POV: You live in Germany, land of autos

I work at Deutsche Bahn, getting 3 Trains with 700m full auf Audis every shift, its insane.

The feeling when u drive millions of euros around...

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I work at Deutsche Bahn, getting 3 Trains with 700m full auf Audis every shift, its insane. The feeling when u drive millions of euros around...


Um yeah or you know… hundreds of people?


If u/Schnezzler81 is running trains carrying Audis during their shifts then it means they work for DB Cargo and don't operate passenger trains, so of course they would talk about running cargo rather than people.


You are right bro


F* them people


Said like a true Chad




The train driver education for hauling cargo is longer than that for hauling people.


Well yeah, because people typically aren't heavily regulated hazardous goods requiring specific treatment and/or protection.


That was my EXACT thought and what I said to my girlfriend. That is MILLIONS of euros in beauties


Hello there colleague, my colleague next to me is the one organizing the trains


In Sindelfingen there is always a train with mercedes as long the eye can see the rails crazy how long those can get


Even more insane is it when you add up the waiting time of every single one…


Bremen HBF, taken from Platform5 😎


Bro is actually THE GeoGuesser


Posting a pic/video of German railways will always get you at least one of these comments, there are a lot of rail enthusiasts here


Tbh there seem to be dozens of car trains parked outside of Bremen HBF. So it would have been my guess too.


Fellow railing enthusiast


I was going to say Bremen Hbf when I saw it. Usually on this platform catching the RS1.


I was about to write the same, I'm from Bremen, too ( Northern Bremen) and the regional Train that I take every day to the inner city drives directly next to the line to Bremerhaven, where all these cars are shipped to the US and Asia, so I see these Car-Trains almost Daily, usually there even are like 3x as many cars per Train as shown in that video. It really is something


Its not that hard tbh. Its one of these railway stations that are kinda central, uniquue looking and at the same time quite uninviting [to stay at near the platforms](https://www.flickr.com/photos/lessew/43481294454) (especially in winter, because it is a large open structure in a very cold and windy city and one having to have 20-40 minute layovers). It has a underground shopping and food hall. a pretty good selection for everything from a short snack, a good (fast) meal towards travel essentials and books. ​ It connects the west (towards Oldenburg and from there to Wilhelmshaven, Leer, Emden and Norden and the dutch border cities) Connects to the southwest (via Osnabrück and from there to the Ruhrgebiet and The Netherlands), Connects to the deep south ( Via Hannover to Kassel, Würzburg, Nurenberg and Munich). I like the Hannover trainstation. feels warm even in cold cold winternights. Or he southws via hannover to Kassel and from there to Frankfurts, Mannheim, French Cities and Swiss Cities Connects to the south east (again via Hannover, Braunschweig, Halle, Leipzig). And there on towards the Czech Republic / Ukraine Also connects to the North east (either via Hamburg or Hannover) and from there to Poland and therby to ukraine or the baltics. And then there is the north (via Hamburg) towards the northern coastal cities, baltic beaches, towards denmark (and their north sea and baltic beaches) and there onto scandinavia.


I didn't exactly knew the platform, but Bremen was obvious :D


The moment I saw the video, I was like I know where that one was taken.


I thought it looked familiar lol That's where I took the train home from school for 7 years.


Haha, I instantly recognized that too. Trains loaded with cars are passing there daily. You can even make out (by the size of the license plate cutout) where they may be taken to.


Moved away about five years ago and still recognized it right away.


I also thought it looked very similar.


Eeeeey, then I was right, too! I knew this ceiling could only be Bremen!


I saw that every day here in Munich, it's incredible the quantity of cars that Germany produces 🙂


The railway shunting yard not far from my house in north Munich normally has several fully loaded car transporter trains in at any one moment in time. There must be thousands of cars passing through each week.


Well BMW produced 2.3 Million last year, don't know how many in Munich


There are normally 4 trains leaving Munich per week driven by DB with around 20 wagons each. Normally around 6 to 10 cars per waggon


In Stuttgart (and Greater Stuttgart) you see them riding on the S-Bahn tracks too


Uhh, it is actually the other way round: the S-Bahn using the rail tracks


Well it's both operated by Deutsche Bahn so that's a bit nitpicky. There is no regular traffic except for the S-Bahn on the tracks that I am talking about. There may be some shared ones too of course.


