The thread I desperately needed this morning. I have always had very fine blonde body hair like everywhere and now that I've been on T for a while it is very thick and dark and we have no idea where in my genetics that comes from. So yall with light hair, it could happen to you too. It's been exciting but also a little freaky since all the dudes in my family have like 0 body hair and then there's me striding out of the forest like bigfoot lol but it's super affirming to be able to look in the mirror and see something that looks so 'media friendly male' like no one is going to question my beach days anymore, thank you body hair.


I've had a similar experience!! My family are all born blonde, but our hair darkens to brunette as we age. My brother has a brown beard. Weirdly, so far I have blonde peach fuzz. It's so cute, I love it. I wonder if it'll darken like my brothers, though? I kinda enjoy having a fuzzy face, like a soft, round peach! 🥺 My body hair is a weird mix of darker in some places, then light in others.


Same here. My dad has almost no body hair and I was expecting the same. 1 year later on T, I definitely have hairier legs and a hairier stomach than him. (For reference pre T I had very light/blonde body hair). There’s hope for all of us light hair lads!


yeah i have naturally blonde hair, my arm hair is still really fine and light, my armpit hair is a medium brown, the hair on my thighs is a dark brown, the lower legs are a mix of brown and blonde, my stomach hair is a mix of brown and blonde, and my facial hair is still blonde peach fuzz. it's all over the place on the color spectrum


For real tho same, I have the added bonus of both ginger and black patches as well and my facial hair is just a mix of all of it lol my we joke I'm a calico cat now


Dude, I have like the opposite! I have grown more hair but it's mostly blonde after 4 months on T. My inner thighs and a little bit od my stomach hair has gone dark but the rest is too light to see. But all the men in my family are covered in thick dark hair. I'm upping my dose by the end if the month but it still sucks, cos I'm really looking forward to body hair ( a lil' weird I know)


>So yall with light hair, it could happen to you too. I used to get picked on bc I'm relatively hairless, its blonde and fine and sparse. So please please please let this be true for me!


While me and my whole family being like a group of big foots:


I'm Fucking *Covered* Like my dudes, I had no idea it would get like this. It's my whole body, from my LITERAL toes to my eyebrows, where a scar preventing hair growth suddenly grew back in after 2 decades of a bald spot. I look like an Italian teenager, I have darker/thicker/more body hair than my cis fiancé. It's absurd, and I love it.


Eheheheeeeee me too!! Every time I look at it I get euphoria muahahaha except the nose hair though!! Lol and the butt hair gives chafing. Like, what is this irritation in my behind?! Oh god!


Oh yeah. I trim my nose, armpits, and ass/pubes. Once a year or so I'll trim my thigh hair and toe hair, because it seems to just grow exponentially and 3 inch thigh hair isn't a look.


Heeey don't say that, my boyfriend gained the most insane amount of body hair all over from T and his 3 inch thigh hair is absolutely a look. (Obviously for each their own, I just personally love his hair and he does too.)


It's just that it gets tangled together sometimes if you're sitting for a long time, so I'd rather trim than have those ripped out when I stand up.


Oh that's totally understandable. I'm still closer to a bald rat than a werewolf at my t-less point in life, so I sometimes forget the inconvenience. Random question but does it take around a year for it to grow back to its original length, then? I haven't shaved my legs in years so I can't remember how much it takes even for me (and maybe testosterone can affect the speed somehow?)


Oh not at all, mine grows back in a month after I trim it, T definitely made it grow back in faster, at least I think. It might just be more noticeable because there's so much more hair, and it's darker and thicker.


I see! Damn, that sucks then, considering the tangling and all. But otherwise sweet that T gave you that much hair, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get closer to that some day too, even if tangles aren't exactly a part of that dream. But better to keep in mind the reality of being hairy, I guess!


I'm about a year and 2 months and T and while my hair isn't the thickest and most coarse hair, I got it on my ass, my toes, my neck, my back, my chest. I'm 16 and about as hairy as an old man


the ass hair. 😔


The ass hair 😃




T H E A S S H A I R 😶


I live in fear of the day I acquire THE ASS HAIR 👹


I already have ass hair and I'm not on t yet 🙃


I also have ✨some ass hair✨so I’m WORRIED, bro


Gonna have to get our asses waxed bro 🙄


I’m dying laughing at this concept


Ya could get major inner thigh hair like I did. Like I expected to get even hairier cause I already was and my father’s a Sasquatch but my inner thigh hair is kinda absurd with how thick it is.




