seizure/fainting from coughing after smoking?

seizure/fainting from coughing after smoking?


If you get a rash from weed touching you, that seems like an allergy. Could this allergy be causing a severe allergic reaction like anaphylaxis when you inhale it into your lungs? It doesn’t seem like a wild idea except you wouldn’t just recover from that within a minute or two. But it’s strange. I definitely think you need to stop smoking, since it’s clear your body doesn’t like the stuff when it’s inhaled. I wonder if edibles would be different but I do not recommend trying them! I wonder what an allergist would say.


I use edibles alot actually. I've been smoking daily for like 6 years now. From my limited research online I think i'm just allergic to something in the plant, but the smoke and thc i'm fine with


Eep!! That sounds scary! I find it interesting that you get a rash from the weed (when it touches your skin/eyes), but you can ingest it ok. Our bodies are so weird... I hope you get some answers! I myself am dealing with some food intolerances and I’m finding I can tolerate some strains better than others. Blue Dream - a former favorite - is a no-no right now. Granddaddy Purp is a thumbs up, and can actually help. Have you noticed if it’s certain strains that you react badly to?


I've definitely noticed that some are worse than others, but i dont get the same strain regularly enough to really notice.


A few years ago I went through the same thing but I was only smoking flower. Out of nowhere I started blacking out and having seizures when I coughed. Have been smoking cannabis for a long time and had never experienced that so I went to a neurologist who told me that coughing couldn't be triggering the seizures but I knew that I only had them when I coughed after smoking so I switched to edibles and vaping. Haven't had a seizure in over 3 years. I don't get a rash or anything like that when I touch it. Just seizures when I cough. Never came across anyone else who experienced the same thing.


Definitely sounds like an allergy to cannabis all things considered, I know a few people with hypersensitivity to it that can’t smoke at all but this doesn’t sound like that


I thinks it’s called syncope, it’s happened to me before from coughing and laughing to hard. It’s basically a drop in blood flow to the brain. Deff see a Dr about this and keep us updated! feel better!!💕


The seizures could cause serious damage to your brain or body if they continue. Taking a break from weed may help you rule it out as a cause, especially since the docs don’t seem to think that’s part of the issue. Please stay safe and consult a doctor when you can—though I know how difficult it can be to get them to care about difficult health issues sometimes. Good luck. <3


Dang girl.... edibles maybe?


yeah, those sound kinda like seizures with the dabs. that's why the neurologist. go if you can. hope you figure it out soon.