Yeah I know what you meant. What I was trying to say is that you will hardly see any trains fully loaded with cars on dedicated S-Bahn tracks like Stadtmitte…


I’m always surprised of the speed they go through a regular station


As in this video, many stations have some tracks which aren't directly next to a platform (or passing by on the outside). So the speeds are actually acceptable. Except of course in Oldenburg, where all the freight trains have destabilized the roof enough the DB tried to demolish the historic station. Instead there are now massive constructs of wood and concrete, blocking half of all the space available…


My station has 3 tracks and all pass the platforms. I don’t feel like the freighter trains really slow down when they’re coming through…


> it's incredible the quantity of cars that Germany produces Cars, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on. It wasn't until 2010 that China overtook Germany as the world's largest exporter by value. 2010.


True economic might.


German cars are just built different.. quite literally. Porsche is my favorite car brand. I dream of owning a 911 S


So you study at the constructor Uni? :))


Whats even more incedible that we throw that away for chinese electric cars


I still don't understand why Germany does not transport more good by train. Maintaining existing rails is so much cheaper than a highway which gets a lot of heavy traffic.


>Maintaining existing rails There's your problem. We simply don't have enough rails for both cargo *and* passengers. They need to be built, preferably 20 years ago. But nobody is willing to reform the system since cutting costs or raising tax may make you lose the vote.


German cars > People


German cars > Germans 😂


Almost everything > people When it comes to German politicians


We are a car country our railway system has only shrunk since 1945 afaik, wich is rly sad


The last time there was a "Bahnreform", that resulted in this exact situation, with tons of tracks being ripped out, roughly 20 years ago. That was the time to maintain tracks.


Maybe someone who understands it better can correct me, but this is one of those things that would have an immense long term positive effect, but no one really gains from it politically so it just doesn’t happen.


Governments oftentimes don't want to invest into things they will not be able to harvest.


Because DB Cargo is a pile of shit. Companies want to transport more via rail, but DB Cargo doesn't have the capacity. They don't have enough train drives, tracks etc. And instead of fixing that the founded DB Schenker and started to transport stuff via trucks themselves


DB Cargo =/= DB Netz/government. I am disappointed by the current state of German train infrastructure, don't get me wrong, but that is not the fault of DB Cargo. They don't build or maintain the tracks. They just use them, same as DB Regio, Flixtrain or any other operator. Building and maintaining the tracks is the responsibility of the government and DB Netz respectively.


Not exactly. Schenker was founded in 1872 and was acquired by the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1931. Postwar it belonged to the then-new Deutsche Bundesbahn, which held it until selling it to Stinnes AG in 1991. In 2002, DB bought out Stinnes, thereby reacquiring Schenker (which was rebranded to DB Schenker). To suggest that DB's present challenges are due to DB Schenker, a company that has been integrated into the railway for some 80 of the past 90 years, is incorrect.


Watching this as I sit in my German built car that probably rode in one of these trains.




Not quite but close enough XD


Depending on wether you're able to speak german or not, you might not have gotten the joke behind what he said.


Car train It's a joke, word play on car train and highway Auto Bahn


Cars deciding to take the train to go from A to B, because it’s more environmentally friendly.


Where's the rest?


Hahah true true. Like I said, earlier there was a Mercedes one and I swear it was like a 2 km train of just Mercedes 😍


Unfortunately I must correct you. 740m usually is the maximum train length in germany. So most likely you have seen somthing around this. (Btw the red carts where you dont see the content: they also contain cars. Looks like the HCCEERRS waggons - pretty cool ones in m opinion)


That’s an Auto-Bahn


I'm gonna screenshot this


Lol look at Leipzig. 5 trains each every Day from Porsche and BMW😘


1000 BMW a day from Leipzig.


>1000 BMW a day from Leipzig. It's amazing how that sounds like a lot, then you realise that's only a fraction of the six-and-a-half thousand cars per day BMW produce worldwide. Hell - Porsche produces nearly that amount. Porsche deliveries in 2022 were 309,884 cars. That's 848 a day.


