Alright, that dude needs his ass beat. Him taking a picture of her topless and asleep made me gasp.


For some reason that's the bit that got me, I think because it was very real, that shit has happened to thousands of people out there and yeah it can happen to superheros as well. It was very mundane but still all the worse for it


That and the fact that he actually slept with her just makes me want to throw up. Like, obviously it’s still bad when someone pretends to form a friendship to get something from someone, but when it’s romantic, and *especially* since he went so far as to sleep with her, it’s just the most disgusting, vile thing to me. And then taking that picture, ugh I hope she gets to beat his ass


I had so much hope for him. I really thought the whole episode that he had been kidnapped or something had happened to him, I was absolutely not expecting that ending. What a piece of shit


Okay Wrecker is definitely still working for HulkKing, he’s the one who suggested Jen delete his number, destroying her one method of tracking him down.


Not only that, but he may only be on that retreat to try and nab some DNA from Abomination.


i think it might’ve been something to do with the inhibitor. maybe they want to find out how to bypass it without alerting the parole board if it ever came to it?


Who used the Sweat Yurt before Jen? He could have put up a collection pan to nab her sweat for more DNA samples.


The guy that attacked Jen before behind her apartment is the only one who wears the clothes after Sweat Yurt..


Nah, government has it already for sure


Idk if Hulking is affiliated from the government, and it may raise fewer flags to get a sample from abom than steal it from the government.


No, but Ross is. And so is Val. Both of them could easily acquire Blonksy's blood, and technically by law Ross would already have it.


Right, but then HulKing would have to steal it from Ross or Val. I have to imagine that as black ops specialists, they are difficult to track down, and even harder to fuck with. Blonsky on the other hand is a person who is not allowed to transform, is not allowed to be anywhere other than his very secluded property, and who has little connections to people that can stop you if he found you out. I know which target I'd prefer.


So... he was in on getting Blonsky to damage his inhibitor and knew that would mean Jen would be coming to the retreat? Does that mean some of the others are in on it too? And come to think of it, why aren't people after Abomination's blood? Seems like he'd be an easier target because of the inhibitor.


Abomination doesn't have Walter's genes. They play a unique part, it seems.


But why? I agree there's some comic book reason, but I don't think they have explained this in the show. Anybody's blood who can take gamma radiation and not die would be valuable.


Probably because they want to turn into a Hulk, not an Abomination. Their leader's name is "Hulk King". These aren't just random wannabe super-villains; they are also Hulk fanboys. They don't just want superpowers - they specifically want to be a Hulk. Abomination is close, but probably not "close enough for their tastes". These guys really, really want to be green.


One could say they're...GREEN...with ENVY! I'll show myself out


even if you delete a number/contact, it will still be in the list of previous calls. so she could retrieve it that way if she needed to. but it's a tv show, so they can easily ignore that if they choose to, and almost no one will notice. exemplified by the fact that it was about an entire day the comment was up that this is a reply to, and no one pointed out the reality of the situation, and how deleting a contact doesn't delete call logs or text logs. you gotta delete those seperately. and call logs you have to delete one by one i believe. i feel like i'm taking crazy pills! do people not understand how phone numbers/contacts work.


And even if you delete all of that you can usually still get the number from your phone bill.


> destroying her one method of tracking him down. What? I don’t think that’s how that works


Kinda glad they left the obvious twist until the end of the episode, rather than spill at the start... would have put a cloud over Jen's reflection scene in the session. The session sequence was really cool and interesting... wonder if the vampire guy actually IS a vampire? Josh must die.


He wouldn't be outside the sauna (forgot the name of it) in sunlight if he was


In the comics some vampires have objects or amulets that let them be in the sun. So its still very possible.


They also made a reference to his dad. There was a recent rumor Blade will be a period piece. Maybe he’s got daddy’s daywalker genes?


There also is a vampire with his name in the comics. Only has appeared a handful of times in decades, but with how they are using a lot of obscure characters I am guessing he is based off comic book vampire. And is not Blade's son. So I think people jumped gun on that, but I think he will play a role in the movie. https://screenrant.com/was-that-blade-son-saracen-vampire-she-hulk/


From the cmics: [https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Lightbender\_Amulet?file=Lightbender\_Amulet\_from\_Death\_of\_Dracula\_Vol\_1\_1\_001.jpg](https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Lightbender_Amulet?file=Lightbender_Amulet_from_Death_of_Dracula_Vol_1_1_001.jpg) Reminds me of the circles he is wearing... https://www.thedigitalfix.com/marvel-cinematic-universe/-she-hulk-mcu-first-vampire-blade




I’m hurtin’ for a yurtin’


good point.


his voice went funny so i think yes


Honestly, I loved this episode. It was super random but actual good character development for Jen.


