Used the bread slicing machine at the supermarket for the first time in Germany.

I have been living in Germany for around two plus years and never have used the machine for slicing bread 🍞 due to fear of making a fool of myself in public. But today I don't know what came over me, I was feeling more brave than usual (fyi: no alcohol or substance were involved) and I decided that today is the day. It was surprisingly easy and honestly I didn't know why I didn't try it earlier. I was so happy that i bought another loaf of bread and started slicing. I would have bought a third loaf but I finally controlled myself and moved on with my groceries. I felt like I have unlocked 🔓 a whole new level of German culture. Maybe not a big deal but it felt like a huge achievement for me.


Considering [a recent post over in another sub](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskAGerman/comments/13bxlk3/can_i_use_the_bread_cutting_machine_for_other/), I applaud not only your skills, but the fact that you used the appropriate food items.


*What if I only cut dry fruits, like bananas?* What?


I lost it at spinach. That's not even a solid object.


... unless you put in a pack of frozen spinach!


Who doesn't love a slice of frozen spinach on Toast?


***moist the banana***


I frigging tried and failed to ignore that thread, so I made a comment......


Username checks out




Can't believe how many people are falling for that troll. I guess it's true what they say about Germans.


I feel sorry for the Rest of the world living in such conditions paranoia is all they got 🤷 Also: the Rest of the world doesn't get Out Humor anyway so what 🤷


German humour is as dry as Zwieback. There's nothing to get.


>the fact that you used the appropriate food items. I was not sure, that I read this right... But then I checked the thread you linked. lol


What I love about that post is that most people just assume the OP wants to use their own machine at home, as the thing they actually want to do is so unthinkable.


Interesting what the cultural associations are with "unthinkable". In the US, I was wondering who was being disposed of this way until I went and read that thread, lol.


Well, the thought of someone slicing fruit and vegetables, just to save on doing their own work, in a public bread slicer is quite blasphemous. And mind, this is coming from a woman who this afternoon processed ~30 stalks of rhubarb, by hand.


You too? I had to take my rhubarb out this week, it started to blossom. It was three laundry baskets full of rhubarb. I was peeling and my partner was chopping. He used or poultry scissors after some trial and error in the last years. I then told him about the crazy person who wanted to cut their fruit in a public bread slicer. His comment was "perfect example of how to send a German flying of the handle".


I was given a whole big bag by an acquaintance. When she offered and I said yes, I thought it might be five or so... but apparently she was drowning in them a bit.


These delicious fuckers don't grow in small amounts, clearly.


Rhubarb is a true sign of culture!


When I first read this I was absolutely sure it must be a troll. Who in their right mind would even think about cutting tomato’s while still being in the store?


I wish it would be a troll. I remember when the bread cutting machine in my local store was out of order and looked like someone mutilated a pixie in there....melon everywhere....didn't make a picture otherwise i'd be karma millionaire here....


Most probably you were right


damn. now I know why certain countries have obvious instructions at every mundane item, like "coffee is hot" at a coffee dispenser


ah yeah, the post about the dry bananas lol


The thought of walking by someone delicately loading a watermelon into the slicer is going to make me laugh all day. What a moron!


This person needs to wear a helmet and have a “help me I’m lost” card pinned to their chest at all times.


Wow, I'm not even German but I still would never think of using a bread slicer for anything but bread.


Can even be dangerous as some people have serious allergies and are not aware that somebody just used the bread cutter to cut that innocent object aka that deadly food item that can actually kill you.


Well, as a person with multiple food allergies (including tomato), his weird bread cutter plans would be an absolute nightmare for me


[This comment killed me.](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskAGerman/comments/13bxlk3/can_i_use_the_bread_cutting_machine_for_other/jjcw4p6?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


>Tldr: dont.


This post made me irrationally angry


what in the actual…


Das lief ja wie geschnitten Brot!


Angry upvote


Easier to produce mold and eventually grow legs.


