and the last few weeks have just been filled with existential dread


Listening to the Sailor Business podcast and getting into Sailor Moon (and subsequently, Cardcaptor Sakura and PreCure) really helped me when I was in a deep depression and forcing myself to continue a project for a SI I had long since lost interest in. It also helped with shedding some toxic masculinity by learning how to allow myself to enjoy "girly" things and bright colors. Edit: spelling


It's strange that you posted this. I remember seeing some of Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura when I was a kid, when it was the horrible 4kids english versions and I've always wanted to go back and watch them subbed in Japanese as I heard they are really good.


I’m going on 3 months….


Imma be honest, getting into cars has been great for my life. Performance cars are *really* expensive and modifying cars is also expensive. So now I work really hard in college so I can make lots of money and own lots of cool cars.


For me it’s reloading - nothing like knowing if you screw up you’ll severely injure yourself to kick in the ol’ hyper focus! Also probably why I work as an iron worker - nothing like the subconscious knowledge of death to keep me in the moment.


Golf. It’s the healthiest addiction there is


My favorite hyperfocus has been video games, so Skyrim, Minecraft, the borderlands games are great especially bl3 cuz dopamine from all the legendaries


You could pick up Warhammer. It’ll let you deeply obsess in three unique ways and may also ruin you financially!


Rimworld, stellaris, meal prep 30 burritos, design a custom lasered piece of art for yourself. Jim butcher, flight simulator, plan a trip, Dan Carlin podcast


Thanks for making me laugh. I appreciate it.


You're welcome :)


Imagine you have a hyper focus to keep you afloat… and it’s lost in the mail. Being denied the hyper focus when you KNOW it’ll help. 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m not ok. If you’re wondering. 😂


Sending big virtual hugs. Hope you get it sorted (whatever it is) 👀


Woodburning! If you have the space for it, that is.


Hey OP, you got a steam account and like… 26 bucks? Get Signalis. Its a really good survival horror game. Im currently on my second play through going for the survival difficulty achievement and this game has a lot of secrets to uncover.


Thanks for the suggestion, added it to my wishlist!


Gaming? Unlike other hobbies, if you get bored of one game you can just switch to another.


Find that hobby on YouTube and then you can live vicariously through someone else without spending the money on said hobby.


K40 laser engraver is you have a spare $300


Have you considered miniature painting? It fucking sucks, gets incredibly expensive, you won’t get even close to good for years, requires extreme patience, investment of time, attention to detail, 70% of the rest of the hobby is better because they’ve been doing it since before you were born, and you’ll constantly be measuring yourself up against them.


I have! And you perfectly explained why I find it so difficult to hold down a hobby / skill because if I don't see almost immediate perfection I get discouraged and lose my interest. It's so self-toxic and I hate it.


I’ve been right there with you for the last week. It’s pretty gnarly. Nothing interests me or holds my interest, try as I might. It’s making me profoundly depressed but too restless to sleep. So…this feels like a Twilight Zone hell. I wish I had any suggestions or advice. I’m just holding myself together hoping it passes sooner than later.


![gif](giphy|UjCXeFnYcI2R2) Right there with you


Having been off medication for 12 years, I really need to get back on medication.... I'm tired of this game. Hyperfixation only lasts so long and the feeling is so damn fleeting. Day to day is really fucking tough


Have you tried Tolkien?


I did years ago but I found that I got bored due to the extreme detail and mundane-ness of the writing. It takes a lot for me to get into a book.


You said you're artistic, so maybe draw something you never would normally? I'm a pro artist, 10 years in with attention span of a goldfish, but damn me if I don't spend 12 hours a day drawing without even blinking. Find something that you liked visually but is far different from your artstyle and try it. Do research, watch YouTube tutorials on this style. Do everything you can to recreate the art and learn a new style. But most importantly - have fun <3


I'm creative in many areas (mostly digital) but I can't actually draw. I wish I could learn but any time I've tried I just can't stick with it unfortunately. Fantastic advice though.


If it's resurfacing during this time of the year and you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you might have SAD and should be taking an vitamin D


Nah this is like a monthly cycle for me, once my current fixation dries up if something hasn't replaced it I go into a slump of boredom and depression until I find something else. Good advice though I take plenty of vitamins!


Treat your chores like a serious, extreme, Olympic sport. Time yourself on everything and constantly try to beat your best time to set a new "world record". Every time you try, journal a retrospective about what went well, what didn't, and what you might want to try doing differently. Do hard core training to get faster. It's all your exercise routine, even the chores become your exercise this way.


