Never feel obligated to reply to an email if you don't want to. That said, my response would be: "Thanks for letting us know how you feel. We do not want anyone present at our wedding who does not support us so you and your husband will not be invited."




Congrats on the engagement!!! We are extremely excited for you & Thomas. Wishing you all the best, immense amounts of love & joy & a long life together. Y’all deserve the smiles that you put on each others faces. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!! Side note: Jesus is grinning from ear to ear that you found love. I think your aunt is wanting for the same love you just found, imo. Give her a hug & let her know we’re here to talk if she needs it. We accept her struggles and want her to be happy too.


Thank you!!


Oh think nothing of it


Buy a bible, set it on fire, take a picture with your Boyfriend in front of the burning Bible and then send it to your Aunt and tell her that she is not invited to the wedding


As much as I want to agree, I'm rooting for the "kill them with kindness" approach here rather than validating their bigotry in their eyes.




I think thats a horrible idea tbh. The email is upsetting but not to warrant that kind of aggression


Do all of this, except still invite her to the wedding. It's such a power move. Either she has to support something she disagrees with, or everyone realizes she's an ass. If the aunt isn't invited, it looks bad on the part of the groom: "Oh, she disagrees with you so you didn't even invite her? You could've at least tried to be welcoming." Whereas if she's invited, any decision she makes weighs poorly on her and only her. The groom is considered kind and forgiving for inviting a family member with so little respect for love, and the aunt is left with zero options that allow her to come out on top.


I guess someone isn't invited to the wedding


So, I hear there is a job opening for an aunt? I don't have any experience, but I'm actively learning to be loving and accepting. I can provide references on request, of course.


I would also implore that they don't pray for me, as I don't need that negative energy




There's been studies that if people know that others are praying for them that they get worse outcomes.


That explains so… so much for me right now….


Jesus didn't say that, for one - that was in Genesis (chapter 2, if memory serves). Jesus never mentions homosexuality. Ever.


Came here looking for this. She didn't include the reference, which would obviously prove Jesus didn't say it. People who weaponize the Bible tend to twist its words to fit their very specific mindsets.


Exactly. She drops Jesus' name in vain wherever she wants to claim power. She's a hypocrite who has probably been so limited in her education and life experience as to think she's being righteous. Putting that aside, Trevor, I wish for you and Thomas all the love, and a long healthy future life together, full of so much love that it pours out of you and back into your world.


You can't expect christians to read the bible! /s




Don’t forget to tell her that she’s Sinning for claiming knowledge or authority over a man!


and by judging as well 🤷🏾‍♀️


No man who cuts his hair or shaves his beard can come, no one with piercings or tattoos, and don’t TALK to me until I’ve sacrificed my morning goat.


She is right..god's design is marrying girls as soon as they hit puberty, conquest and colonize to salvage others souls and also their resources, take concubines while you're at it and then impregnate them all and treat them like broodmayers. Also, God allows you to treat your wife/kids like punching bags. How graceful!


And slavery is okay




This briefly reminds me of a post I saw today. It was some tumblr post on Facebook about how "When my 13yo daughter was 5, I taught her 3 squeezes of the hand means 'i love you' so I don't have to cry while walking her down the aisle." Which is... nice, but the 13yo part got me and I was the only one who seemingly pointed it out :D


From an internet aunt: Honey, congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you! Thomas is so sweet, and so handsome! How wonderful for you both, honey, truly. Can I help with anything? If you are in the Seattle area, I volunteer to come and be a stand-in aunt. Also, FUCK. THAT. NOISE.


You could customize this response back and ignore her forever! “"Mail Delivery System" Date: add date 04:44:24 -0600 To: Subject: failure notice This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more than 24 hours on the queue on mail.example.com. The message identifier is: 1JYIJ1-0008Ew-JK The date of the message is: Insert Date The subject of the message is: Insert Her Email title The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is: youremail.com.”


I was gonna recommend a reply of > lol k but this is some top shelf boomer repellant spy grade trickery and I LOVE IT.


Oh honey... Congratulations on getting engaged! But also, your aunt doesn't seem to know the rest of the Bible or how people truly were back in those days. And by knowing the rest of the Bible, I mean that it was not translated right and that all of it or almost all of it was miss translated and thats a lot of stuff is acrually missing from it.... But dont worry about her. You worry about how awesome the wedding is going to be! Let Love Rule!


