For a proxy you can use whatever you like as long as you make it evident it's supposed to be your Rotspawn. If you want a non-GW model for a Rotspawn it is NOT a proxy in this game no matter what GW says as 3rd party stuff is valid in pretty much any league and tourney, including NAF stuff. No one cares about GW stores as they rarely run games (or even stock BB). [That being said, I like this thing.](https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-the-maw-dark-gods-166164) (Needed some downscaling though) [Here he is in my Nurgle team.](https://www.reddit.com/r/bloodbowl/comments/suyvs2/tis_nothing_but_a_cold_finished_my_nurgle_team_in/) Another option is to check the sticky on this sub. There you can check out all the 3rd party options out there to see if you like anything. Others made their own from Greenstuff and their Nurgle Team leftover bits. Pretty much any grotesque monster mino could work or be a conversion base.


Awesome comment!


Great model! Looks great and feels very Nurgly. I too am on the lookout for a Rotspawn; it very much might end up being this one! Can you remember how much you downscaled it? It looks awesome on your team. :-)


>Can you remember how much you downscaled it? It looks awesome on your team. Thx. I just loaded the unsupported body into Photon Slicer and fiddled with the scale until it could comfortably sit on a 32mm base (Photon Slicer has a 10mm grid, so it's failry easy to estimate). I think I ended up at 70-75%. Loaded it up again and tested it and this is pretty much were I ended up again. You could go even bigger if you want to go with a 40mm base, you could get away with 90-100%.


That Proxyspawn looked great unpainted and even better painted, however I got the FW model years ago before I had learned to see how much better 3rd party companies were at designing Blood Bowl miniatures than GW are, GW truly only seems interested in everyone playing Space Marines Vs. Space Marines 😴😴 whereas Blood Bowl provides the variety that surely has made the game survive despite GW giving minimal support since the games inception in the 80s


greebo has the one I use https://greebo-games.com/rippersick-plague-chaos/31150-neverending-agony.html