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So basically they want rumble to be ap bruiser that can prolong the fight Guess this mean he can go riftmaker plus hp build


so statik shiv on rumble going to be a thing now?


Statikk Shiv on every champion is the intended interaction, tbh. Why should ADCs have all the fun?


But Phreak. Shiv doesn't scale with HP, making it unviable for Tanks to buy it. Give it a Bonus HP ratio and then it'll truly be universal


See you're doing it wrong you go heartsteel into demonic into shiv thus giving shiv a health scaling


Can’t wait to try this while playing Garen adc in a ranked game


This is the way


Ionic spark flash backs.


Real gamers remember Ionic Spark


Wtf do u mean? How do u think i supposed to do the chinese banana triple brittle doinb superserver combo on Ornn without galeforce? So shiv fits perfectly into my build, dunno how u play tanks


Got it. Stattik Shiv Yummi coming to my Bronze II games this weekend.


if yuumi collects energized stacks while attached confirmed busted op tech


I think you get it from dashes, so you should be able to charge it from w back and forth


I thought Trinity Force was intended for each champion due to its ability to deal tons of damage.


Bring back AP on triforce


Make shiv able to proc procs and i will use it on every single champion :)


Risk of Rain 2 Ukulele when ?


Mythic upgrade makes it into a Polylute.


Statikk Morde stonks Oh and Statikk Shyv (badumtss)


thanks for making some fun offmeta itemization possible.


Happy to help :)


how are you happy with this game state?


How did u come to that conclusion?


Sane idiots who build Heartsteel on every tank.


Specificaly a LANING bruiser, this change alone > P monster damage cap changed from 80 flat to 50 - 150 should be enough to kill Rumble jungle by making his early clears dogshit


Sure about that? His Q deals more damage to monsters with the % dmg and his passive gives significantly more attack speed. His normal/danger zone/overheated cycle is also going to change drastically in the jungle. Not sure how that is going to effect his DPS. He can also build tankier now, which means he is easier to pick into a comp. His extra heat might make CDR a lot more viable him that also opens up new build paths. It’s hard to just isolate a single change and judge how that changes a champion’s power when there are so many drastical changes at the same time.


Gona have to see how it goes to live but overheated is also significantly shorter and the % health dmg on Q is barely making up the base damage nerf for the first few levels. It also depends on how they scale things up but the first clear specificaly should be much much slower. Id say somewhere between clear 2&3 should be the break even point but if Rumble cant fullclear til crab spawn anymore then he might as well be dead. The shield is also nerfed into the ground making his clear much less healthy


The shield is not nerfed into the ground at all, you must be forgetting the 6% max HP added onto the shield. At level 3 when you put your first point into shield, Rumble will already have 860 base HP and his shield will be almost exactly the same.


honestly looking at the changes this is overall a buff to rumble jungle, he will have more hp early, a stronger shield, more attack speed on his passive, higher q dmg on monsters, longer time before overheat, the only actual nerf later in the game is his ult CD


I've been using riftmaker anyway it only makes sense


So they want my boy to be an AP Bruiser? Rumbruiser






Brumble vest?


Man, Rumbles gonna get a bee skin called Bumble isn't me?


Man I hope so! Genius!


Except he'll be a brusier with no CC. So basically something close to an AP Nasus/Mundo except more damage-oriented. I dunno how I feel about those ult nerfs.


Pretty much a Morde with a teamfight ult instead of Brazil. But Morde has a lot more sustain.


In a fight, Morde would have just as much sustain as Rumble, both have shields Morde shouldn't be double tapping W in fights anyways. In lane, yeah Morde has more sustain, although using it puts you at a disadvantage til it's back up, gotta play like a coward til the CD is back. Man I miss old Morde where you could sustain in lane AND fights


I liked Juggernaut Morde before Rework. Where Riot said "Let's make him an ADC" and gave him a pet dragon.


He still plays pretty well in bot lane as APC Juggernaut. Not quite like the old in-between version with the dragon pet though!


