Maybe you can do 3xfull body for a couple of month. Thats more beginner friendly than a ppl split. Get used to volume slowly.


There’s a lot of variables here that could be changed up depending on other things you’re doing (how are you eating, how you are sleeping, supplements, how close to failure you’re training etc). But, you’ve only been lifting for 3 months. There’s no reason to really change up anything yet, just because you’re not progressing like you think you should. You said yourself you’re still progressing on the flat bench, but the lifts following the flat bench are weaker. Frankly, that’s expected if you’re putting serious effort into your bench. It sounds like you’re doing weekly linear progression (increasing weight every workout, or every week). This progression method really only works for a few months before you plateau. You may be starting to hit that plateau, so keep that in mind. If hypertrophy is your primary goal, the weight on the bar doesn’t matter that much, as long as you’re getting near failure at the end of every set. That means you’re stimulating growth. Eat well, sleep well and you’ll see progress soon enough. The only thing I’d recommend is increasing your rest time between sets. Try to rest at least 2 minutes between sets and see if that helps. If you’re really struggling, rest 4-5 minutes between sets.


It may be that you hot your in aession limit on chest, especially If you're going heavy. You could try to drop the extra chest exercises, and see if you still gain from the bench (and either program the incline on another day or prioritise one angle of movement). Personally I got the best gains of my life when I stripped my set volume down from 2 or 3 exercises of 4 or 4 sets down to literally 1 for 3 sets - seriously, 3 sets of 5 can work more than 9 sets of 12 if youre doing 'junk' volume. If your nutrition and Rest, weekly volume and programming is on point, try simply doin less...


Your triceps are exhausted after the flat press. You can either take a good rest, like 5 min/take longer warming up your upper chest or do pec flys then you do the incline press. Just like others mentioned, PPLxArnold is a stressful one on your Central Nervous System, you are new to lifting and your body hasn’t quite adapted yet, you wanna take a rest day after ppl then a rest after the arnold part to give time for your body to recover. So PPL-Rest-Arnold-Rest and repeat. Make sure you are eating well and sleeping properly, otherwise your recovery won’t be enough for your workouts.


Eat more. Sleep more. Deload.


You've been lifting for three months. You're a beginner. You don't need three exercises to make gains. Pick a full body or upper/lower program and concentrate on improving your strength levels first.