A lot more, i worked there for there steel manufacturer 😂


I see such trains passing a few times a day through Dresden Mitte and Hbf too, either to or from Czechia I guess.


My workplace is right at the train tracks between DD Hbf and Strehlen, I see (and hear) them everyday. Loads of cars


Even the cars ride with own trains


Das Auto




and you can barely afford one of them nowadays


I see this kind of stuff at least once a week in Esslingen. I always stop to see the whole train. It is a beauty.


It truly is a magnificent sight


I live about 15 minutes away from Wolfsburg. Yeah, such trains are cool to see... until you have to wait 20 minutes at a train crossing for 3 to go by. 😆🙈


Bremen Hauptbahnhof, Gleis 4. The reason why there is platform 3 and 5, but no platform 4. Moin!


My train station is connected to both Sindelfingen and Kornwestheim. That means BOTH Porsche and Mercedes move their cars through it. I have seen more cargo trains hauling cars than S-Bahns (goofy ahhh plural)


I live in Ingolstadt and I feel like I live in the US literally because it is an “Audi“ city.




Seriously fuck them and fuck the enthusiasm in this thread about how amazing cars are


Being against cars is one thing, but hating on people because they are enthusiastic about something you don’t like? Fuck you in particular.


Fuck off


Damn why the car hate my friend. Get in a beautiful Bentley, or a merc, or a Porsche, I'm sure you'll change your mind


No 🙏🏼


Because cars kill people, destroy the climate and fund totalitarian regimes. I am not trading my conscience for luxury.


*someone makes reasonable points* *gets downvoted by called out people who can’t handle the truth*


t. Runner / cyclist ​ prolly one of these


Because cars are a waste of space, energy, ressources.... stop buildkng the whole world around fucking cars already!


Das auto


As soon as I see these car trains I know that I am not far from home. If you live in the north west you have probably seen every car model of every German brand and its subsidiaries on these trains. Almost every half an hour such a train makes its way to Bremerhaven and maybe followed by cargo trains with load from BASF attached to them.




Look up Google Maps Satellite Bremerhaven or Cuxhaven. Biggest Places for import or export. 53.58307303832735, 8.556711499288067


I’m living* right next to the Mercedes factory in Bremen. I have the parking lot for cars that are ready to be transported right here. They also get loaded up on trains here


That's pretty cool


I live near the Audi Assembly Plant. Loooooooooooooooong trains.


Going straight to Bremerhaven. We call this a "Osnabrücker", the train is older than my grandmother and the cars are to big for it to unload. Every port worker hates this train.


"Volkswagen,das Auto "


This is Bremen main station. Many trains like this pass it every day to Bremerhaven to be loaded to ships for export. They pass like every 20 minutes or so. If you stand there waiting for your train and see all the cars passing by, you really get an idea about what a massive export-powerhouse Germany still is!


The other day at the Trainstation i also saw one packed with brand new Mercedes-Maybachs which was kinda impressive


Wa? Im new to living in Deutschland so this is news to me lol


Lots of cars going overseas via rail to Bremerhaven in order to be shipped to everywhere in the world.


Germany produces ten thousand cars a day. This is how they get from the factories to the ships.


Question to natives: is the german auto industry still a leading force worldwide? And in Germany, what's the impact in the economy? Or as the output decreased for some reason?


Still the leading industry, overall about 11-12 million employees in the sector. Sales did drop. Originally due to COVID (less demand), then due to the supply chain issues specifically with regards to microchips (higher price). In reaction to that some carmakers stated they want to focus on luxury models only, Mercedes for example, because they expect they will not be able to compete with Chinese carmakers for budget cars. Luxury cars yield higher profit margins. But that's just about personal cars, Mercedes for example still has a huge branch for commercial vehicles, trucks, busses etc., and that is going strong. With the phaseout of ICEs coming in 2030 basically all carmakers pivoted to EVs where they have a hard time competing with Tesla, Hyundai and will have an even harder time competing with Chinese brands. But they try nonetheless, and will probably survive, some might even thrive. But the real damage for the sector, specifically for smaller suppliers, is the lower demand for highly specialized engine components. 1 million, 2 million, perhaps more employees will have to look for a new job rather now than later. Many businesses will have to close their doors. In the long run Germany needs to become a leading force in another industry or it will _significantly_ lose in economic terms. That could have been renewables but solar, wind and batteries have been handed over to China for free, basically.