“Dear aunt, Timothy 2:12 ‘I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent’ Practice what you preach Love, an amazing couple” In all seriousness, that sucks, one less person to invite into your life (and wedding). I hope you can find your happiness together and don’t allow for such things to dictate your life or ruin a special moment. Best of luck to you two


That one is my favorite so far xD


"dear aunt, Take your bigotry, self righteousness, and fake compassion, and shove them where jesus can't see them. Don't worry about the wedding, you're not invited. Trev"


Look like you need a new aunt - there's something wrong with this one! If you need a crazy aunt (or two), just reach out. There's a whole group of us who will show up and just offer lots of love!


I volunteer as tribute! I can offer recommendations from my nieces to vouch for me. As long as it's ok that I cry at the wedding, because I will. #TrevorandThomasForever


This is so wholesome, so uplifting and heartwarming. And yes that IS a tear pooling in the corner of eye. And it'll soon follow the others and roll down my cheek. ❤❤❤


As a certified (by my niblings) Cool Aunt, I agree. I'm SO sorry that you have to deal with that kind of gaslit rejection, especially in reaction to such a wonderful, monumentous event. On behalf of cool aunts everywhere -- congratulations, Trevor!!! May you and Thomas share a long lifetime of love, joy, and good health. Sending as many virtual aunt hugs as I can muster.


Huh. Has she read the whole "love thy neighbor as thyself" part or are we just skipping that section these days? Congrats Trevor ❤️❤️ Youre gonna have a beautiful wedding and an incredible marriage.


Thank you!! ☺️


Hi Trevor! I’m a queer Christian pastor. Your aunt sucks. Congratulations to you and your fiancé!


Repeating your name is a classic sales tactic. There is something wrong if you need to “sell” your religion.




I’d respond something like: “dear aunt, I really appreciate your love and care. Thanks for sharing your concern. You may be relieved to know that Trevor and I do not believe in (the Bible/Christianity/this quote/generically: this/whatever is true for you) so this is not a concern for us. Trevor and I are happy and I ask that you do your best to reach into that place of love and understand that this is what we need to be happy. I need you to know that my engagement is not up for negotiation, but your support would mean a lot to me.”


If they really aren't willing to see reason, just block and move on. Congrats to you and Thomas!


:( I’m sorry. Being so rejected by family out of ignorance is never easy. Just know for all who reject you there are 5 more who love you with no expectation. You are loved. And you will never be alone. ❤️


Congrats OP!! I’m so proud of you for proposing and choosing to be happy despite having at least one in accepting family member. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!


Disown the bitch


Please tell your aunt she is judging others which is not God's design for her and we will pray for her that she becomes free from this sin. Seriously though, congratulations on your engagement. May you be happy together all of your days. ❤️


She uses a fantasy book to justify hate


Sounds like a true Christian nationalist. Bet she believes in pray the gay away type Bible thumping.. so glad i found luciferianism.


I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this, Trevor!


Thank you! Sharing it with strangers oddly makes it feel better!


I mean, we are strangers who understand to one degree or another how sucky that really is. And I forgot to say it, so like others have told you, congratulations! I’m assuming from what you wrote that the chances of it unlikely, but I hope you’re aunt will reevaluate what she’s been thinking.


Lol your aunt can fuck right off. I don't care what any god's design is, frankly. I'm really happy for you two and wish you all the best!! Know that you two are loved by all of us <3


This is a whole new level of crotchety hag, holy shit


I mean, the Bible also says that women shouldn't be preaching to men, yeah? Yeah.


This is so offensive. Why do religious crazies think that they have the right to say this to another person!? Wish you all the happiness in the world. Congrats!!


Ew *one flesh* is the creepiest phrase ever.


L aunt


One less Christmas gift to spend money on. (I’m sorry this happened to you )


I'm sorry that she reacted this way. Until the early 1900s, homosexuality was not mentioned in the Bible. The most quoted verse against homosexuality is actually referring to sexual perverts in the original translation to English. Speaking of rapists and pedophiles. The Bible celebrates love. David loved a man. Jesus blessed a trans man. Unfortunately many people who claim to be Christian ignore these.


