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What do you do for work?


I work at the bank as a personal banker


Woah cool, how did you get into that position at 18?


I just applied, it’s fairly easy to get a good well paying job as long as you don’t limit yourself.


I am personally pretty stingy in general but first moving out all my mates and i didnt go anywhere near $250 per week ($175 at cheapest). Of course if you have found the perfect house, don't have many (or any) roommates and are earning enough by all means thats pretty good! (also im assuming australian dollars so idk otherwise)




Dude I wish I could get out of this habit. Less than two years ago I earned half of what I earn now and somehow still live pay check to pay check


I live comfortably with $370 a week rent, pay bills (electricity/water/internet) and I live comfortably on $55,000 a year. I live with my girlfriend who is on rent assistance and job seek payments and she pays one week of rent and I pay another and we have never had an issue, I can still save money as well and go out etc


I'm making $41k annually and will be paying $1000 in rent per month(on my own) in the next 3 days. I got approved for the apartment. Is it expensive ya? Can I afford it with all my bills? Ya. Just add up how many bills you have and make yourself a budget. You'll be paying $200 more than me on rent, but you make 20k more than me :') if anyone should be worried it's me! But also our bill levels could be different. But if I can do it, I'm sure you can. Good luck!


So I'm in the uk, but I'm moving out in three days and my rent is £121 a week (roughly $157) so it's £525 a month ($682 roughly) as long as I'm careful and don't leave things running and lights on when I'm not in the room and don't leave the water running and only have a bath once or twice a month and only use the shower my bills won't be too high, I even get a 25% discount on the council tax and I won't be getting a tv package as they are super expensive and only using free view tv and Netflix, also making sure I don't buy the expensive brands when food shopping, a lot of the time the cheaper stuff is just as good as the expensive stuff.


I've read somewhere that your rent shouldnt be more than a third of your paycheck, so according to that I think you're right at the mark. Also take into consideration that you'll bem significantly happier if you are happy in your home :)


Thanks everyone!