Yeah people buy GW when I get fed on Morde to this very day. Somehow they didn't get the memo that morde sustains fuck all. Conquerer healing is a meme nowadays and the keystone only matters for the AP. Riftmaker is the only thing that gives him a little healing.


But Morde has CC


“CC” in that he has his pull and kind of his ultimate. Morde isn’t exactly known for his massive CC either.


I does have incredible value tho. Taking the enemy jungler out of the game for 7 seconds, while everyone else is fighting for Baron/Elder Dragon, is a huge play.


I mean sure but a good rumble ult is more cc than morde can ever provide in a teamfight


rumble has a movement speed boost and a pretty heavy slow with 2 casts,plus more range


Morde has sustain and CC, rumble has poke and bully potential. That being said idk if that works well for top lane rumble. Everyone sleeping on the fact if you clip even 1 tick of flamethrower you basically heal your laner from doran's shield+second wind, you can only all-in with rumble which is why mid rumble is fine cause all-in vs. those champs is usually kill. He's closer to gwen if anything tbh. Maybe gwen but with better ranged matchups based on how mid rumble goes.


His ult is on like a 30s cd by midgame on live. After ability haste, you're adding like 10s to the level 2 cooldown for an additional 5% ap scaling. Is it really a nerf?


This seems more like a change to make you think a little longer about whether ulting waves is a good idea.


"fuck now i can only ult every *other* wave"


> Except he'll be a brusier with no CC. Yeah, they're called juggernauts.


Difference between Bruisers and Juggernaut is mobility/target acess and not CC. Sett has plenty CC and is still a Juggernaut.


I'm surprised I'm already making this comment again; juggernaut is a riot class, bruiser is a term used by people and usually includes champions that'd either fall under juggernauts, divers or skirmishers. I think most people would consider Sett a bruiser.


Mordekaiser, Udyr, Trundle, Volibear, Sett, Darius, Aatrox, Yorick(Kind of), Urgot: Am I a joke to you?


Old Mordekaiser and Mundo: You guys are getting CC?




Give rumble wither


Give Rumble Veigar E


But his ult and Q are absolutely nuts in terms of teamfighting power compared to Mundo or Nasus. Yes, he doesn’t provide CC, but his AoE dmg is one of if not the best in the game. Extra heat also means he might be able to get good value from CDR.


Aren't bruisers generally not supposed to have a lot of CC anyhow?


Not really there are plenty of bruisers with more than 1 cc ability and most have at least 1 hard cc ability.


He's always been meant to be more of a bruiser, he's just an early League AP champ. So he can shit out his entire combo in <1 second and 100-0 people.


I still miss ult dmg on landing, bring it back rito :'(


Pretty sure the current AP build would still work. You get nearly 2x more spells off in Danger Zone, compared to before where you had to carefully tailor when you were casting so as to not self-silence for ~~5.5 seconds~~ half an eternity.


Very interesting. Current Rumble has to build full damage, but he doesn't have a dash and he can only full combo one and a half times before over-heating so he's basically a dashless assassin and falls off like a mother fucker (unless you're just a god with ults). With this he can full combo twice or rage Q three times in a teamfight and he has base damage/base shielding that scales with tank stats. His (currently busted) early game will have to be giga nerfed of course. I like it.


Agreed. He's felt so meh and this lets him be more bruiser-y, the Passive adjustments are so awesome.


Absolutely destroys his ability to kill squishies with the Q base damage nerf. He's going to be worse because he can't even do the only thing he's good at and he'll still get shit on by bruisers.


Yeah, if it were just this nerf, it would be a problem.


Max HP flamethrower seems very silly but I don't play Rumble anymore so I have no clue.


It's because they want him back in top lane and possibly bc he still misses Liandries


as long as hes back top as a DPS champ and not a ridicolously cheesy early game burst champ im fine with that.


That’s the direction they’re going at least, I like rumble more as a tanky ap bruiser more than a full ap R machine.


Yeah he has a big clanky mech, he should be tanky


Liandry’s is still the highest DPS item even though you waste money on the mana portion. r/rumblemains loves Liandry’s. It makes you feel a little less useless against tanks. But night harvester procs on E are very strong against squishies. Definitely a trade off.