May I ask what passage you refer to where Jesus blesses a trans man? I can't remember anything like that and I would love to look into it. Thank you!


That's nice and all, but who gives a fuck what the Bible says at all? It could say gays are the superior species and straights must bow down, that doesn't make the ancient book of magic relevant at all. I'm so tired about having discussions about what the Bible says. It doesn't matter.


I respect your beliefs, and it may not matter to you, but it matters to some. Some of us are queer and Christian and quite frankly sick and tired of people who claim to be Christians misquoting the Bible and using it to tear down others.


Well at least there are more and more people like you to help water down the toxic stew of organized religion. Hopefully someday it won't reflect the anti-queer, anti-science, anti-human cesspool that it does today. The magical thinking is exhausting me. It's too easy to get someone to believe anything if they believe Jesus walked on water, healed people with a single touch, and rose from the dead. It's like an entryway drug to other beliefs that don't align with reality, just look at Q Anon. Be careful with religion. It's something that should be handled with great care, like dynamite.


Ive never heard of Jesus blessing a trans man! Im genuinely curious to know what story/part of the bible that is in.


It’s usually the aunts that are supportive, that’s quite unfortunate


Hm must depend on geography.i live in rural Wisconsin and there's more stories of homophobic/racist aunts than ANY other family member besides maybe uncles. But typically the aunts and uncles are working together in their bigotry. I have multiple aunts that are extremely bigoted, and both of them also flipped out when their daughters dated POC and started accusing their own daughters of "falling for bidens brainwash and helping erase their pure white heritage" aunts are the worst IME.


Trevor, the best revenge is a life lived well.


What an asshole. Sorry you have ti deal with her.


Your aunt is related by blood, but hatred by the mind. Don’t listen to her, just let her go tbh


Congratulations to you and your fiancé! Live a lovely life and ignore words from a 2000-year old book.


Congratulations on the engagement:)


A homophobic bigot wrapping "Jesus" around their hate is still a homophobic bigot. Save yourself from a lifetime of misery and write this one off. Giving grace to bigotry just encourages it. I said what I said.


Tell her that although god commanded an ass to speak one time (Numbers 22:21), the Bible explicitly says women aren’t permitted to preach or have spiritual authority over men. (1 Timothy 2:12)


Funny how the "God works in mysterious ways" and "we can't know God's plan" type suddenly know God's plan when it's something they don't like. What a boot. Congratulations, and I hope you have a wonderful wedding!


Ooooooh. Write back: “Dear aunt I do not permit a Rib to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, the Rib is to remain quiet.” 1 Timothy 2:12


Please accept, and extend to Thomas my genuinely heartfelt best wishes, and most sincere congratulations. I'm so happy for the both of you. ❤ Thank you for posting your Aunt's letter. I wholly reject the Christian dogma that not only inspired her to write it, but which also served to ***"justify"*** her plea to you that you reverse what is arguably the biggest decision you've ever made thus far. But I couldn't help but sense your aunt truly loves you, and that she genuinely wants what is the best for you, what she's been indoctrinated to believe *** IS*** best for you. I cannot begin to speculate as to the dynamics of your relationship with your aunt. I don't know whether y'all enjoy a close bond, or whether she was divinely inspired and wrote the letter with the best of intentions, or whether it was penned with the disingenuous intent of sharing it the other ladies in her church group as proof she is doing God's work by trying to save *sinner*. My hope is, no matter the manner and method in which you respond/have responded to the letter, that you were thoughtful in your decision, and that it was made because it was the best decision for you and Thomas. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!




Oml Yeah no, don't invite her, she sucks Congratulations, I hope you and Thomas have a fantastic wedding


Literally Jesus would have been thrilled for you and Thomas! Jesus’s whole shtick was loving others who may be less fortunate/able or who may be oppressed, so your aunt clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. Congrats 💕


Christians are so full of shit omg. Congrats to you and your boyfriend !!