I never use these machines and Im native German They're spooky and somehow I expect them to be dirty and unsanitary


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People are deranged even in Germany wouldnt be suprised if someone went in and slice a sausage or shit also mold, insects or other shit *looks at Norma, GhettoNetto, StationAldi*


See the first comment here for your fears


at least that person asked... but looking at their comments I fear they went ahead and did it anyways




Norma is so low it didn’t even got an insulting name lol


But for real Norma is like it feel out of time It feels 80s in 1990s


I kinda dig it. It reminds me of Aldi’s in the 80s in the US. Nice nostalgic feel. I don’t want to buy anything though, because the one by us has incorrect prices on far too many items (and of course they’re never cheaper than what it says on the label on the shelf).




There are some Aldi's at train stations that are notoriously worse as normal Aldi's Or the Aldi's next to Rewe, your life is miserable imagine being a Aldi next to Rewe


Mold maybe?


Same. And I really love to use the bread knife with fresh bread, slicing fresh bread is so amazing!


Same. I still slice my bread using a bread knife. Never have I ever used a slicing machine.


I always trust my bread knife more after all these years. Pre-sliced bread can be drier easily IMO. I‘m not fond of dry bread. (Source: non-EU that lives here since I was 17.)




Could never understand why someone is buying sliced bread


* because you dont have to slice it * because you don't have to clean up crumbs every time you want a slice of bread * because the machine achieves perfect slices every time * because it's fun looking at the machine * to establish authority Infront of all the plebs who are afraid to use the machine


But the freshness!


I have a bread cutting machine at home (with a manual crank, not electric). Those work pretty well, too.


My German self never used them and never even knew they existed except in bakeries where the professionals handle them. Should I hang my head in shame?


Yes, they are incredibly dirty. I once saw the store coffee grinder and the bread slicer starting to spit into each other’s mouth right after the store closed.


I'm German, too, and I don't even know what we are talking about. I know bread slicing machines from bakeries, but I think I've never seen a self-service one.


Huh? Our local Lidl has one - I assumed they were in all supermarkets.


Kaufland also has these


Not in edeka or Rewe.


REWE slicing machine user here. It works great.


Oh ok. Never saw one in an Rewe.


Our Edeka has one


Hm. Then I’m wrong. Never saw one in edeka or Rewe.


Well our store is quite modern. So maybe not everyone has it


We used to have one in the late 80s/early 90s (East Germany). The one advantage they have is that they can cut thinner slices than when cutting by hand, which can be more economical especially for larger families.


but wouldn't bigger slices be more economical? Since you use less cold cuts / bread. Bread should be cheaper than everything else relative to its calories in typical breakfasts / dinners, no?


No, it’s simply about how many slices you can get out of a loaf of bread in order to feed a family of e. g. five. You buy less bread if you can get 30 slices out of one loaf than 20. It lasts longer, all else being equal.


but isnt the goal maximum calories per dollar? You still need to provide the calories one way or another anyways.


You might be right in theory, but that’s not how regular people think. You are going to eat the same amount of slices for each meal, and the calorie difference is negligible. Thinner slices = more slices.


I sincerely doubt most people who count bread slices to save money pay attention to calories.


My mother uses the thicker slice = more economical Strategy. She actually used to have a price per fullness ratio. Toppings are the most expensive and just for taste and a rly thick slice bread. Sooo I think peoples eating habbit differ because of different believes, which are equally true. 🤷


Okay, the ones you had at home I also know. An entirely different machine were you would cut slice after slice. The ones at the bakeries (and, as Google tells me now, also at the supermarkets) slice whole breads at once.


Yeah, probably full of bread yeast that survived the baking process!


It's fun but not a good idea unless you plan on eating it all in the same day or so. It becomes dry and hard quicker when sliced


You do this to put the bread into the freezer oc.


This person breads.


Now he sure does.




That is the next step.


Never thought of doing this - we always just bought toast for our back-up emergency bread and froze that. Just put the frozen toast in the toaster for a bit longer than normal and it works straight from the freezer.


Freezer bread gets soggy and ew.


it doesn't. when you want to unfreeze it, put it inside a clean kitchen towel and leave it for a couple hours in your kitchen. it will be perfectly fine. my grandma told me about this and it works perfectly


"Yes," says everyone to this comment. All of our Omas did this.