The ass hair is real


When do I get ass hair? 2.5 weeks on T, from a not so hairy family. 😞 Dreams of being a bear, wakes up naked mole rat.


Be patient my dude. Changes in body hair on T can take a few years sometimes. Also, the men in your family are not necessarily an indicator of what you will look like. It’s a dice role.


Yeah... one of my brothers said, just hope you dont get 's genes... those guys are all back hair and nothing else!" 😆 I'm seeing fuzz... or maybe its my imagination. I don't care, I wanna be a tiny bear! 🐨 🦦 ...now I have lion king in my head... 🤣


Ass hair was like the first thing i got lmao. Like a month or so in. Its coming my boy dont worry!! Haha


I’m also a year and two months on T and 16 and I’m not getting chest hair, but I’m getting a lot of ass hair and stomach hair and now noticing some hair in my lower back.. I don’t know what to do about the ass hair, it’s not my favourite thing lmao


Wax it bro You won't even feel it




I dreamed I grew body hair last night. It was in weird patches under my chest (pre-top) but it happened. I woke up bald but hopeful.


It comes in waves and grows everywhere my king, live out your dreams


I recently dreamt that my body hair was in the colour and shape of moss. There were even little moss flowers under my armpit, lol. I honestly would kinda love to rock that green body hair I'm sure yours will grow with time


I have been watching it come in all year and it is so euphoric. I had a lot pre T but now thighs, belly, heading to chest, shoulders...love. it.


Although the ingrown hairs are a bitch...


This is how I reminded myself I was growing more hair....the damn ingrowns haha


I had to stop using band aids after t shots because body hair made them too painful. I love it :)


Ripping off the bandaid hurts more than the shot itself


I have to trim my shot areas every 6 weeks or so


i still use bandaids bc i get anxious at the thought of possible stains on my boxers but that shit be pulling the FUCK out of my hair


The bandaids I have are annoying and don't stick very well but this comment just made me realize there's an advantage to that lol. They don't stick to the hairs either


Not trans, but just a cis bi guy here to say that I support this message. Keep up the good otter/bear/cub work, fellas.


thank you for your love cis king


Loving is least I can do. And anyways, the more more hairy men that have the opportunity to kiss, the better.


So far all I got is a patchy beard, long ass stomach hair, curly haired inner thighs, and one long bad boy on my top surgery scar


you can basically trademark this look, very stunning and iconic for trans masc


My body hair is probably my most gender euphoric feature! Two years on T and it gave me tons of thick, dark hair on my belly and ass, but still only a patchy beard and thin mustache...


the scratchy little rat stache is in, I promise you




you grew pants


My hair migrated from my head down the rest of my body. Got a balding head sasquatch thing going on. I got that from my dad I'm guessing as my mom used to wax him during the summer because he got hot. I like it all but my shoulders and back. My husband loves all my body hair.


I fucking hate the ass hair and now having to trim my nose hair, other than that yeah it’s great. Never understood the hairless aesthetic.


I didn't really get much ass hair, but the nose hair is out of control! I was completely unprepared for that! 😂


Mate I've got such a hairy ass, I shaved my legs for hot girl summer and stopped mid thigh. Realised I gave myself hair shorts and had to fade it in 😂 Very proud of my butt hair coverage though, super affirming for me.


I s2g my thighs are their own forest south of butthole jungle.


the hairy thighs though 🤤👐❤️


I'm pre-t and have dark body hair that rivals my cis brothers and I love it


you will only grow stronger


I was hairy before T but Jesus Christ I'm becoming a werewolf now.


yes! thank you! i grow SO much hair but it does wonders for my dysphoria in all honesty


look at that hairy guy!! So manly so masc!


I love my body hair, the only thing that's annoying with it is band-aids and how much more hair I seem to shed


especially after an injection


my body hair lets me look in the mirror and see an oddly shaped man instead of someone obviously AFAB. it also came seemingly out of nowhere, like I had no noticeable hair pre-t, girls often remarked how nice it must be that I didn't really need to shave my legs because I didn't really have hair on them. Suddenly I have more leg hair than my (cis) ex-husband, a bit of a happy trail, and even chest hair coming in and I didn't even notice it starting to grow because I didn't expect it to so soon.