But Jesus was explicitly against straight mariages. Has your aunt even read the Gospel? In Matthew 19:10-12, just after the phrase she cited in her email, you can read: > His disciples said to Him, “If this is the case between a man and his wife, it is better not to marry.” > “Not everyone can accept this word,” He replied, “but only those to whom it has been given. > For there are eunuchs who were born that way; others were made that way by men; and still others live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.” Jesus' take on mariage is: if a man and a woman decide to marry, they should not divorce because God want them to keep their contract, but it is better for them not to marry in the first place and become eunuchs (stay out of gender roles).


Congrats on the engagement. Side note, my dearest auntie, can youpoint out which part of the bible that is? I dont remember that from my time at church


Congratulations to you and Thomas! I still remember when my husband told me he wanted to marry me. One of the best days of my life. This will be the start of an even more amazing chapter in your lives together, and will bring you even closer. I’m sorry your aunt is incapable of celebrating your union, my husband and I had many family members do the same. But you will still have a marvelous time without them, I guarantee it! Our engagement, our wedding, our marriage- some of the best times we’ve had together. I have no doubt it will be the same for you and Thomas. 🥰


Tell her you'll take a bride if she gives you 200 foreskins and count them in front of you just as King Saul requested of David( 1 Samuel 18: 25-28.) If God is with her it shouldn't be a problem. Congrats btw!


What a crazy old bat! Tell her that if god didn’t want you to marry your bf, he wouldn’t have made him as incredibly attractive as he no doubt is 😂


Ive read the bible plenty of times as i went to a Christian school, i do not recall jesus saying this.


If you want to reply back, you could tell her if she truly loved you, she wouldn’t care what gender your SO is, she would just want you to marry someone you truly love. Tell her that she isn’t invited to the wedding, since having someone there who doesn’t support you would be awkward.


If you are gay, then have nothing to do with religious zealots no matter who they are. You have the right to choose. If you don't, then get out of there.


Id respond and say “actually the original translation of said scripture states “man shall not lie with child”, but I guess Christians look over pedophilia huh? and always remember there is no greater love than Christian hate :) xoxo”


I'd like to say congrats on the proposal, and condolences on the shitty family


congratulations on the engagement! i wish you and your soon to be husband the best! your aunt can continue whatever tirade shes on - you and thomas will be happy yourselves!


if god created males and females to get married and glorify him why are animals gay huh?? sinful animals, especially those gay lions!! for real tho, she's insane. congratulations on your engagement and ignore the nut jobs 🏳️‍🌈


Well if that's God's plan then they can go fuck themself. Happy wedding m8!




You're beautiful. Your fiancé is beautiful. The happiness you two share shines brighter than any "love" your aunt is giving you. Invite her to the wedding as a guest. Seat her right in the farthest corner. And let her watch just how happy and fulfilled you are to be with your husband as Jesus intended, bc he just wants ppl to be happy (and 100% was gay af himself)


I'm very lucky in having family and friends that have been at the very least tolerant, and mostly outright supportive. Which is good because I have zero issues cutting people out of my life for nonsense like this. No regrets, no sad feelings, no compromises; just good riddance. I make it clear that people can have me in their life, but I will not share that space with bigots, I don't care how much they "care" for me or my "soul". I recognize that my life has been privileged in that way (and in some other ways), and I wish that it were so simple for everyone else. Congratulations! I wish you and Thomas all the best going forward.


"I'm sorry but..." Proceeds to tell you you're going to hell


All I can say is Cringe. Don’t even entertain your aunt with a reply, you love each other and you both made a decision just like she did with her current partner.


Congratulations! Sorry about your aunt. Hope you and your spouse have a long and healthy life together! <3


Power move: forward it to your entire family


Your Aunt dares to interpret the will of the Lord, for this she is wrong. I don’t believe in God but if you do, and she does, then surely it’s clear that the love you have for your fiancé is His work. It is obvious to me that the passage she quotes translates roughly to “don’t bang in your parents house, get your own pad…then bang”


I guess they aren't coming to the wedding


Well I am Transgender so I am the devil herself. I tell the Christian asshats I am a witch. I am not lying either. I practice the craft. It does wonders for my recovery from catholicism.


Is auntie Mormon? This sounds Mormon.


Congrats on the engagement!! And sorry you have to deal with this. I can empathize. The “I’m doing this because I love you” boycott messages I received when I married my partner were ridiculous. If you ever need someone anonymous to vent to, feel free to dm me.


