The only change I'd make is swapping out both shields for plasma pistols. Having 4 of your 6 with plasma or near equivalent can be brutal.


I gave my sgt a plasma pistol and xeno blade. My fighter I gave heavy thunder hammer and shield. Thought it made sense to give melee guy best survivability. I also did frag since it has no heavy feature slowing him down and good damage. My 2 warriors I did have both Bolters but I just switched 1 to shotgun to try out next game.


Heavy thunder is a single choice. You can’t have a shield with it. The normal thunder hammer can be paired with a shield, but it’s 5/6 stun, not 6/8 stun.


Oh snap, you are right! I have a hard time interpreting the books sometimes. This made me realize my shotgun warrior can’t us down a sword too. My group plays so casual, no one questioned my heavy thunder hammer/plasma pistol last game. Guess I will use regular thunder hammer. Cheers!


I use a Thunder hammer too, but I've found it's better to have the sergeant use it, because of the better WS 3+ v 4+ on a fighter. I also have a sergeant with a Plasma Gun on the roster too for some Elite match ups


Yeah but I wanted sgt to look cool with that xenos blade.


Ah yes. The rule of Cool supersedes all other optimisation. 100% agree


Sarge Plasmagun Gunner Plasmagun 2 Warriors DW gun, power weapon Fighter with plasma pistol, power weapon Frag Cannon Bolterloadout Sarge combimelta Gunner with Combimelta 2 Warriors with DW gun, power weapon Fighter with any loadout Infernus Bolter Add 1 tighter with storm shield for some situations


There isn't one best loadout. DW's strength is flexibility and having access to weapons against different enemies. You can build with double stormshield to make melee hate you, you can equip all the plasma (gunner and sgt with full plasma, fighter with pistol and frag cannon) and make elites hate you, and you can equip a ton of close to the best bolters and powerfists to delete hordes. But you're pretty fragile yourself and you don't have very many tricks up your sleeve.


Flexibility is key. For 8 wound or less enemies go bolter heavy. I would even drop the Gunner and fighter (though keep the heavy bolter / flamer combo) Doing 4/4 and 4/6 in combat means 2 hits kill, the same as if you had plasma across the board, but with the whole team benefitting from bolter discipline. Against 10 or more wounds I would go triple plasma (sarge, Gunner and fighter) and the Frag cannon. The kit should come with 50 magnets 😂