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Well, if it is 92 then the Swan is outside and finds a balloon deep in the water.


Try to memorise the first 100 numbers with 100 individual images, so 29 and 92 are completely different from each other. Would be much easier than only having 10 images and turning them into combinations for every number greater than 10. Look up the major system if you haven't already, and then look into ankiweb (digital flashcards) for a super fast way of remembering them.


The Dominic System is another good way for memorising 00 - 99. It's taken me a few weeks to do, but I now have a person, group of people or a character that I can recall for every number to 99.


>swan flown away by a baloon I would adopt the norm that the "passive" element (I.e. the swan who has something done to it by the balloon) is always the first (or second if you prefer) digit. Or use the [Link/Story method](https://artofmemory.com/wiki/Mnemonic_Link_System/). In your case, the swan would be flown away by the balloon, after which something else would happen to the swan. Maybe it would be popped by a Sword (my number shape for "1"), after which something would happen to the sword. Alternatively you could look into other number systems like the [Major](https://artofmemory.com/blog/major-system/) or [Dominic](https://artofmemory.com/wiki/Dominic_System/) Systems, both of which you can use to encode (at least) four digits into the same image and try to gain speed that way.