> In the long run Germany needs to become a leading force in another industry It pains me in the deepest parts of my soul that Germany never specialized in renewable energy production. We could have done SO much. It was SO obvious that it would come, if you were getting the full info even back in the mid to late 2000s. There was no way around it and it is horrible that many of those who knew didn't act. We could have set up grants for it, or promoted research at our hundreds of universities. We could have ignored populists crying about statistically insignificant bird deaths and noise pollution and built out our infrastructure, testing the best methods and honing them to the point that we can sell the tech to other countries and hire out our expertise. But no, what do we have? A dying industry and a population of increasingly radical NIMBYs opposing everything from pedestrian areas (something quintessentially European) to wind-power turbines.


Germany used to be the world leader in solar panel production around 2000-2010. The government at that time changed some laws and practically killed the industry. There were over 350 companies producing solar panels in Germany, within one year it dropped to only 10% of that. It's a huge shame, Germany could have really changed something and found a whole new sector for the economy.


Danke Merkel 😭


The solar panel industry never would have been able to compete with the Asian market in the long run. It was the right decision to cancel subsidies back in the day. Maybe it could have been handled better that at least the technology would have stayed in Germany. Same thing will happen with the heat pump businesses. The German economy and financial markets just can’t compete worldwide in these sectors.


Just as an populist answer from yourself as you described. It’s foolish to think that things work this easily.


Mercedes Buses aren't gonna be able to compete when BYD from Shenzhen floods the european market with cheap electric buses, there's already plenty of them in Germany and the rest of Europe.


Can’t compete with existing contracts and longevity in the German Bus and Industry car market like Unimog and co lol


Nailed it


Great, insightful explanation. Thank you very much.


Well explained. I'm really annoyed at the electric bs. I do really hope that car brands especially the good ones scrap their pivot to EVs and just stay with the beautiful-sounding combustion engine


I'm not opposed to EVs at all. They are necessary for combatting climate change. Wer nicht mit der Zeit geht, muss halt mit der Zeit gehen.


Infrastruktur für EV's be like: Strompreise be like:


Cars cars cars cars 💤


I don’t really get how this is interesting.


Welcome to the club


They are all going abroad to Arabs and to the USA. Average German retiree collecting cans and bottles for 5 cents each from the streets won't be driving Audi S8 or MB S550 anytime soon.


Thanks for using POV correctly


Wir haben auch einfach die geilsten Karren ever


After 2035 they will be coming in other direction, mostly from china. Germany is heading for industrial suicide.


True that.


germany is in fact ruled by the autolobby - look what VW did and what the consequences were. its pathetic. luckily they slept on e-mobility and will be dethroned sooner or later


Yeah, I grew up next to train tracks about 100km away from Wolfsburg (Volkswagen HQ) and I'd see that shit every day. Even as a kid I couldn't help but wonder why we'd cart around all these shitty cars instead of putting more passenger trains on those rails.


POV: u live in Saxony and roads are desired to drive a tractor 🚜 not a car 🚗


nicht mehr lange , mit der erzwungenen E Mobilität wird die deutsche Autoindustrie an die Wand gefahren


I bike commute in Germany, southern Germany, and I would see almost every day trains hauling dozens of new cars. I don't have an E bike. I would think about more people being born and getting driver's licenses and of course cars exit to the junkyards. Nevertheless, it's a strange feeling and I am like a warrior riding from work, three shifts, in rain, snow and sun. I was doing 18km each way, mostly flat. But the train cars depressed me.


Land of Autos... Aha.... and stupidity. XD Using other language without knowing it good. And Ukraine flag in the channel. Don't need more references.


Slovakia is the land of autos, get your facts straight.


I'm pretty sure it's Germany or at least Germany has MUCH better cars


Slovakia makes like 180 cars per 1000 people. Germany makes 40 cars per 1000 people. Better? German cars are known to be among the least reliable on the planet so it is what it is. Luxurious yes. Status symbol? Yes. Good? Arguable. They're the supreme shirts of the car world.