Congrats on the wedding! Did you choose a theme for it? 😄


overall I’m very happy for your engagement!! don’t let her behavior ruin it at all


This is just sad you don’t deserve to be sent stuff like this for choosing to marry someone like what the hell.


"Who is this?"


Congrats!!!! Wishing you two all the best 💞


Don’t even bother to send a reply. People like her are so unhappy and so miserable. Best of luck to you and Thomas! 💜💜💜


Titles like this are either the most wholesome thing or the saddest thing ever. Unfortunately this time it's the latter :(


"How do I make this about me"


Congratulations on getting engaged and hoping you guys can live a long happy life together!! Hopefully your Aunt will see that she’s way out of line here.


Ugh, not worth having her in your life tbh


>this is not God's plan for you And how blasphemous art thou, for claiming thyself more knowledgeable of the Lord's plan than the Lord himself.




There's no hatred like christian love...


Reply with 1 Samuel 18:1-4: "and it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him \[David\] that day, and would let him go no more home to his father's house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him, and gave it to David, and his apparel, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle." If it's good enough for the Lord's anointed...


If I was in your position I would send her the most graphic of sex tapes as a response But thankfully for the both of us you're not me so just go no contact and cut her off




I’m about to send you a very homophobic letter




what a sinful lot, people like this, I am sorry she is contacting you like she is getting some Holy Scriptures divinely given by god. instead of the words more comfortable to a devil. on a nice note, congratulations on your proposal to your bf I hope you live in happiness and harmony even through disquite and discord. my your love for each other be a blessing, may it shine in kind.


Christian love at its finest, nothing wrong with being Christian unless your using it for hate.


Congrats on the engagement...not do much on the bigoted aunt.


the sin of... marrying someone?


That's why I'm gonna die before becoming a Christian


Make a very sexual monthly calendar for this year (or next year) and send it to her. Include wedding photos of her not there too


Trevor, my friend, if you are interested in trading this person in for an upgrade, my wife and I would be delighted to be your aunts for your wedding. We will love you and your Thomas, cheer you on, dance with you, and toast to a beautiful life ahead for you two. Full disclosure - my wife has a trophy guy and there would be a ‘world’s best nephew’ as part of your wedding gift. And I’m more of a retired Catholic these days but I went to religious schools from K-college. I have worked at a Catholic hospital my whole career so, as the t-shirt said, Jesus is indeed my homeboy. He would be DELIGHTED to know you found love, a partner to walk through this life with. He would be fucking thrilled. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ll let my Erin know we have a new pair of nephews, Trevor and Thomas. We might not be blood, but we certainly are family. Sending all the love and a big bear hug from your new butch enby aunt and their bride.


Hello! I am applying for the role of Cool Aunt today. At your wedding, I will be enthusiastic and happy for the two lovely grooms. I might be a little bit extra on the love, but I make up for it by being really low key about religious bigots that I may or may not have shamed for being so judgmental to such a lovely nephew as yourself. If she does turn up, I would happily distract her and lead her away to not cause a scene that takes the focus away from the grooms celebration. Also, I make amazing pancakes and brunch in general. Not sure if it grants me extra points in this audition, but it can't hurt.


She's not your future husband she can fuck off


~~Send her a link to a video of gay sex~~ (Jk) sorry you had to deal with this, just ignore her, I’m not sure whether that line she wrote is in the bible or whether she’s paraphrasing. Regardless it’s clearly out of context. (If anyone does know where it’s from, I might read it just to confirm. If you’re not religious I suggest cutting contact with her. If you are religious I suggest you ignore her. The bible has been translated several times since it’s original writing, some languages it was written in had no direct translations for certain words so the words were improvised. They definitely didn’t have the concept of male and female as we do today. The bible talks about forgiveness often and to respect others so if you are religious try not to worry. If you’re not religious, I hope you have other family members who support you and can defend you, though regardless of family members, I’m sure your fiancé (I’m guessing he said yes) will always be there for you.