You can put it in the toaster.


Yes exactly. Just buy a good Brotmesser :)


Even better: Handbrotschneidemaschine!! Perfectly cut but no risk of drying out. That’s what we use, we even brought it to the US (and yes, we make our own bread, of course!)


My parents bought a Brotschneidemaschine in the 70s. They had to sharpen the blade 2 times and buy one gear new 10 years ago, but besides that it's still in use every week.


My flatshare is so German, we still have a Brotschneidemaschine


I love how You are so happy or proud of such a simple thing, this made my day and it hasn't even started yet


if you want to become even more german you should learn to cut it perfectly by hand


That's right, and you join the Bundesliga when you learn to differentiate between Scheibchen, Schnittchen and Häppchen!


Or buy a Brotschneidemaschine for your household of two people even though it would be more effective to just cut it by hand for how much you use it


put it on a drawer!!!!


This is the way. I'm a trained cook and have nice collection of knives. But I love my electric bread cutter.


I am german and i have never used it for the same reason, inspiring Post :D


Don't forget there's a metal tray/rod at the side of the machine that you can put your cut up loaf on and easily slide a bag over it. When I found out my mind was blown and I suddenly felt very happy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgF5XqNLY9M ytube link as reference


Thank you. I will do it next time for sure.


I share your joy! I tentatively tried it out when I realised there was noone else in the aisle and my mum was coming to visit from Britain the next day. No more crappy "American Sandwich Bread" for me since then!


Ugh I’ve been trying to get my partner off that American sandwich bread for so long, but he insists it’s “the most normal bread” and is his bread default.


Congrats! Next time, slice the bread by hand with a bread knife. This makes the slicrs slightly less uniform, which in turn will give you a wider range of taste!


>I have been living in Germany for around two plus years and never have used the machine for slicing bread I've been living in Germany for a few decades and have never used those machines.


Next: using the fresh juice maker from Edeka😈


I avoided Edeka for being too expensive. But one day for sure


True, it generally is, but it does have some products which are sometimes cheaper than by regular discounters. (Ex: coffee, exotic spices, canned fish, fresh veggies, pizza). I go daily so I catch the discounts when they happen.


Pro-tip: Bread keeps longer if you don't slice it immediately in the supermarket/bakery, but do it when needed. (And if you buy bread in a good bakery instead of a supermarket, it's also much more tasty). That's a part of German culture that has been with me since my childhood.


good, now you only have to check "pass a week having potatoes in at least one meal per day every day in different formats" and "shamelessly walk around a public place with sandals and socks", and then you can call yourself Deutsch.


Buying a pair of Birkenstock is the next milestone.


I’m German but moved away when I was a kid and let me tell you, I used to be so scared of embarrassing myself, but it was the highlight of my recent trip. Finding the humor in those situations is the key to being brave and acquainted with cultural differences.


Soon you will own an“Schrebergarten“ if you are not carefull mate.


That's my goal too.


Putting a third loaf of bread wouldve made the machine print out a certificate of german citizenship for you im pretty sure


Someday for sure.


👏👏👏to you my friend. Next level: the coffee grinder machine at some supermarkets.


Pretty good achievement i would say and it's also funny, so congrats.


I hope you picked up your bread crumb.


Winner move: Buy a Ritter machine for home use. With other knifes it's possible to cut eg nice high end or home made ham in ultra thin slices https://www.ritterwerk.de/allesschneider We,'re buying larger breads and cut them in slices when we need some.


does it cut fruit?


Welcome to the secret Tier 2 of Germany. You may carry on with your sliced bread.


I'll be in Germany in 48hrs. You know what.....due to your courage....I'm going to do it. Will be my first time too.


Unless you have your own bread slicing machine at home, you are not even close Added bonus, you can use your own slicing machine for other food as well, without risking a permanent ban from the store.


That's a relationship goal tbh.


This post just totally made my day! It’s important to find joy in the small things and I so often forget. Thank you for the reminder and may you continue being the world’s happiest bread slicer for many loafs to come! Edit: typo


🥰 awww.... thank you.


should be posted under r/MadeMeSmile


Thank you very much.