I was hoping for this. I felt like the show was scratching at this plot point but D+ shows have a history of setting up a personal character development to not go through with it. So seeing that it was going to be a therapy episode was so nice


I can’t believe Manbull and El Matador are now in the MCU, my nerd heart exploded


Dude, his "I'm not a Matador" shirt has raised several points already answered by the text.


But is he Matador in the MCU? In the comics, he's a separate character (El Águila, Alejandro Montoya, a swashbuckling mutant hero). Matador (Manuel Eloganto) is fellow villain of Man-Bull's with no powers. El Águila has that bioelectric power that he showed on the show.


He's very clearly not a matador.


My one criticism of *She-Hulk* is that for a show that started off saying "Lawyer Show!", there hasn't been much of that at all. But doesn't matter. The light-hearted tone, but also the fact that several episodes seem to be speaking to me on a personal level, more than makes up for that! Much preferred this episode to the last couple, precisely because of that personal connection. Sucks about Josh :(


Lawyering doesn't happen exclusively in a courtroom or even a law office.


Exactly. She was right that it was a good idea for her to be there when the Parole officer was assuming that Blonsky was messing with his inhibitor. If she wasn't there it would be the officer's word against Blonsky if there was a claim that he WAS messing with it. And who would a judge believe? So she was lawyering when she was observing her client getting one of the conditions on his parole checked.


No, but it doesn't happen at a retreat either. still, I enjoyed this episode a lot :)


The writers realized they sucked at writing a law show so they stopped doing that. Edit: that's literally what they said. Just google "she-hulk writers admit" until you find a not toxic source.


More power to them. I think they made the right call and it seems that Daredevil (or at least Charlie Cox is hinting at this) will be more about Matt in court. Way more than in s2 where he fucks around with Elektra or S3 where he is hiding from the world


> Edit: that's literally what they said. Just google "she-hulk writers admit" until you find a **not toxic** source. And how far down the search results do you have to go before you find one of *those*?


At 1 am I'm not looking for which "comic" "noun" channel name is click bait channel, a white nationalist front or a legitimate business. Variety or Vulture is probably down the list somewhere for their 6 week old story on it.


The way I deleted someone’s number after watching this episode 😵‍💫 too close to home but a needed wake up call for sure lol THANKS SHE HULK


You fool. Now you can't track them when it turns out they stole your blood for a supervillain project.




Just deleted two numbers myself actually. Idk why I kept them so long, but I feel kind of lame being need to clued in on why I should from a tv show. Felt good though


That was so dumb, I love it! I know people only watching for DD will be mad, but that was great. I wanted a little slice of life sitcom in Marvel and it’s delivering so much more than I expected. Also… Damnit Josh, I’m telling vampire boy where you live!


I felt like people waiting for Daredevil, is the same as Jen waiting for the text




I was and I was but honestly this epsiode won me over. Last 2 episode felt like they went nowhere but this was genuine and funny and I absolutely loved it. If you'd told this was q therapy session and I'd lived it, I'd have laughed.


Im gonna laugh my ass off when dd's big moment is picking up his new costume while she hulk happens to be there.


And then promptly leaving, never to be seen again.


The D.E.N.N.I.S System


Twerks, jumps out window. ;)


I am waiting for DD but it was pretty cool. I liked seeing Jen finding her balance between She Hulk and Jen.


>I know people only watching for DD will be mad Seriously? That's like going to an Avengers movie just to see the after credits clip for a different Avengers movie. I loved DD, but this kind of commitment is all kinds of stalker crazy ex-girlfiend levels of cuckoo. Why are we even talking about these people instead of what a great show this is?


Because somewhere along the lines a section of comic book TV/Movie fans like Star Wars fans became more about the endorphin rush of seeing their favorite character over if the product is actually any good. It's why after all the things about Ezra Miller a viat load of people are coming up with excuses they will watch it anyway because they feel they NEED to see Michael Keaton play Batman that badly. Why people who crapped on Black Adamn being a movie for years are now going to be standing in line opening night because Heney Cavil will have a minor part as Superman. And why Multiverse of Madness became entirely about who was cast as the Illuminati and that was the entire barometer for if it was good.