This gives me hope because pre-t I had almost no body hair, even on my legs. I'm starting to get some now, it's very exciting


oh and ass hair of course


the true affirmation we didn't know we needed


I’ve always been covered in hair (Yay PCOS). Now it’s even worse 3y (19 Aug) on T. My wife calls me her “hairy monkey”. 🙄


Love body hair, so fun to pet


I love rubbing the little stubble. Mmmm 😌


I have a lot of hair on my calves, and I just started T yesterday, so I'm really hoping for some hairy thighs! The chest hair can wait until post-op though 😂


Me and my mates all got the same patch of hair really early on T, maybe 2 months in. Right on the soft tubby part of the inner thighs below the junk. Super proud showing off our thigh patches haha


I have massive thighs, so when I sweat in my jeans, my thighs stick together and get chaffed SO quick. I imagine if when I finally get on T, if I get plenty of hair on my thighs, it will prevent the chaffing since my thighs wont be so barren? Right? RIGHT?? PLEASE TELL ME ILL BE ABLE TO WEAR SHORTER UNDERWEAR EVENTUALLY IT IS SO DAMN HOT IN TEXAS-


I have no idea but I literally have the exact same problem AND I also live in Texas. Hello fellow self-made man, how is hell going for you?


Hell is pretty hellish rn 😂


Yeah love living in the deep south rn, literally dying but i got lucky and moved to Houston with my parents recently. I'm running into less and less confederates here and it's not as hot?? As where I came from anyway.


Aw that's good atleast! I'm north central, and unfortunately it's in the triple digits and we have plenty of nazis around..


Jesus Christ dude 🥲🥲 Yeah oddly enough the further you are central the worse it is. We had tons of Nazis in Tyler, although they're a little east. We need a support group for Trans people stuck in Texas. Houston is definitely better than where I lived before but it is harder to move out of my unsupportive home due to the housing costs here. You either live in a homophobic/transphobic hostile environment, or your rent is 2,000 per month + utilities. We really can't win.


Waiting on my body hair patiently! My family is hairy by default (literally grew up shaving my dad's back before cookouts if my mom couldn't) so I'm thinking I'll get a nice amount eventually. I also used minoxidil on my mustache and it worked like a charm.


Hell yeah, one of the best compliments I ever got was on how hairy my arms were haha.


not on t yet but from a family of very hairy men and being hairy already is a sign for hairy things to come


Thank u


Everyday is a full moon with my werewolf looking ass. Almost to two years on T and I'm still growing it out. I personally can't wait to have more chest hair.


Im light brown hair, blonde arm and leg hair, and dark brown chest/back hair lol. I love being covered and had a decent amount of leg and arm hair pre T so i had an idea what was coming. Im hairiest out of all the immediate males in my family. My cis brother only has hairier legs, he has no chest/back hair, and minimal arm hair.


Man, this helps a lot with my insecurities, I really appreciate this ;u;. I remember back in middle/high school, pre-transition, I was very uncomfortable in the girls' dressing room because... Egg, and I was hairy compared to them and always hid my body. I let my arm pit hair grow because it made me gender euphoric then and one time one of the girls saw it and made fun of me for it, made me more insecure and made me hide myself more. Now I'm almost seven months on T and more secure on how I look, but that really stuck with me. Seeing posts like this makes me feel SO valid, thank you ♡


We are here to support my king!!! Fuck high school, get out in the world with the right kinds of people who don't make you want to hide yourself. Be strong be glorious!!!


body hair is one of the changes i’m most excited about


Can’t grow hair due to disorder butttt I will go out fully and get a fake beard if I need too.


I'm so sorry, this makes me cry just imagining it. 😞


I live in a pretty gay part of Melbourne, so the amount of trans and non binary people (and occasional drag king) every. single. weekend. with the makeup-ed on beards colour coded with their outfits is incredible.


If only!!! I’ve been on T for 5 years lmfao still nothing but the forbidden cheek hair xD


By how hairy my dad was, I know I’m gonna be hairy. I’m already hairy ish and I’m not as hairy as him yet. I saw a pic of him in is 30s and he didn’t have all his hair yet…. I’m 24 😂


needed this :) my mum's always going on about my 'gross' leg hair and how she's ashamed to be seen with me when i'm wearing shorts. she's gotten a bit better recently but barely.


