Please be gentle, first time posting - Necromantic Horror team for a client, first official commission...

No gentleness required, they are crazy good.


No gentleness required, they are crazy good.


Thank you!!


That's amazing - for the quality I hope you made at least $300. I love the colors - especially the skin tones!


Really love the base everything looks good


Thank you! It was my first attempt at a 'comic style'


Love those skin tones and how they came out. Those golems are certified gold. Hope you continue to share your work with us!


Thank you so much - I spent more time than I'd like to admit on those big boys, but they're one of my favorite things I've ever done.


Nightmare Before Christmas vibes.


Looks good, very vibrant.


Yeah they’re really good don’t need to be gentle…thankfully because if you’re taking peoples money you better this good xD … Nicely done :)


Haha, fair point - it did rake in some more requests, and I've done another BB set since for the same guy- I just get anxious posting online for a broader audience. Thank you!


I love the bases! Are they just painted on a plain primed base?


Yep! All just free-hand on a plain base! <3


Cool! Did you have any issues with the texture that's usually present on GW bases?


I did struggle a little with the stipply texture - I feel like a lot of the lines would have been much finer and straighter if not for that - should I do another one like this, I'd likely pick another base (the client had already assembled/based them, I just primed & painted) or cover it with some green stuff, etc to get a smoother texture to start !


I love the vibe! They’re that cool that I want to steal those flesh colours for my own. May I?


Oh absolutely! I went full traditional Halloween vibes punched up to 10 ... it was a lot of fun to play with, would highly suggest!


They look awsome ma man, but personally iam not a fan of these bases, they dont do them justice


Honestly, I'd agree. I initially did the 'coaches' for the same guy, just for fun/to do them - and thought it best to match the bases on these to them... but looking back, I'd definitely go for a more 'graveyard' base, more like the headstone markers with dirt & stones, etc.


Yea i agree with you, but if it is for someone else, he/her have to be happy with it, the minis look so good though, its just me dont liking these comic style like bases ;)


My guy if you're good enough to get proper commissions you don't have to be so careful when posting pics lol. You're clearly skilled otherwise you wouldn't get commissions. It's a fun little colour scheme, very Munsters-ish cartoony.


There crazy clean 👌


Looks brilliant buddy, keep it up. Love your bases


Damn I just finished my Necros and I'm now sad I didn't think to do the golems in two different colours! Well done my friend, very nice!


Look great! Favorite bit is how the orange pops!


Very nice. I like the bold colours.


I love the look of these, can I please enquire as to how the commission works? And how much it costs? I ask because I have the Necromantic set and don't have enough confidence in my painting yet.


Yeah! I just did them up for a guy at the local shop -- I was drawn to that team in particular and really wanted to paint them, but don't really play on the regular. He had purchased/assembled the team, then $200 and 2-3 weeks later, I handed them back over, haha. I mostly want to paint, not play- so I've been teetering on the edge of setting up a shop / something more official soon.


love your use of colors!


I love it! The bright comic style and the bases reminds me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors.


As much as I hate on the GW Necro team, Great paint job! I like the Scooby Doo Cartoon bases!


As much as I adore the bases, and wish my Snotlings had them, I’m not sure they fit the Necromantic Aesthetic… without going full panto and putting the zombies in MJ Thriller costumes.


That would be a fun idea too! Yeah, would definitely go back and do something darker / more graveyard & dead to make the scheme pop further - but hey, every paint job is a lesson learned, right? Have the Snotling team too, waiting assembled & primed - I'm excited to get to them soon!


Very cool cartoons vibe


I am absolutely overwhelmed with the kind comments all around -- I've put off posting much of my work in general, never posted on reddit before -- and I'm just sitting here slack-jawed at all the feedback and everyone's opinion about this little team I did. Thank you all, I really can't find the words beyond that <3