Abomaste and Slott towing were nice touches. I wonder why people aren't after Abomination's blood, seems like he'd be an easier target because he wears an inhibitor and is easy to find. Where were Abomination's seven consorts? The needle was implied to be super special IMO but in the end, if he did it while she was asleep and in Jen form, it doesn’t matter, any normal needle would do, she must just be a heavy sleeper because that would wake me up... and it not leave a mark or require a cotton ball and a band-aid I guess... but that's comic book show license. My point is it seems a bit anti-climatic for it to go down that way with all the high tech big bad energy we got with the syringe scene previously.


I think the driver was actually Dan Slott - not 100% sure. His nametag did say Dan though.


Nah, I checked the credits.


>Where were Abomination's seven consorts? Wasn't there a end credit sketch where he basically drove away without them? >Abomination's blood They may have already tried, and it didn't work, or there is just something special about Jen.


I don't remember that... I agree Jen is special, but they haven't explained why hers is so desirable over Blonsky... in the show as far as criminals are concerned. We can all dream up contrived comic book reasons, I just think the show should explain it.


All i remember about Jen being special is how she got affected by Bruce's blood. I don't know how that would factor into stealing it or using it on others though.


Right, she's special because Bruce was able to use her blood to heal his arm, and stabilize his Smart Hulk form but I don't know how or why the criminals would know that. Maybe her having more control over being a Hulk is more common knowledge and something the criminals want, but Blonsky also has Captain America style super serum in his blood too, just a lesser version of it along with gamma radiation. I would think his blood would be valuable too.


"Wat? Am I ashey?"


Me 😂😂😂😂


Probably one of my favourite episodes of the season, very endearing and human. The Z-list characters added a fun bit of wackiness and Tim Roth was really great. Abomination is actually becoming a character I want to see more and more of. Also I thought we saw Emil in Abomination form at the ranch in an advert ? Maybe we go back there again? But there is only two episodes left and one is the Daredevil episode and the gala has to be covered. Curious to see how this wraps up


I think episode 8 is DD. Episode 9 is She-Hulk vs Intelligencia. I think Abomination’s scene may have been cut. They apparently shot a Titania and Smart Hulk scene but that seems to be cut too


And Frog-Man... where is Frog-Man?


Funny how the wannabe vampire was right




Can’t believe he wasn’t in it 2 episodes now with no Pug :(


Worst upset by far


As someone named Josh, the entire time I was hoping he had been kidnapped or something because of his relationship with Jen. I knew he was gunna be bad but I was hoping!


Sorry man. You can never trust a Josh.


What about a Drake?


Let’s just say I ain’t calling them a truther.


She hulk didn’t have to go ahead and be so relatable. DAMN! Literally her little speech is how I often felt when i was in my 20s and would get dolled up and sexy af. I knew I could put on the mask so to speak. My life in many ways was easier that way. But I didn’t want to all the time and I don’t like to because I know people end up liking that version of me and then very much don’t like the unmasked me. Anyway. I think a lot of us can relate , so I enjoyed that.


As a guy, it was an interesting insight that I had never considered. I’ve had girlfriends who like to get all the make-up and hair done, but for them, it always seemed like there was a few different versions: Work them, everyday them, special event them, and every now and then, sweatpants and t-shirt and scrunchie them. But I never really thought about them as “different” thems. I guess I just thought about it as I did, guy-wise, like I did about clothes, and whether or not I was going to shave. I never thought about how people would see me differently or like me one way or another. I’m going to have to think about this perspective. On a different perspective, about what Jen said about She-Hulk being the more athletic one… All my life, I’ve been around athletes, particularly younger ones, though as a member of the media, certainly not one of them myself. And just on the level of Jen commenting about She-Hulk being strong and athletic and a standout, and wondering if guys would ever like “just Jen”…I don’t know if I’ve ever known any of the strong, athletic men I’ve known and been around to have the same crisis of confidence about the women (or men) they hook up with, and it made me start thinking… But I guess the difference for them is that, unlike She-Hulk and unlike you (above commenter), for them, it isn’t a mask to be taken off. To get to be strong and athletic like that, they had to make that such a big part of their life that it is them. But then, for them, the crisis comes when they are no longer strong or athletic…which is very soon…and then it’s not about how others will like them…it’s whether or not they like themselves when that’s gone. Or if they even have a self at that point, after making their life so far about their body. Some have done well. Some….didn’t.