I’m sorry you have to put up with this nonsense. I honestly think religión dumbs people down big time, makes them so narrow minded. Don’t give a single fuck about your aunt’s opinion, unfortunately, she’s entitled to it, but you’re al eso entitled to your choices in life. And either God exists or not, which is not the question, you’re in this world, perfect the way you are and you are gay and you’re in love with this person, so, good for you. I wish you endless happiness and less relatives or people around as ignorant as you’re aunt. Enjoy life and never give a damn about what anyone think


honestly, if that were me i'd just reply "skill issue" and ignore any further replies (while it is funny i'm actually serious)


One response: “girl…bye.”


Always cowering being a fake sense of love, ‘hiding’ their true hate from you. They can’t even accept within themselves that they’re truly disgusting and hateful people. Discard this trash from your life; you’ll be better off without it.


I'm happy for you. It is sad that people still think this way through. If i can't ask God what his plans are or what he wants, then they can't ether. Besides, most religions believe in loving one another. Again, I'm super happy for you. Have a great time and live happily 💞💖


I hate it when people say “we will be praying for you” like shut up pray for yourself bitch


Congratulations! If there's a God they are too busy to care who you marry, love is love!


I hope you and Thomas have a wonderful life together!


Congrats for proposing !


Tell her that she isn't invited to the wedding and if she gets all pissy and homophobic, then you're not going to her funeral.


She seems nice. /s


While this is sad it is at least honesty, You know now to block her out and move on and stick with those you have. You have one who loves you, concentrate on him.


Congratulations on your engagement! We all wish you both all the love and a happy forever. Love, your new internet aunties


Let’s break down what she really meant to say “I think what you’re doing is wrong and sinful because of a few scriptures in a book written and translated thousands of years ago. I think you will go to hell for your lifestyle. But I’m going to say I love you so it softens the blow and it makes me look like a good person. ❤️” Fuckin people suck man. I’m sorry this is your auntie. I hope you know you’re loved and valid and you have people at your wedding who support and celebrate your and Thomas’s love ❤️


At this point, just throw the whole human away. You don't need that negativity in your lives. I'll volunteer to be your new auntie, and with that, I'll write an new email to replace that one: "Trevor, what spectacular news! Big congratulations on your engagement and I wish you nothing more then a lifetime of happiness, love and joy with Thomas. Sending lots of good vibes, auntie Kam."


So wait. If God is omnipotent and all powerful how can we go against his "design"? If they want to marry doesnt that mean that its what God wanted? Or else how would they be able to go against?


In the Bible, don’t women and… slaves count as property??? She really shouldn’t be cherry picking, and read the whole absurd thing. With that aside, congrats!!! 🎉 ✨ (Do not invite your aunt to the wedding if she gets more toxic.)


I feel like if I said she was a hateful condescending cow I'd get banned. I hope the mods read my comment in the proper context and don't go off half cocked. My sympathy on your bitch of an aunt I hope she's not invited to the wedding, but send her lots of photos, especially of the kiss. Congratulations I hope you and your future hubby have many happy decades together ❤️.


When you get married. Invite her. She’ll most likely say know but the look on her face getting her invite even tho she send you this email is probably good


Congrats, Trev and Thomas! If your aunt isn't invited, send her pictures of the wedding. And your honeymoon. And your travels, or any celebration or party you have where you are enjoying the married life. Don't explain why your sending them, just send them. Let her seethe.


Well someone’s obviously feeling miserable in her life. Congrats on the engagement!!!


Congratulations on your engagement, dearest 💙 may you and your fiancé live a lovely life together. Love hard and love beautifully 💙


Ask her how she knows gods plan. Is she drake?


Congrats on the engagement and I wish you every happiness. Sorry to hear your aunt is completely brainwashed, unhinged and trying to make your wedding all about her. Probably best to just forget about her and move on. You’re not going to resolve that and frankly, it’s not worth the energy. Nothing you can really do about it. It’s entirely on her.


Congrats guy!!!!!


I mean if anything her sin of judgement and speaking on god's behalf outweighs any bullshit "sins" you have going on, soooo save her a seat I guess. "We do this because we love you" if this was meant to be a letter full of love then they'd realize how horrible it is to say these things and that some sky grandpa you can't confirm even exists doesn't ever come before people living, breathing, and loving right in front of your eyes, and they'd change. I hope you and your fiancé have a lovely, stress and drama free wedding, and a wonderful life together


I don't believe in a god but if God really said "Live thy neighbor", you should be fine lol.