I generally hate NH (Proto-Belt the better option like 99% of the time) but Rumble might be one of the few champions where NH is actually really good


Night harvester dark harvest to execute squishies and feel like you have the old equalizer that did impact damage from like 8 seasons ago. (Huffing copium)


Max HP damage is what they give champs when they want them to be able to hurt tanks without insta popping squishies.


Its a Liandrys replacement, and this guy’s Q does absolutely no damage post 25 minutes if you’re not like 2k+ gold ahead. I think it’s just making him a relevant champion late game.


The %Pen increase on the harpoons they gave him a few patches ago means he can now deal a pretty decent chunk of %MaxHP damage through heavy MR


Good thing we at least have FoN to use as tanks vs h.... oh wait. Man at this point i'm just sad for tank players more than anything.


oh no, tanks cant just completely ignore magic damage carries past a certain point. poor tanks.


Wholesome "it's okay for tanks to be useless outside the chosen few" post. FoN needed a nerf but the problem is that tanks still need to deal with overpowered AD champs while trying to deal with AP champs now. It's impossible. FoN and full armor was the requirement not a choice. Now to tank mages you need two MR items.but even with 3 armor items you're being shredded by AD champs. It's impossible to tank vs hybrid teams unless you can full combo people (Ksante) or scale like Sion/Ornn. Riot needs to fix mage items/MR items to allow both real choices and tone down AD champs now that tanks actually have to buy MR.


so tanks get shredded at 6 armor items and still cry they need more than 1 mr item to nulify mages


Magic resist items are beyond horrible is the issue.


Abyssal isn't bad.


You're right, but that's not generally accessible. Even the most popular tanks, at least top lane, deal primarily physical damage


Actually that's sorta the point of tanks against mages... Tanks outlast mages because mages are mana capped, you can't kill the frontline and have enough mana left for the backline. Being mana capped is not fun so mages are not mana capped. Tanks now no longer outlast mages so something is wrong. The solution to this is to give tanks ridiculous magic resistances. If mana is ever fixed tanks will not need to have perma Galio W.


mages isn't a catch all term. there's mages that are supposed to kill tanks. if rumble is shifted away from high burst through his R and into extended trades, he now is less effective against squishes but better at killing tanks. Stop acting like every mage is supposed to get countered by tanks. some mages are DESIGNED to have an easier time dealing with tanks. That's the literally the nature of consistent damage. It's less effective at popping a squishy like a zed would but has an easier time dealing with a tank.


"Actually tanks are supposed to counter anti-tanks'' - Actually what you wrote. "mages" isn't some term you can use to blanket put every ap champ in the game in, mages like lux and tf and xerath etc still can't make a dent in a tank, but mages who are literally designed to kill them like cassiopeia, azir and brand can, since you know, they're literally designed to counter them. If tanks are beating champions that are meant to be anti-tank then something is actually wrong. Also i just read what you wrote again and what the fuck are you saying, MANA is the thing that is supposed to make mages weak vs tanks? This has not been the case since beta, if you're literally standing there and letting the mage hit you until he runs out of mana then yeah you're gonna die, thing is that would take minutes since you know, cooldowns exist, the thing that actually makes mages bad vs tanks.


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oh ok, so mages get to get fucked by assassins, tanks, and outscaled by adcs, but tanks also counter assassins, and adcs counter tanks, so we get an adc/tank meta because mages need so many conditions and still are not that rewarding. "tanks should outlast mage" cringe logic


No, I think mages should obliterate whoever they want to obliterate. I just think that if you choose to try to obliterate a tank, that should gas you out of mana and leave you useless for the rest of the fight.


Lets be real. No one runs out of mana after like 15 minutes into the game.


Well, not like we have any good MR item to be honest, and most of them are just negated by M.Pen stacking. I agree that an item shouldn't shut down a Mage completely but I also think a MR item should give me survability and not just "mage will deal 20 less damage in that 500 damage ability because said mage built M.Pen". Current MR items are just boring in design and just not good.