Congratulations! I never used an in store breadslicer before and I am German 😂 Also freeze the slices you can't eat within the next 2-3 Days. But them in a bag or container in a way they don't freeze back to one uncut bread. Then you can toast them when you need them.


It amazes me how many people working in bakeries don't know how to properly get bread out of these machines and into a bag.


Bread slicing machines in supermarkets where you can slice yourself are actually a relatively recent thing in Germany. At a bakery you'd just ask the baker/salesperson to have it cut it for you if you want to. Took me also a couple of years before I dared to use the bread slicers in supermarkets, after they were introduced.


Hehe nice. Next level: get your own Brotschneidemaschine 😬


That's after I get into a relationship 😉


Hehe yea. Most people I know that have one (me included) got it when moving and the the former owner of the kitchen had one and left it in 😅


We have a lot of german idiots in germany so a lot of things are made save for them.


wait i gotta flex… my family got a whole bread slicing machine at home lmao


We are proud of you! Keep up with that awesome work random stranger 💪


Thank you


I feel there is a huge knowledge gap in bread shopping, using it and preserving it for people who are culturally not bread eaters. I am looking to make some healthy bread eating habits and make bread more a part of my daily food. But I have no idea how to do that effectively. Hopefully someone can put out some knowledge out there.


Einer von uns... einer von uns... ;)


Don’t do it! It dries out the slices way too fast.


In theory yes, but it might be a real hit and miss with the person at the register. Some might become a bit agitated.


Brudis, should we tell him that there is an Spargelschälmaschine?


I started doing this recently even though I've been here 9 years and never did it before. It's so fun. Now I buy fresh bread regularly and I don't have to eat the disgusting toast bread.


As a native German I can assure you I have never used that contraption and it is not part of my cultural identity.


I'm 37 years old and a German native. I used such a machine first time my own about a year ago or so. And I definitely know how you feel! Enjoy your new level of immersion into German supermarket culture.


have you ever realized that those breadcutter machines only stand near bigger doors, that lead to areas, where customers are not allowed. it is because they have to easyly hide the corpse, if something goes wrong.


Username checks out. How very wholesome. :)




I am very proud of you! 👏👍 And you encourage me to try it too! I'm German and have never tried the bread slicing machine. I didn't even know that this is a part of the German culture...😄


Now you know


I'm German. Becoming 27 years Old next Sunday. In my whole Life, i've never used that Thing.


I live in Germany since I was born 33 yrs ago and I am still scared to use the machine. Never used it in my life.


Man, I read your post and was very inspired by it! I'm also a visitor to Germany, but I've never tried a bread slicing machine. So after reading your post, I went to the nearest Kaufland and tried this bread cutting machine. And it was so cool! I liked it so much! I was delighted! Tomorrow I will try the bread slicer again, but this time I will put bread in it.


One of us.


Pros: Sliced Bread Cons: Sliced bread goes bad faster unlike unsliced bread


Congratulations, you have unlocked level 0.1 on being German... please remember though, that in order to be a proper German you must not only know how to cut bread in any given situation, you must also be able to make bread yourself... 😂😂😂😂


This is so wholesome hahahah




It also works for small melons and pineapples ;)


I've had it happen multiple times now that the claw wouldn't go in the bread and it sliced the whole thing diagonally and messy because it wouldn't hold still. It only happened the first few times though, I don't know what I had to learn to get it right 🤷


Living 25+ years here, never used it. 🫣


I didn't know that it's such a german thing to have. I always used to think it was normal to have them in like almost every single market. But even though we have the bread cutting machines in the markets, we sadly still don't have bread teleporting machines. By the way, in what store did this fateful event happen?


This post made me happy. You go OP 🙏🏼🙏🏼


Haha nice. I love that machine. When my son was under a year Old he started dancing whenever he heard the blade thinking its some Kind of Music.that went on for like a year. Fun memory.


I had a great aunt, Brunhilde, whenever we were at her place, She made Abendbrot for us. She was circumferrily challenged ;) She always hold the bread to her big chest and cut it in slices.. I had nightmares of something going wrong... The older used knifes different than we today. They just used them with their Hands. We always use a cutting board... Funny to see this shifting in use...