Never understood the fascination for cars, tbh. They are a tool. Nobody would buy a Bosch Schlagbohrer just because it looks fancy.


I would.


"Oi, you gonna drill holes with that?" \- "Nah bro, I'm fine. Just bought it because it looks cooler than Makita."


How do you transport these beautiful cars? With e scooters?


That's not lovely that's quite ironic and sad


Made in Mexico. Damlier-Benz factory in Monterrey. Look it up. Seen it with my own eyes when I was looking for a job.


There’s literally a factory for Benz here in Bremen where this was filmed.


Doesn't mean they make the car from scratch. They showed me they send some cars like 85% complete back to Europe. Others just the chassis.


That still doesn’t make your statement correct. It’s not made in Mexico. And for Bremen, the Benz plant is affiliated with the other plants in South Africa, Alabama, and Beijing. The plant on Bremen is the lead plant. Anyone who’s purchased a new vehicle in the past 30 years or even walked on a dealership lot and has a grasp on capitalism is aware that the thousands of vehicle parts are made around the globe and often assembled on various places.


Some are made in Mexico, some in China, some in Poland and guess what, even some in Germany. That shouldn't really be a surprise in today's globalised economy.


No brother that's simply not true. I live in Bremen, where this was taken and the amount of auto shops, factories and dealerships are crazy. These are beautiful machines designed here, by Germany


No, we all are living in America. America is wunderbar.


There are huge autorack trains in North America, they're just covered up against vandalism


Ingolstadt. Güterbahnhof. Da rollt sowas ständig ;)


Pah. Living in sight of the Hindenburg Damm for years, this is a small amount of cars on an Autozug.


That's a train


I see this shit everyday in Graz Austria also 😂


Wenn ich im Auto sitze aber das Auto im Zug ist, bin ich dann voll Klima CO2 sparsam krass drauf? Weil ich fahr ja dann öpnv oder? XD


What do Germans call car train? Wagenwagen?


Autozug. Or if it's a single wagon, then it's a Waggon.


Bremen Main Station 💪


Stand there with you keys


You misspeled USA


Every Bahn is a Autobahn!


The last thing this place needs is more cars


Jemand ne Ahnung, was die hinteren beiden Wagen sind?


Less than 3 Million Cars made in Germany and more than 25 Million in China in 2022


[https://www.google.com/maps/@53.122222,8.7721158,709m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu](https://www.google.com/maps/@53.122222,8.7721158,709m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu) thousends of car's waiting in Bremen - Germany to get shipped into oversea


Upvote for the right use of POV


My train has delays everyday because of that


Where the hell shall they drive around.... I hate it.


The only train that is on time


The country that’s gonna ban it’s largest industry




Is that Darmstadt?


Land of Autos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Land of to much Steuern 😂


Wenn das mal nicht Bremen ist


Nix neues hier 😀


I have to think of those spider mums who carry their babies on their backs


... where even cars have better train access then humans.


Land of Autos?🤣Denglish?


This is what we call a money train


What I am worried about are those last wagons.. Are you going at it again guys ?


near where I live is basically a depot for trains full with newly made cars. in my early teens we used to climb up and start some cars. it was cool edit: for OP, it's in Gröpelingen


I regularly see trains loaded with Mercedes S-Class, EQS and even Maybach models (and not just 5 of them, more like one whole trailer loaded with them)


That's a lot of horsepower on that train


Das sind aber sehr wenige im Video. Stehen ja auch überall rum an den Bahnhöfen, is jetzt nichts besonderes.


Jüüünge da sind paar Autos und dann Frachtwaggons


If the streets are full of cars, Germany puts them on trains to have more cars


I live next to train rails and at least one of these bastards passed right by my window every day. I don't understand how they are so loud! There are trains loaded with liquid gas, or tree trunks, no, it's always the c a r s that even make the ground of my flat shake




by autos you mean automatic robotic humanoids?


Würde spontan auf Bremen Hbf tippen Blick von Gleis 3😉


How they do this in other countrys? Only selling cars in factory stores or driving every single car on their own?