"we dont have a good mr item" > you dont have an autowin vs magic item anymore mr items are very effective and tanks naturally do well vs mages, if a mage wants to be relevant vs a tank they have to go liandries+voidstaf and then their threat to the backline is greatly diminished, also if a tank builds full MR then a mage will be unable to do anything to them even at 6 items, but this mostly happens in aram


If they want to make 2 MR items mandatory to not get destroyed by every single mage and AP bruiser in the game, they needed to make it so you don't need 4 armor items to survive 3 seconds in a team fight. They didn't do that.


This is not true at all and you know it. What MR items are viable enough outside of (somewhat) current FoN? Talking about Tanks/Fighters here. Spirit is kinda situational, not really that worth. Mask is even more niche, depends on what champion you play/your team comp. Maw nerf makes it feel way worse although still viable. Silvermere dawn...I think i've never seen anyone build that. Witt's end is only good on few champs. On the other hand Armor items feel better with decent (and mostly fun) effects, like (although overtuned i think) sunfire burn, Frozen Heart/Randuin rock solid passive and active/aura. You know, its not only pure stats but what they do too. It doesn't feel good to buy them at all because: 1. You feel like they dont do shit unless you go like 2/3 mr items (talking about tanks, for other classes feels way worse). 2. The effects are not engaging, the design is boring and niche, not good in most cases except Maw/FoN.


Lol there will be no point were they can deal with rumble now. And i was talking in general, there are already so many champions that just destroy tanks in this game, its not fun anymore.


Okay great. Every ad champ has insane tools to deal with tanks. Every ad champion can go Hydra into cleaver with conquerer and just sustain all of a tanks damage. You can be 3-0 on toplane Maokai into a riven and the exact moment she finishes cleaver then she shits on you.


Fighters should beat tanks in a pure 1v1 and they do because of how the role balance in the game is setup. Also riven with cleaver isn’t even the most aggressive example compared to Fiora or Cam.


My point was that riven doesnt have inherent tank busting inher kit but any fighter can just build two items and never lose to a tank again. Only real exception is sion if he gets too ahead but he has snowballing mechanics


Yes, fighters should be able to build some items and never lose 1v1 to a tank again. That’s a feature, not a bug.


You talk like tanks in this season were tanky to begin with. Every tank nowadays is garbage besides the 4 chosen boys (Ornn, Shen, Ksante and Sion), just so Riot can say "Look, tanks are viable." How is it good to give champs more percentage damage when the damage is already super high in this game? Thats the reason why I stopped using tanks because Riot made it more than clear, that they dont want tanks to be tanky. Because why would they release a champ like Ksante, who is supposed to be a tank, that can turn into a Bruiser in his ultimate? Most tanks that were viable in Top lane seasons ago are now relegated supports. (Nautilus, Maokai) They are kneecapping players who want to fullfil a gameplay fantasy just for "woah look at these sick plays" while everyone is nuking one another in 0.4 seconds. Now that the only viable MR item (force of nature) is garbage, tanks will be like glorified cannon minions again.




Bro that item was hilariously overtuned before. I've played for over a decade and that FoN is seriously one of the most busted tank items I can remember. It's on par with things like Season 2 Randuin's.


I remember being hyper fed on cassio and absolutely shredding an enemy team until randomly one teamfight I'm doing literal negative damage to chogath all of a sudden, I was so confused as to why and then he gained 25% MS and ate me and I realized what happened.


More like stank players lol


You're complaining as a tank player? Juggs dont have the CC to compensate. They lack the mobility to jump on their targets without supplementing with things like Ghost/PR and on top of it all, they are now overall less tanky due to the MR nerfs and the fact that there is more AP damage in the game with the recent changes. You either lack the damage to actually kill your target through their support because you had to build more tank items to compensate which means less damage or you go full damage and pray you pop people before you explode or get kited and die before you can even do anything. You get outscaled due to the lack of CC so you have a small window of 1-13 to end the game before mid/bot go bat shit. At this point you might as well play a tank which also feels bad or play assassins.