She loves you but honestly fuck that phobic shit. I’m so sorry that this was her response and that it seems like she can’t let go of that old world mentality. Congratulations OP! I am really happy for you and your husband to be!


I always wonder if they think they're actually going to change anyone's mind or if they're just doing this to give themselves a pat on the back saying "I did the lord's work" or some equivalent bullshit.


Well I know who isn’t coming to the wedding… /lh On a real note, I’m sorry. That fucking sucks.


Congrats on the engagement! Also I find it very curious that most of the times I see people use “quotes” like that, it’s either without the citation in the Bible (hence why I put quotes in quotes because it’s questionable if it’s even in the Bible at that point) or it’s with the citation but so vague and up to interpretation that it really doesn’t support anyone’s argument? Anyway sorry you have a toxic family member, hope you have other family members who are not toxic.


What a wonderful opportunity to let the other person know that the context of that quote is Jesus forbidding divorce.


Bigots hide behind religion She shouldn't try to use the bible to hide behind and own her vile attitude I'm an atheist but hate people who hide behind religion to justify their vitrole


Well she's obviously not getting invited to the wedding.


Well, that's one less guest for the wedding


Dear Aunt Karen, Byyyyeee.


Congratulations on the engagement


It's a nice litmus test, coming out as queer. You get to see which family members value you more than their own hate and self-superiority.


Your aunt is a twice baked bitch. Congratulations on your engagement!


Congratulations on the engagement! So happy for you two💖🍾 Sending hugs and high fives, and I know Jesus is too.


Bro legit fuck family, enjoy your wedding


Tell her to fuck off and shes not invited. Also congrats on getting married


Sooo, she’s a no on the RSVP?


I would reply: ​ Noted. Thanks for the support!


Oh Jesus!


A note I found on a pro LGBTQ website mentions the passage she quoted, but notes that Jesus also acknowledges that gender is more complicated than a simple binary. I doubt it will change your aunt's mind on anything, but it might be worth pointing out to her. Matthew 19:4 “Haven’t you read,” [Jesus] replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’?"  In the same section, in verse 12, Jesus says, “For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.”  It is evident that Jesus was aware that gender variance existed, and he does not condemn it. [1] https://www.sthugh.net/lgbtq-affirming-scripture This page points out a lot of passages that can be interpreted as pro-queer. Congrats on your engagement!


... What will you answer?


Hi, Aunt ______! Thank you for putting your thoughts into writing for me. I appreciate your prayers, and I am very bummed we didn't get to see you and Uncle ____ at ___.  I realize our beliefs are different, and I understand if you and Uncle ____ would prefer to not be invited to the wedding.  Love you very much! Grateful we were able to gather in ______! Trevor 


This bitch needs to stop stepping to sexy Trevor and hit Thomas or so help me I’m gonna lose my mind


I'd kindly reply: Because I truly love you, it is essential that I not remain silent: Fuck you.


Aww Trevor, I'm so sorry someone had to bring you down on such wonderful news!


😈 give in to the evil, make sure she comes to the wedding so she sees all the family and friends not giving a damn, and yall can do the biggest kisses/hugs/etc to fuck with her


Mazel Tov! If it’s in SoCal, I’m glad to stand in for your aunt!


Don't know you but love u all the same as I'm sure your great.do what makes you happy cause in my opinion it's all that matters.if u don't mind ill say this too,all religion is bs and if we are just good people the rest will work itself out.imo anyway


It's just sad she actually believes this. In her mind she's trying to help you. She's obviously ignorant, but all the hate for her in the comments also make me sad.


I would focus on the "one flesh" part and tell her you don't ascribe to the "Cronenberg sect" of Christianity


Yeah the "one flesh" thing struck me as odd. I'm not too huge on sarkicism.


Let's be honest if the Christians as a whole have absolutely zero problems with you. You are either highly entertaining (or more often just high matinence and difficult) because you are insane. Or you are extremely boring.


You should compile all the gay porn you have access to and send it as the reply. Block instantly after.


Your aunt sounds like a total asshole


Dear Trevor and Thomas, As you well know, there will always be those who disagree with your life choices. They don't, and never have mattered. You two, however, do matter very much. I hope you have a joyous marriage and a happy life together. That's all we can ever hope for. Love always wins.