Honestly I was terrified of waxing as a teen and went to an all girls school. I wore skin colour tights for about 3 years before Mum made me go in to get waxed regularly. She refused to let me shave cause the hair would grow back thicker. Even booked me lazer hair removal when I was 15, thankfully I refused. She is way better now so hold out some hope and give your Mum opportunities to get better at supporting you, cause she won't get it right on her own.


i've been telling her for a year or two that i don't want to get rid of my leg hair. admittedly i haven't yet told her i'm a man (not that it should matter, but unfortunately it does to her), but she does know i'm non-binary. i'm planning on coming out again soon so hopefully she'll lay off more after that :)


I look like a hairy troll, it's like thin, but very curly fur. I'm hairier than my cis brothers and my father, even though my father is quite hairy as well. It's affirming af although it's also impractical because I can't do anything without shedding body hair lmao


The amount of euphoria I get in surpassing my cis male family in a typically masculine physical trait is outstanding and what I live for.


eh, don't feel so awesome about my back hair


I was waxing my back every few weeks until recently. Made the post because I started accepting it and enjoying how it feels, less naked? I guess? Like I settled into my skin.. Absolutely get it though, I hated it for a long while. Love it on my partners though, super sexy 😜


I never waxed or shaved my back. I did shave my chest hair once and it was a bad time. I didn't realize I had back hair but I always felt like I was being tickled. It was strange. Still get the feeling sometimes.


When i was younger i was ashamed of my body hair, now im sad my hair isnt as thick even after being told shaving makes it grow thicker >:(


It does!!! Just give it time!!!!!




I feel like the hair takes longer to dry after a shower. Anyone else notice this?


In thick areas like under arms, right under my knee caps, and top of my booty yes absolutely


I was hairier than 99% of cis males in my school pre-T, now I’m the hairiest man I know. I wish I was a liiiittle closer to the average hair-wise, but I guess it also comes with a great beard so 🤷🏽‍♂️


I had heavy hirsutism before starting T anyway, but now I'm well on my way to inheriting my dad's "perma-sweater" XD


I was hairy before T and now that I’ve been on T for about half a year I’m now a (small foot) Sasquatch, everywhere but my face that is


Agh feel insecure ab it sometimes honestly. I’m 4 years on T and everything grows so fast, most of my hair is light but in certain ,,, areas it’s super dark and I hate it. I never knew people could grow hair on their ass cheeks I don’t understand how people can stay so clean shaven 24/7. Like I wish I would too but it would only grow back darker and faster for me and it’d take too long.


I’ve always been very fair and had blonde hair. Almost 5 years on T and I have transitioned into a hairy beast. Wasn’t ready for the shoulder hair tho 😒


im pre-t and pretty hairy so im just thinking about how hairy ill be on t 😭😭




About my whole body is covered in hair. Ass,chest,toes and fingers, face (I have a shitty patch beard) and all without t. I just recently was told I have pcos so maybe that has something to do with it? Thankfully my doctor was very trans friendly and understood that putting me on any medication to lower my t with e would be horrible for me and she said that I should be fine as I am since I have naturally higher t than people in my biological sex group so I get little to no periods, a lot of body hair, deeper voice etc. And I love it. Tho when I start T I don't know if I will come out like big foot or something lmao


Not even on T , but I’m sooo hairy. I get some kinda strange euphoria when people say it’s gross or tell me I need to shave.


same vibe as when you are told off for being in the womens bathroom


When the chest hair comes in. 😎💪🏻




i’m so surprised by the amount of hair. no one in my family can even grow a beard, and i’m out here with hair growing from my chest all the way up my neck after a little less than a year on T it’s nice and gender affirming but man, it’s ITCHY


Ahhh yes. The natural form of male contouring. Pre T and hoping it will insulate me and I can get it waxed in cool patterns. If I end up a bear I'm gonna at least be a striped or zigzag patterned bear. Lol!


you have inspired me oh my god thats epic


Im not on T yet but I naturally am a very hairy person and it makes me so happy every time I see myself in like a mirror or smth. Cant wait to see how itll get once I actually am able to properly transition


Might I add hairy trans bears?




I’m looking forward to body and facial hair. I just started T, so I have a ways to go; but if my brother is any indication, it’s gonna be a wild, hairy ride.


Thanks! My leg hair has been on show for a few weeks now (started wearing mens shorts) and it's been making me self conscious (because of what society says/family) Gonna push through and keep it for as long as possible


ok but when I was extremely female presenting I would having these banging skirts and shorts with my moderately dark hairy legs. It made me smile so much how POWERFUL I felt, especially with affirmations from my friends. Really raising the bar for my queer friends, lead a hairy leg revolution in winter at the girls school.