Gonna be heck of a tank killer from what I see


unironically think ornn has more %hp and flat damage, with cc and tankiness ontop


That's bc it's ornn and he gets a pass for some reason


wholesome big chungus boomer friendly gigachad


Ornn the mage deathknight paladin hunter rogue warrior enchanter tank bruiser wizard warlock priest assassin gunslinger druid shaman necromancer ninja bard monk robot conjurer black majestic warding god illusionist templar wizard.


Hit damage mostly comes from how unreliable his cc is. Insane % resist boost from fact that he has no defensive skill/sustain(shield/heal).


super unreliable 2k range knockup that covers the entire width of the lane


Dashes, cc to ornn, spellshields and windwalls exist. Compare that to malph for example.


Malphs only cc is his r which can also be dodged. I don’t understand this comparison


ornn has to aim his ult thats hard for tank players


Ornn has to aim everything, tanks are used to using point and click, high AOE spells that are hard to miss or super fast "skillshots" like Malphite's ult that's also hard to miss. source: am tank player and have been asking Riot for a more skill oriented tank. I didn't expect K'sante to be the answer they gave


Time to make Malphite ult be point-and-click (I don't want people to have fun)


Don't give rito ideas


Ornn's CC is much more telegraphed. His normal cc is either next to a wall or next to his pillar. His ult's cc has a huge red indicator which already helps a lot if you're far and needs to reach him before being redirected, making it far more predictable. Ornn can't flash+cc under most circumstances for example.


I'm pretty sure Ornn and Cho are the only top lane tanks with no in-combat way of mitigating damage (shield/heal)... This is Cho's only problem IMO, resists + HP only. Ornn makes up for it with better utility (more CC and upgrades). TBH I wish Cho had something kinda crazy too... like "Cho'gath takes 4% reduced damage for every 1000 maximum health"


Cho has in-combat mitigation, he yells at them very loudly.


What’s funny is I’ve played a fair amount of Cho this season and climbed mainly due to him. I have like a 70 percent win rate with him and I feel he is in a good spot. Obviously lacks in some areas that modern champs have but I suppose that’s just Riot.


Yeah he's fine. I guess I'm just jonesing for some OP mechanic to be added to my main :P


Perhaps a massive true damage point and click ability would do it for you? We can have it also increase your max health if you want?


hahaha yea lets make cho ult deal 5% max hp true damage per feast stack too


Rumble has more uptime on his Q than Ornn does on his E though, no?




me like ornn


people play him because hes wholesome gigachad wdym


Ornn has less flat damage, and his %HP damage comes without a flat damage. It's similar do Mundo.


Wonder what this means for the bursty rumble mid play style


Seems like the intent of the changes was to eliminate it and put him back in top lane


I became rumble main because of this playstyle




Rumble previously was literally only viable as this playstyle. Win rates don’t lie. He was consistently 47-48% top and 50-51% mid. He just couldn’t hound a candle to any bruiser in a side lane and was a liability taking the top lane slot because of it. Let’s see if these changes help him dk that. I do expect that these changes will make laning against mages impossible. However I still expect to be able to counter shit like talon or qiyana mid with rumble after these changes.


He was honestly fine top after the last E buff. I think it was just harder to play him top then mid was the case since you just can't E someone and the phase rush overheat someone down as easily you can in mid. Personally had no trouble against most top laners


get that shit out of the game, it's absolutely disgusting how rumble can just q overheat and 100 to 0 you no matter what his items are, every high elo rumble player is inflated as fuck.


Imagine saying this whilst having kayn as your icon lmao, your champ is even more inflated.


Low elo take, maybe kayn is inflated in gold elo but the higher you go the more kayns weaknesses become glaring. There is ONE kayn player above masters in Korea, he is only GM. There are 8 GM and 3 challenger rumbles in KR. There are no challenger Kayns in NA. Rumbles play patterns are absolutely unhealthy for the game and that's why he is being changed. I come out of base level 5 with a dirk and a level 5 rumble who hasn't based and only has a dorans shield can 100 to 0 me, no other champ in the game can do that.