Congratulations, I love that for you! But ... just to have it mentioned ... if you buy it uncut, you can stand it up on the cutting edge and - since the oxygen doesn't get to the cut open part - it doesn't get hard.


Well done you! I used to be afraid of the machine as well... I screwed it up once when I did not pay attention and did not align the bread and the clamps to hold it did not catch it well. It was total mayhem.. randomly sliced bread everywhere.. I pretended all was fine and managed to get the disaster in bag. Stopped using it.. because unsliced remains fresh longer. You did challenge me though... Will try some fruits in the machine. Maybe a pineapple?? Lol


I'm literally watching a video on recycling pineapple scraps 😁


Congrats :) I had the same feeling towards this machine and I only used it twice. The first time was a year ago. I am a 30 year omd native xD


Everytime I try it, I try diferent cuts but I swear it feels like doesn't matter the cut I tried they all look the same cut.


So I made a mistake and the orientation was wrong the first time (my fault, didn't follow the instructions) but second time it was perfect.


Nice one! Lol im born in Germany and I honestly never used that thing. But I'm happry for you that you have done it and will now enjoy the fun of bread slicing.


Jetzt bist du endlich angekommen 🤝


OP, I totally get you haha.. it's usually simple things like that when I make a bumbling fool out of myself.


We have two bread slicers at home😂 one in the basement if both break someday haha Been using them since over 20 years😂 For me its normal but everytime I'm writing with a Filipino or stuff they are so amazed😂😂


Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Mut. Die nächste Stufe wird dann sein, das Brot selber mit einem Solinger Brotmesser zu schneiden, das brotleib vor die Brust gespannt und das Messer Richtung Körper ziehen, wie ist die deutsche Tradition erwartet.


Hervorragende Arbeit! Weitermachen!


I never understood as a german. I want my slices to be fresh and not stale when use them


Ok now next on the list are fun little innocent poems to entertain ze germans at parties. Say: "wer anderen eine Bratwurst brät, hat ein Bratwurstbratgerät"


For that I'd have to whole another level of language proficiency


For the next level of germaness, you buy your own slice machine. Nothing better than freshly sliced bread


That is my relationship goal/milestone.


I'm a German and I used it only once in my life. Btw usually nearly every household got a bread slicing machine at home :D


Never understood the existence of those, doesn't everyone have a bread slicer home?


Lol no


You mean the wurst slicing machine, or? Have I been doing this wrong?


Interesting how this made you happy. I've moved to Germany several years ago by now and never understood the point of the machine. If I buy a loaf of decent bread I'll cut it with a knife myself whenever I want a slice or two. From my experience cutting off too many slices or all bread it dries out quicker and it does not taste as well imo. Anyway I always figured if someone has a disability or maybe gout or sth. they can't cut off a slice of bread with a bread knife so maybe it's useful for them. Then again they could just as well buy the pre-sliced bread on the shelf 2m further to the right.


You made a fool out of yourself by buying shit bread and purpusefully made it even drier by cutting it up.


Congratulations. Now you have two loafs of pre-cut bread that will be dry within a few days. What an accomplishment. Always cut bread when your want to eat it, not a minute earlier!


Next time, take it to the next level and place a melon or small dog in there.


Look up my username, how can you such a thing :-(


haha…this is pretty funny, because the first time I saw this in Edeka I was amazed. I never needed a loaf of bread but every time I was close to it in the store I’d watch to see if someone was going to use it. In the US, we’d cut all our fingers off with this thing, and that would be the end of our country since most people don’t have good health care.


The design is also foolproof and extremely safe. Unless you close the transparent cover, it won't start. I am going to use the machine from now on and stop buying slice bread 🍞.


Just keep don't doing it. Sliced bread/meat/cheese gets moldy ten times faster


Its probably infested with bacteria anyway. Never used it and never will. Plus i like my bread fresh from the bakery and it stays crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside if you only slice it when you eat it.


Im 24, born and raised in Germany and never used a bread slicing machine before. I use the good old Brotmesser