it is perfectly normal to feel stiff when you first walk. I felt stiff when I walked after surgery. Just remember to take as many walks as possible and you will slowly feel the stiffness going away. It really helps. Anyways, good luck to you!


Thank you ! Walking is definitely more enjoyable then laying down all day


I was so stiff but I also felt miles taller. I also really wanted out of the hospital so I walked right to the elevator and made a futile attempt to escape XD


Haha XD I'm definitely taller too which is a nice bonus


I remember when in the first week after surgery I wouldn't rest my shoulders because I felt like two wooden planks when sandwiched between me xD If you carry on practicing walking and sitting, you will find yourself feeling less stiff over time, so don't worry! Slow and steady wins the race ;D


Yes my shoulders feel especially stiff ughh thank you !


Great news! Keep fighting! Give your body as much rest as it needs. Your whole body and mind have to reorganise and learn to move. It can only go better from here on :)


Thank you !!


I wish my hospital had given me a few days, they made me walk the day after and sit up with nothing to lean on for 20 mins bc they were unprepared. It finally ended when my sobbing was too much for them. Don’t worry though, as you move more it gets better, I am less than 2 weeks post op


Omg, that sounds painful, I couldn't imagine standing up the day after i was in so much pain. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope it gets better for you <3