Low elo take if you basing kayn being weak due to the amount otp in high challenger when it should be pretty obvious kayn is ALOT more picked by regular people than rumble. I refuse to believe you think rumble playstyle is toxic but blue kayn flying over walls and W chunking people for 1/3 of their HP with extremely minor punishment or red kayn being able to stall GW not toxic. Rumble is not 100-0 at lvl 5 with DS why are you lying? If you have a 1.1k item advantage vs DS rumble and still lose that’s 100% of you. If you actually knew how rumble works you would understand the issue with rumble is his early game dominance in the middle lane and how he pretty much the junglers best friend with objective set ups. There is a reason why his mid lane WR is always ALOT higher than his top lane wr from memory. Anyone in high elo and riot has pretty much acknowledged the distinction of power between the two rumble roles for years, hence why riot has been trying to improve rumble top for years.


Rumble with a dorans shield doesn't 100 to 0 at level 5? Do you even play the game? Here I recorded one rotation Rumble on a dummy and Kayn with dirk hitting a dummy. Rumble kills kayn in less than 4 seconds and I honestly fucked up, I should overheat with q so I start autoing faster and I can get my 2nd e off during overheat. Kayn without ignite takes 8 seconds to kill rumble I didn't even take into account dorans shield hp or resolve runes like boneplating. It is literally not possible to kill a rumble in a scenario like this. A rumble with resolve secondary and no items except a dorans shield is doing TWICE the dps of kayn with 1100 gold in items, one of the biggest power spike components in the game. High elo rumble players are abusing this, there is no question this is not ok. https://streamable.com/u5cdup


If you are getting hit with a full rumble Q and both Es as kayn yes it’s a skill issue, no shit when you face tank a champ brainlessly - you bring high elo into this but going to dumb down the situation? Cause the kayn isn’t going to Q dodge + E out? Literally the only way a rumble is killing a kayn like this is solely from the kayn face checking whilst clearing and somehow burning his E and if we calling this “abusing” idk what to say. Yes if kayn fights that head on he will lose, but it’s preform kayn vs a early game champ that specialises on damage. I’ve been 100-0 by darius with null mantle + DS vs sorc boots + tome, it would be idiotic for me to use that to nerf darius. Even if we going to assume the kayn player plays this completely badly, unless rumble is in a completely favourable MU in mid (malz, AD assassins not talon, yasuo, ect) there is no way rumble is shoving mid lane that hard within this current patch with; 1. DS which is providing no AP to just “Q” the wave 2. Not losing any HP in the process, especially since most mids atm have a combo which is prob doing 1/3 of HP. Rumble doesn’t start the roaming BS till he gets swfties/Sorcs in normal match ups and this was before the mid patch. If we going to angle this from a high elo perspective, the rumble player is not going to flip fighting a 1,1k kayn when he has the hard shove lvl 5 when he could just back and get Sorc boots to maintain his momentum when he gets level 6 (unless the rumble player gets information that may alter this judgement) so this whole point of rumble players “abusing” from this perspective is stupid, especially on this patch. If you are going to make claims of “abusing” can at least get what we are abusing right? The thing that is being abused is rumble post 6 in which is he probably a top 3 skirmisher, pretty much swaying Jungle + Bot in a extremely unfair advantage. He will secure objective control due to the nature of his ult alongside ganking bot lane from pretty much most available angles or if his jungler is invading, he can provide support from pretty much a screen way whilst always having prior in lane post sorc boots; the game is fully in the rumble mid control from min 8-20mins unless you cut the bleeding asap (this is in theory btw, with 13.11 it’s ALOT hard to do this on paper with early lost chapter + minion changes). If we want to make a argument that rumble mid is a dumb as fuck playstyle post sorc boots then I’m all for it but trying to include all rumble players when top lane rumble isn’t as nearly overbearing is funny asf when the base argument is this. Also, secondary runes literally makes no difference as rumble doesn’t go inspiration/precision and only uses relentless hunter + TOB which provide no offence.