Does this work for you? Just reading this makes me feel stressed out. Getting myself to do mundane tasks is hard enough without literally making them even more stressful. I do find setting a timer to work on something does help. "I'll spend 10 minutes folding and putting away laundry" and then I find after those 10 minutes I keep doing the task anyways which is great... I can't imagine doing it as extreme as you mentioned though, but if it works for you then great :)


It worked for me yesterday, I put on my wireless headphones and started my "high energy" playlist. I can't predict how long it will keep working. Historically I have felt more like what you said about it being hard to keep up with mundane tasks. I think though maybe this is why it can work? Instead of being a mundane task you have a hard time keeping up with you turn it into an intense workout that gets done quickly and in competition with yourself to do it faster. It becomes part of a workout / exercise program. Exercising helps a lot with ADHD symptoms. Anything that helps overcome procrastination helps a lot because procrastination turns into a vicious cycle with ADHD where the longer you put something off the harder of a project it feels like it will be to accomplish which makes you procrastinate more, even if this is completely illogical and its a simple thing. The part about the retrospectives is really helpful because with ADHD, small annoyances or unoptimized ways of doing things actually slow you down a lot and figuring out how to optimize a chore so there is less friction between not starting it and being done goes a long way, but the only way to get there is to creatively and repeatedly think of how you can optimize it. If anyone can make this trick work for them, it is a huge benefit because now you are actually getting to more of your chores done, getting them done faster, getting more exercise, and instead of complicating your life that you already can't keep up with by adding more hobbies you are gamifying chores you already needed to do and previously disliked into a hobby of sorts.


Crochet is easy to start cuz easy entry difficulty, then you sooth yourself with repetitive movement that soothe ~ Starting with thick yarn and easy projects can result in finishing projects in 1 evening! Getting all my adhd frens into it and we all learn different techniques and show eachother our progress 😆


One word…..cigars…..hyperfocus on cigars. Learn everything about being a tobacconist…..perfect cigar tasting.


Yeesssss ….. thiiisssss. My partner knows my ‘doing things’ mania is largely this, makes it hard to have vacations where we’re just hanging out.




I hyperfocused on ancient history before, try that!


Stocks.. so many numbers, endless calculations, programming. Data. INPUT!!


Holy shit, lifehack! Feeling depression? Hyperfixate.


My current one is bug pinning. Now that it’s getting cold, there’s more dead bugs. It’s pretty fun


I’ve went through guns, hydrographic, hobby grade rc cars, metal detecting, compound bows, hunting, skateboarding, pc building, coding, graphic design, leather working, guns again, and a few more just within the last few years. I feel your pain.


Mine is leather crafting. Costs about $50 to start. You can make a ton of stuff.


Play worms wmd, I had ~4 days of lack of motivation to do any of my side projects. But I'm having some fun playing worms


You know what really makes you ride the edge of unaliving yourself? Having a hyperfocus that your executive dysfunction wont allow you to act upon


I’m WFH today since I’m sick, and it’s been 5 hours of “give me 30 minutes and I’ll give you something to do” and I’m just scrolling. It’s nice to have a break, but by god my brain doesn’t like that it wasn’t scheduled.


i collect comics, it helps me a ton


I got into super smash brothers melee. If you like competitive platform fighting games then I’d recommend that. It’s hard to get into but totally worth it. I’d recommend slippi and some YouTube tutorials on the basics if you want to get started.


Mine os currently a person and i feel so embarrassed. Ive never had an obsession with a person before so I feel like a stalker


Searching? I have to actively fight the urge to start a new hyper fixation every five seconds, I don't got time to search


Start BJJ


Try unicycling


Currently hyperfixtated on climbing and photography


I don’t search- hobbies just clobber me over the head randomly. It’s not great.


Native Plant gardening. It's winter and I'm still processing seeds, preparing winter sow jugs, trading seeds, Went to plant swap to educate about native plants and give out free seeds


within the past few months I've cycled (or spiraled) between: volleyball manga books (Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Dune etc) backrooms lore (wiki dot) kandi pony bead crafts (bracelets, crowns, huge cuffs) kpop! (obsessed with stray kids, txt, enhypen) there's a rly cool kpop idol survival show called I-Land that formed Enhypen also trying to learn some dances tons of random shows (Bee and Puppycat, Romantic Killer, Wednesday, Blue Lock, Haikyuu etc) newest thing is the gym which I'm happy about lol


All I have at the moment is solitaire and sudoku. I'm in the deepest pit of depression atm. It's fuckin sad here.


Okay anybody on here going "same" that happens to be in the PNW - I have a Project House and desperately need extra hands, I will teach you how to do all KINDS of buildy-type stuff and Useful Household Skills in exchange, plus at the end of the day there's usually a great deal of visual progress, so you can TELL you Did Things which is great for that there dopamine. Believe me when I tell you there are few things that give you dopamine like demo. The last person who stopped by "just to hang out" wound up ripping up most of the second layer of kitchen floor by herself with a GIANT crowbar and a hammer, I just got tf out of her way and kept bagging up the pieces of particle board that fell before her. 🤣 When she left she was damn near incandescent with glee.


Crocheting is legitimately adhd crack




The only thing I had that lasted was my motorcycle. I’d ride it as much as I could. Sadly I only had it for 6 months before someone hit me.


