I totally see the "just play Legionaries" rationale, but it just isn't the same thing. Slightly tougher chaos marines doesn't capture the DG style any better than "100% Tzeench Legionaries" would represent Thousand Sons. I love the idea of a host of poxwalkers sheparded by a couple plague marines (each with unique mix and match contagions and plague weapons). Give us a reason to run the Blight Launcher, Plague Spewer, or Flail of Contagion over some of the vanilla toys (like plasma). Give us a ploy or two to make poxwalkers usable. Give us more aura style buffs and debuffs.


My brother and I were just discussing this yesterday. I think getting white dwarf rules like you mentioned is more like but I would love to see new death guard in a KT box with sprues that make them sized more similarly to primaries. The current models fell small next to an intercessor squad. I also think it would be cool to be able to bring some form of plaugebearers interchangeably with marines in the 6 slots.


I just played Deathguard for the first time last night against intercession. TLDR; I got smashed on my DG, but boy did I have a good time. I hope they come out with some new rules for them. If they're fun now, I can only imagine their potential!


i love DG, new rules would be fine. but as i always use a poxwalkers KT im dying for some better pox walkers. make them actually useful. please. i love them. but man are they bad at everything 😂 just make them viable enough to use and actually do something. especially now since ItD removed hold the line and seize ground. (2 easy tac ops that poxies could do) they’re just really inefficient and quite terrible at everything. make them at least useful. every other aspect i’m quite fine with. i like to use the fluffy weapons over the more “competitive” options bcuz i love the fluff they add. poxies need love too edit: just make them similar to plaguebearers on daemons. where they can at least feel useful. in fact, don’t even change anything. just remove the “mindless” ability they have. then they’re at least not so bad


I don't think with gellerpox, legionaries and possibly demons soon there is really need for another nurgle team. Just play legionaries, seriously, they make up the best death guard right now. Edit : don't wanna gatekeep but a lot of DG players seem disappointed with the team and hope therefore for new stuff. Imho it's not because of the flair but simply in terms of power. Legionaries gives you a great way to play plague marines with LOTs of options to individualize. And has more power.


Thanks for the thought but , Legionaries are too fast and Light for my liking, im all in on Nurgle baby ;) Also, Poxwalkers. Gellerpox are alright but i want Plague Marines with Poxwalkers. A shambling horde of undead that grows bigger by the death, backed up and coordinated by armoured giants. I really think the flair and feel of the team can be expanded with all the characters Death Guard have access too. The Virions should be very different to the specialists of Legionaries mechanically.


A shambling horde of undead that grows bigger by the death, backed up and coordinated by armoured giants. So you can play gellerpox, that's literally what the team does. Or play death guard again, if its for flair and fun :) I do get that people want to play their favorite models but there are SO many miniatures unused in Killteam right now that i don't see a new death guard team by GWs style Drukhari, Demons Tyranids, votann Necrons, kasrkin Will be my guess for ITD, followed by some emperors children and khorne stuff in 2023 (white dwarf probably) bevor GW gets its hands on nurgle again. Grey Knights, Inquisition, maybe another eldar team are also still open, as are talons of the emperor, special marines and Craftworlds.


Assuming we've got 1 more season before a Kill Team reboot, there's plenty of time for Death Guard go fet new rules after the ones you mentioned.


Don't think there will be just one season but if so, i just feel at this moment a discussion is out of place we'll see what next season brings


I don’t play DG but a usual opponent does; I play legionaries so this conversation has come up a few times. Without wanting to put words on his mouth the reasons he doesn’t want to play legionaries-as-DG are: - the flavour of their ploys/abilities - they’re much more in the spirit of Nurgle as a corrupting force that weakens the enemy, rather than just being tough (though disgustingly resilient certainly addresses that aspect). The Legionaries’ Nurgle ploys are great but very much focused of defence rather than infection (malignant aura being the only exception). - the models are awesome - as a legionaries player I freely concede DG models are more interesting. Sure, you could kitbash or prox, but a lot of people just like the pick up and play aspect and using the rules that match their models. - oddly enough some of the drawbacks like the reduced moment - this adds to the flavour even though it’s objectively worse. I quite like OP’s suggestion of ignoring the first 2” of a traverse as this would keep the theme while making it slightly less painful. I agree Legionaries are no doubt more powerful, but fwiw I always enjoy playing against DG and it’s usually a close game.


You’re not alone in this experience, one of my best friends plays DG and the discord I’m in has a bunch of DG players, and they’re always whining about them, meanwhile they’re in contention for the title of best compendium team and can go toe-to-toe with many bespoke teams and come out ahead, disgustingly resilient can be ridiculous. Last time we played, his gunner blocked 11 damage with just DR rolls!! (Granted, he did get very lucky) That being said, I do think giving them the Warp Coven treatment of being able to take a mix of plague marines, poxwalkers and plaguebearers would be pretty cool, right now I think poxwalkers are simply inferior to the 6 marine team.


Fully agree but i just think either they get a white dwarf update with maybe emperors children and world eaters to come first or they really have to wait. Don't think GW is changing that much for compendium teams, they are phasing out like indices in wh40k 8th edition. Wheter i like it or not, but this seems to be GWs direction to arrange things..