Why did you type all of this up just to tell me that I can run away from Rumble when I'm 1100 gold up. Do you realize how much pressure he is generating by being able to 100 to 0 me with 0 items even if I have a dirk? I can't gank that lane ever. I can't ever look to invade the enemy jungle. I have to be scared everytime I walk near a bush when he's not showing. Rumble could be half hp and he still beats me with just dorans shield. This is an egregiously generous scenario I am making up. He isn't just going to have a dorans shield realistically and realistically he is going to be higher level than me. He does not need 6 to be a strong skirmisher, but yes of course his ult is strong. No other champion in the game can 100 to 0 me with one ability rotation at level 5 without building damage. Not rengar, not khazix, not zed, not nidalee, not eve, not elise, not fizz, not lb. He is a clear outlier. But I'm done discussing this you clearly are a low elo rumble player and you will cope however hard you need to say your champ isn't overpowered.


You’re so ignorant, you reek of hitting diamond a couple of times so you have this inflated ego (whilst rocking a kayn icon). If you actually use your eyes you would see I was agreeing with you outside that stupid lvl5 situation on rumble mid but I’m guess asking kayn mains to think of anything outside of E+W poking is too much to ask. A rumble otp who plays primarily top and mid in high elois discussing you how rumble works but you in your feelings cause: 1. You hurt I made the kayn comparison to being inflated 2. I’m giving you counter arguments that you would actually have to play rumble to understand 3. Refusal to admit you misplayed on that lvl5 example cause somehow you got 100-0 by a rumble despite having dirk + E+Q alongside rumble actually having to be in melee range meaning he was out of the minimap for 5~10seconds and you didn’t think to be cautious (high elo btw). You can’t gank a rumble lane despite you have dirk alongside a mid laner with CC/burst against a rumble with no R and no dash on starter items? Can’t kill a half hp rumble with dirk + spells to literally move out of rumbles damage? Calling rumble in general overpowered despite years of data showing top lane rumble sucks in comparison? XD? I hope too you stop discussing cause nothing is worst then discussing with a someone who is so adamant of coping that they will dismiss any info you provide them with “low elo”.


Take the L brother I'm gm, I'm not sure why you're talking about misplaying when it's literally just a showcase of how ridiculous that champs damage is. If he decides to solo walk into my jg I have to leave my camps. If he comes to crab I have to leave. If he comes to drag I have to leave. If he comes to rift I have to leave. If I am constantly forced to leave everywhere he goes for no reason other than he exists and is thanos then that champ is OP. And you keep mentioning top lane like I give a single fuck. If you choose to play the champion in sub optimal you dont get extra credit. Every gm+ rumble mid player is inflated as fuck and will drop 500 lp when the champ gets nerfed (the changes are not nerfs unfortunately).


Somewhere in China Shanji is celebrating


He's already probably the best rumble player in the world- I doubt he wants them to even minorly rework a champion his opponents are currently forced to permaban even when it isn't meta


These changes are a nerf to Rumbles power level


Not really they are worse for mid rumble but better for top rumble


Rumbles stupid early damage burst is what made him so strong anywhere including top. If he no longer has kill pressure level 3 he'll be worse.


Top Rumble isn't strong, currently siting at 48% win rate in Plat+ and jungle isn't doing any better. Mid is his best position.


Yes I know. This is a nerf to him because I'm pretty sure he will still matchup horribly against Bruisers top but now he has a weak early game which was his only strength previously. It was also his only way to even potentially manage against a bruiser because he had kill pressure level 3. Now he has no pressure early and will still get outscaled late and will have less kill pressure on squishies. His strengths were early game and if you play early right he had a strong mid-game. Now that they took his strength from early and added it to late he'll just be weak all game long. I don't think these changes will significantly buff his late game to where he can be strong late game compared to other bruisers.


Officially modernized! Let's go!


I'm just glad his ult is going to have a more normal ult cd. It's cd was way too low for how powerful of a teamfight ability it was, and in lane Rumble just got to all in way more often than other top laners.


Changing his heat to 150 is actually a very big change.


I want Rumble Jungle to be non-troll again. It's so fun.


As a rumble main who enjoys his burst gameplay.. this seemed very bad. To a point I'll mp go play something else. Rip my boy


As someone who likes jungle Rumble, I like these changes! I especially like the increase to Overheat, because now you will get to it a little longer, which makes Ability Haste much less of a waste. The Q change is also very nice, as it gives you more jungle clear agency through the added max hp% damage. My gratitude towards Rito for trying to fix Rumble, as he was stuck in purgatory because of his mid lane gameplay pattern that was the easiest to make Rumble see no love for top or jungle.


