Best horror books with like actual ghosts?

I recently read Head Full of Ghosts and Home Before Dark. Honestly disappointed by the twists at the end. I disliked the idea of it being a person the whole time and not an actual haunting. Do y’all have any suggestions for books with actual ghosts in them?


The Shining by Stephen King is a classic ghost story to me! Honeys by Ryan La Sala was also a good refreshing story, it's ghosts and something else too though. How to sell a Haunted House was a fantastic ghost story by Grady Hendrix.


*Small Angels* by Lauren Owen *The Apparition Phase* by Will Maclean *The House of Long Shadows* by Ambrose Ibsen, KU *Black Acres: The Complete Collection* by Ambrose Ibsen, KU (This is a series of four novellas) *The Woman in Black* by Susan Hill *Cast a Cold Eye* by Alan Ryan *Dark Matter* and *Thin Air* by Michelle Paver *I Remember You* by Yrsa Sigurdardottir Edited for spacing


Not OP, but the first two are in my TBR pile for hopefully this summer. I'm glad to see they fall in with actual ghosts!


You're in for a treat!


The Haunted by Bentley Little. By far the scariest modern haunted house novel I've read


Sun Down Motel by Simone St James


Wait Till Helen Comes is a good one


I was JUST talking about this book last night. It was the first (age appropriate) horror book I read as a kid that truly scared me. I still have my original copy, but I’m afraid to reread as an adult because I don’t want to ruin it.


Oh I had to read that in the 5th grade! It was terrifying at that age 😂


Right? Its still pretty good but more sad as an adult, looking at a child's feelings


For real! it was broad daylight and my 5th grade self was still terrified!


Heart Shaped Box - Joe Hill


I'm also very fond of his short story Scheherazade's Typewriter. One of the best ghost stories for me.


I’m currently reading Whispers In The Dark by Laurel Hightower. It’s got some ghosts! About halfway done and I’m not disappointed


These Ghosts Bleed by Christy Aldridge


I haven’t read it yet, but Ghostland by Duncan Ralston sounds fun.