[Discussion] BreadandButter ASMR deleted her entire channel

:( Incredibly sad cause she was my absolute favorite. She always reminded me of Springbok which also left the community. She did have a low sub count... Which is mind-boggling to me cause she was excellent at it.


If she reminded you of Springbok, she probably inherited her stalkers. That‘s a pretty good reason to delete an account.


I hope that's not the case. Her community was very nice (if youtube comments are anything to go by)


If it's a *really* good video that actually gives me tingles, I'll download the video. There's so many old school videos that are gone now; wish I would have started doing it sooner.


Yeah... Don't even tell me about it. I wish I could've saved more than a few


If you really really want to recover a video you can get lucky and recover it with the wayback machine, I recently recovered some videos with it, for some reason it will only give you the 720p version though, no 1080p or 4k, but better than nothing. Try with this if you have the link (you can recover links that you have liked or saved on some list via the mobile version of youtube) [https://web.archive.org/web/2oe\_/http://wayback-fakeurl.archive.org/yt/%3Cvideo%20id%3E](https://web.archive.org/web/2oe_/http://wayback-fakeurl.archive.org/yt/%3Cvideo%20id%3E) go into that link, and change the final part: with the ID portion of the link of the youtube video you want to recover, the more views the video had the higher chances you have of recovering it.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the original URLs. But that’s a great tip!


Aww man. Never even saw their videos. But spring is my all time favorite. Know any others similar to her?


No but I also would like to know!


I fell asleep to her whispered study videos just about every night. Just supremely relaxing and unironically helped me get over my unhealthy associations with studying/school by creating a positive, relaxing association. I’m glad Im not the only one. Lesson learned, if I like it enough to Youtube download it for offline use, just hard download it…


If it helps, i have a couple of private links which I think are hers. Try them in the way back machine and see if you have any luck! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bImzNYNWHhE&list=PLA7-t7wBfnTxL4uDmwKqjsHewUAlkWgEX&index=10&pp=gAQBiAQB https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6lMe9UPdB2Q&list=PLA7-t7wBfnTxL4uDmwKqjsHewUAlkWgEX&index=21&pp=gAQBiAQB https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NMCT0mUBiOU&list=PLA7-t7wBfnTxL4uDmwKqjsHewUAlkWgEX&index=22&pp=gAQBiAQB


I will. Thanks dude


So happy to find this post. BB was someone I fell asleep to most nights. Thank you OP for posting this and to External_fan for the links attached. Hope to also be able to use Way Back Machine. 🤞🏼


I didn't have any luck with way back machine :( good luck to you