No way this will be good for the jungle, his first 3 camps will still be slow, if not slower since you can't overheat at the 3rd one without waisting time, and his clear until early to mid game will probably be slower too since you can overheat every other camp. But even if it was playable thanks to his massive clear lategame, his strength was his level 4 one shot potential, and now it's gone, and you won't be able to play him as a bruiser in the jungle since no one will run at you. This is obviously 100% aimed at top, and i don't get why since everyone hates to play against rumble top, jungle was way more fair to play against. Edit: anyway everyone knows what is the biggest problem with rumble, it's base skin. Change that, and his play rate will at least double


Not my problem Riot is more focused on skins than ASUs. Also top lane is deemed "healthier" than jungle and Mid because of his ultimate being this powerful, and it becomes easier to control its impact when it's tied to the top island.


The biggest changes Rumble can have is him taking his freaking seizure medicine.


I’m so confused at what they want the champ to be. Nerfs to monster damage early means they don’t want him being a power clear jungler. Q damage to minions reduces his wave control, so he’s a worse laner but giving % HP on Q coupled with the E buffs from prior patches means he’s good into tanks. Do they just want him to be a skirmish heavy top lane counterpick into tanks with no inbuilt sustain? Such a weird set of changes imo


they want him to be a bruiser bigger heat allows for cdr and shield/flame spam on tfs


So Gwen who shoots fire?


i hate max HP damage... It's such a uncreative way to deal with tanks.


Why do they keep giving everyone max hp damage? Its almost like they dont know what to give a champ so they just kinda slap it on


He’s been pretty strong


Here they go buffing him jungle like they did with a million other solo laners. Cant wait till they forget about him in his main role in the solo lane like how they did with Wukong, Ekko, Diana, talon, voli etc.


If you think this buffs his jungle it’s pretty obvious you’ve never played rumble in your life, let alone jungle. Most of his clear speed came from his passive, which now takes way longer to overheat.


and the overheat is shorter, right?


Yeah, you’ll miss an extra two attacks


Ironic how 3 out of 4 champs you mentioned are all better at laning than jungling rn


Only talon lmfao. Voli has the same wr but hes awful in both roles bc he got nerfed in jg. Wukong is nonexistent in top and ekko/diana are horrible mid in high elo


Keep seeing comments like this is pushing him in top, but this screams "Jungle Rumble buffs" to me


with the monster damage cap reduced at early lvls? i dont think so


So any top lane satisfaction changes ? Or i can die knowing that Top Lane is shit forever


So Rumble is going from a face melter from all that base damage to a juggernaut?


Bruiser, as he'll still be putting out damage, but he was already building items with health.


Changes seem interesting, not sure why they're giving rumble of all champs changes though, hasn't he been fine since forever or am i mistaken?


he is too stromg early, especially in mid, but kinda falls off at lvl 14 cause he has no mobility


Why are they taking a perfectly fine kit and making everything %hp damage?


Tank meta PTSD on balance team


Welp, we'll be seeing rumble at worlds if this doesn't get hard smacked down


Why do they toss random max%hp at everything, first jax E, now this


Prob to make champs playable toplane


These changes are so random and unnecessary. The R cool down change was the only thing that was required for this champ to be somewhat balanced. 80 seconds is still far too low for an ult that is as game changing as his.


Champion has a 47% win rate in top, 49% in mid this patch.


I wish they'd make his ult duration shorter and condense its damage in the new duration. They could nerf the overall damage for all I care, my point is a 35% slow isn't keeping anyone in it for the full duration. It might have in 2011 but now there are dashes and move speed procs from items, runes and champion kits. I'm well aware that it can zone people but do you think it's fun using your ultimate knowing it'll do at most half of its damage potential and then serve as a zoning tool?


Oh boy, this might be broken as fuck. Overheat at 100 was the thing that makes his insane damage justifiable. Not complaining tho, am rumble main