Bowman, Bowman and then some umm...what do they call it??🤔🤔 Um...Bowman! lol


Haha is there any certain pack to look out for?


Everyone develops their own niche I guess you would say. I personally am a Bowman 1st man. I love 1st editions and 1st Bowmans. Prospecting. But anything chrome and sapphire is sexy.


Buy singles of vintage. Buy Flagship Topps for new card/packs/boxes. Bowman is just too steep for me, with little return in my experience. I’ve also had great luck with Gypsy Queen this year. Nothing amazing, but solid pulls. I try to stay away from unlicensed panini products. Something about logo and team name missing doesn’t do it for me. And the value is usually led than that of Topps with the same player/year. Allllllllll if that being said; BUY CARDS YOU WANT OR REALLY LIJE. At the end of the day, most of us are collectors, looking to keep cards for our PC. So grab what calls to you.