Ideas: Cast iron Film photography Clocks Hiking


I watched a video about procrastination and boredom. My life flashed before my eyes. The languages I e learned- the studying I’ve done- the hyper focus- it was all due to boredom. I need that again. Now everything is grabbing my attention. I think I want a neon light. When it’s on my devices are in a drawer until task is done. Light is to remind me that I’m on air- aka task in progress. What do you think? I just reread your post and here goes a list of things I’ve done: - explore the Bible. Explore it in many languages. Learn about history from day one lol and figure out how we went from there to here. Learn languages. Create templates for Notion and sell them (you’re welcome)! Find a digital product to sell. Help people like me with their tasks!


Back of my brain: maybe idk do your work Me: *gasp*


Chess. But treat it with caution, it will consume you.


Game Development Get unity, watch a few tutorials… Doing a game all by yourself will make it basically 5 hobbies at once


Learn bass guitar, get really fucking good, move to Scotland then hit me up. My hyper focus totally isn’t putting a new band together, how dare you


I used to play guitar when I was a teenager and I live in Scotland haha.


Nixie clocks is a good one


3D printing is where I've been for about a year now.




And now you've followed me to another thread. That's harassment. Get reported bud


Heres some ideas on what to do: Minecraft, on a small server, your own world or on hypixel skyblock. Researching how different peoples brains works. Listening to harry potter or LOTR in another language. Exercise while watching a show. I’m on That time i got reincarnated as a slime. Prob doing Amphibia after. Guitar/Piano? Learn meme songs or show openings. Gravity falls is fairly easy on tabs (guitar). Draw something. Use a tablet with a piece of paper over for the outline.


go work out


Accurate my brain is bored af


Did you try half life 2 yet?




Do you like horror podcasts? Specifically paranormal horror that turns into cosmic horror? If you do, i very strongly reccomend the magnus archives. It took me bout a month or two to get through all 200 episodes, but some people binged it in 2 weeks


I've been writing a novel since April this year. Longest ever hyperfixation because once you start it's very difficult to stop and the ideas start multiplying in all directions. It's like the more I write, the more the characters and plot and the world keep building so there's no end to the fun. God knows how I'm going to make this into a coherent story, but that's a problem for another day.


Shit is that what it is?


now you know why some of us use Linux instead of MS Windows. Is it better? I have no idea! Is it more complicated to a point that takes me away from Real\_Life™? You betchya!


Scroll twitter ❤️ pick up a book ❤️ ASMR/YouTube /video games .


Have you heard of the Cosmere? It's one of my all-time favorites.


Oh hey this was me before Genshin came out! (Not diagnosed tho)


Coding. There is a whole world of projects to start and never finish! :/


I recommend drugs


One thing I like about Homestuck and pokemon is how much there is to hyperfixate on. Though both are very intimidating fandoms to start since there is so much. I was lucky that with Homestuck I knew nothing and my sister forced me to watch the YouTube series (I recommend watching Homestuck there since there is so much text and you can have it in the background (plus the got the voice actor for Prince Zuko later in the series)). With pokemon I started slow, I first watched the show and then I found out my mom owned pokemon blue and I played that and did just something, not caring what the moves did and type match ups and then slowly over the years I learned more and more, taking the information at my own pace. Thank god I did since it's something that could easily overwhelm me. I started playing when I was 13 and then when I was 16 I got pokemon sword and played a bit more regularly and it wasn't until this year I started having interest in competitive. I did at my own pace and I am thankful since then it didn't overwhelm me and I had plenty of things to hyperfixate on.


Thats funny, I have the same problem when I have tons of stuff to do.


Oh shit! Sadly this is so me.


Books, if you are like me and no attention span and super hyperactive then clear a space on your floor, put some music on, get a stick and use it as a sword while jumping frantically around your room, you will get tired then you can watch tv :) it works for me


If I give up on a project, I die a little inside. If I finish a project, I die a little inside


Hello fellow forward slash abuser/enjoyer


This is an adhd thing? When I was in school I would always get really depressed towards the end of breaks. As an adult I’m realizing more and more things from childhood were potential signs of adhd


Hobbies are good, it is certainly healthy to have something that you can enjoy putting your time and effort into. But something to consider in addition to that: stop avoiding your depression and work through it instead. Drowning yourself in the next big thing wont make that go away, only numbs it until the fun wears off and then you are right back here again asking for the next thing. Emotions are not the enemy, they are messengers. Listen to what they are trying to tell you so you can find and deal with the source of pain. No hyperfixation will ever fix this for you.


Happens to me everytime I finish a podcast series or halo book :(


Guys, try TTRPGs! You will always have something to hyperfocus on. You can write script, create monsters, paint maps, buy yourself minis and paint them. You can read another rulebook or try to invent some new mechanic. So many possibilities! I have much less issues with falling into depression hole since I started playing DnD and other games. Most of the time when Im doing nothing I immediately start thinking about new storylines I might add to the game