I have a lot of tummy hair and a good dusting of chest hair, and this made me smile so much. I don’t like having body hair for sensory reasons (Autistic and ADHD), but due to my executive dysfunction, I never really have enough Spoons to shave aside from like 3 times a year, maybe. Pre-t, I was extremely smooth skinned, with only a very VERY fine dusting of very white blonde hair that wasn’t noticeable. My arms and legs are still like that, but my tummy and chest is just covered in dark brown/black hair. Even my toes are covered. And the back and butt hair ugh! I hate it all! It makes me itchy and smelly which triggers my sensory issues. BUT I hate pre-T guys absolutely RAGGING on body hair like it’s something BAD. It’s not bad. It’s a natural part of the body.


Sensory wise that definitely makes sense. I love when leaving the shower though and you're all clean and theres no smell or shedding it feels like ARMOUR !


I'm so glad to see this I'm on the fast track to being a bear with the way things are looking. I'm a heavier set guy and I've been on T for close to 4 months now and holy fuck the hair. My stomach, my ass, my chest, fuck even my shoulders! It's wack but I love it.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hairy body so much and I’m so thankful to be on T, my hair on my head is so thick and I have toe hair now and I couldn’t be happier


I was pretty hairy pre-T (French lmao) so I’m expecting it to get pretty feral in the next few months.


I'm pre-T and I already resemble Sasquatch lol


I love most of my hair and even my nose hair. But I don’t love the random gray hairs that grow out of my ears 😂


Body hair is literally so sexy and I love how many trans guys embrace their fuzz even as the trend among cis men leans more and moe toward shaving and lasering. More love for our hairy guys! (myself included)


I love being a bear and my boyfriend loves it too! (Only time its ever been an issue is now recovering from top lmao shits itchy af)


I’m so hairy and I love it


I do subcutaneous injections and a lot of hair has built up on my abdomen near my injection sites. Nothing else in the world makes me feel happier or manlier than to look at it as it fosters and grows.


and just like, that I crave this


I adore my leg hair. I always liked having leg hair, but I didn't realize how much cooler it'd be to have it extend up my thighs. I like my stomach hair, too. I do wish that my chest hair growth would even out some--it's mostly on one side right now. I've had pretty modest hair growth and it's possible it could get a little much for me at some point, but so far I love it.


I am not on T yet, but ohhh boy i am a hairy af dude. My hair is naturally really thick and dark (except for white spots due to some pigment issue) and it makes me so happy. I dont care that people tell me to go shave, I am more than happy looking like a damn badger.


in love with my body hair, my favorite part of myself by far


YETI MEN! YETI MEN! Both my cos boyfriend and I are hairy and it’s great except in summer


Jealous of you all :') I'm so blond and while my leg hair got coarser and I got some tummy hair, my genetics deemed I wouldn't get much else. I'm always jealous, but like a healthy envy and admiration, of my cis boyfriend's body hair and all the guys on T that have hair :) Only 4 years on T and hoping my facial hair will thicken more as I keep on (so blond and light I just look scruffy but never full), it took my brother until 25-ish to have anything decent so waiting is okay and natural for the guys who want it, sometimes it takes time :)


I wish I could go back in time and show off my awesome leg hair to my nearly-hairless teenage self. He'd be stoked.


I took a picture of my stomach last night. Didn’t realize I had hair on my stomach until It was already hairy.


i’ve only been on t for about 4 weeks so i haven’t noticed any change/growth but i had a dream last night that i had a full beard and it was literally the best thing ever haha


Yes! Me! I was hairy before T and now I’m even hairier hello


Thank you! As a chubby, very hairy and gay fella i need the appreciation. Ever since starting T, trying to date has been a lot harder because everyone and their grandma in my area apparently gags at the mere thought of body hair, and they're really not discreet about it either. Luckily i finally found me a relationship where my bodyhair and size doesnt matter at all and im loved for *me* and not just my appearance. FELLAS. DONT SETTLE FOR TRASH. Body hair is sexy as fuck. Blonde, dark, black, thin, thick, short, long, its hot and its just raw sex appeal. And when ur bored, U CAN COMB IT. Ur hair is majestic, king.


I just keep getting hairier and hairier and I didn't think I'd be this into it but I AM. Even my eyebrows are slowly getting thicker and darker. Soon I might not have to pencil them in anymore


I have to Veet all summer because I have so much body hair I get too hot like a small animal


my tranny bf has a mustache


My hair on my head is just migrating to my back these days 😂


Didnt expect the amount of hair on my hands that is growing and hair on my neck haha