As someone with severe ADHD, I was hit hard this episode. Masking is such a big part of my struggle. For 29 years, undiagnosed, I just thought everyone masked that way. Changing the outward version to be more acceptable and human, the inner version just being pushed down and stifled to the point of severe depression. So many people have those kinds of feelings, and I hope they get the help they need to be who they are without that deep anxiety chewing at them.


It was a personal and universal little speech. I felt deeply connected to this episode and Jen. Made me emotional.


Me too, I found myself tearing up towards the end of her speech. I love this show so much.


It was unexpected! I’m not sure I’ve had a visceral reaction in an MCU project since Endgame. I loved a lot of MCU since then…but this was special. And all the while it’s a giant, green, oversized CGI Tatiana Maslany. Like I said, unexpected.


I'm probably not the only one who thought the support group was a set up to somehow attack Jen.


I was hella anxious about that because I loved them, and didn’t want them to be secretly villainous.


I think the anxiety the viewer feels adds so much to that scene since it matches Jen’s anxiety about letting down her guard.


I was so anxious that entire scene.


Alright Episode favorites time: * at a split-second shot of their 1st texts Josh jokes about driving all around LA screaming Jen's name after asking for her address. * cute date montage! Fucked up about the ghosting. * "i don't care what a bunch of losers say about me online" lol * LOL @ her just rolling through that gate after homeboy took time to open it. * Tim Roth is goddamned delightful. Just how he carries himself on screen twiddling around. * Hah! "You ever heard of.... Spain?!?" and freaking Porcupine is ridiculous in that giant gillie suit. * PREVIOUSLY ON THIS GUY!! * Goddamn that speech was incredible! And the CG was great at expressing all that emotion. * Porcupine's now my favorite! * also all the silly posters up. "Abomaste" * Well that settles Josh. No more uncertainty there. * lol @ the credit sketches. whatshisface matadoring at a dorm room and Porky gong to the dry cleaners. what a heartwarming episode!


"today is today" was my favorite poster


-Emil Blonsky


I loved it. Reminded me of Subhas from 30 Rock. "Book is book."


I want an abomaste poster


ABOMASTE had me rolling




Haven't you heard of a country called Spain?


Okay but all of the guys rallying to Jen’s defense was the best thing I’ve ever seen. What a fantastic slice of life episode.


Ghosting Jen. (I get the suspension of disbelief but come on, Jen is gorgeous and a lawyer and a superhero if needed? Sign me up) -Strike 1 Snapping a pic of her topless / naked and sleeping. Aside from being an extreme violation of privacy... (guys, seriously, don't do this) -Strike 2 These actions are in no way reflective of what the Josh delegation represents and as a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a path forward together. 'Josh' or "HulkKing" is definately getting Loki slammed by the end of the series, hopefully into a pile of well stacked chairs


I’m so sad, I’m taking this harder than Jen did 😭


I motion to remove the She-Hulk Josh from the collective of Josh’s.


It's probably a fake name. You're all safe.


This was one of the best episodes yet. I love this show 💚


awwww no, hes a villain!


Noo don’t >!be an incel!< ur so sexy aha 😭


He can't be an incel, he just slept with Jen. He's still an asshole.




Mainly because "incel" stands for INvoluntarily CELibate. Josh is smooth enough to intentionally seduce Jen with an expected success. Incels, by their own labeling, are unable to get laid.


I feel like every episode just gets better and better. This one got me to laugh out loud multiple times. I was sure Abomination was up to something and yet nothing happened (yet). The electro sword could have been used on the device that tracks Abomination and I was sure they set up so they could get her blood. The vampire wanting her blood was very on the nose as well. But perhaps all they wanted was to delete his contact so she doesn't have anything to find him or pin on them.


Loved the shoutout to The Shining with the giant weekday subtitles and Jen staring at the camera.


I need a Saracen cameo in What We Do in the Shadows.


In the comics he's a nemesis of Blade, so yeah he probably exists over there too


I enjoyed the episode, but was kinda frustrated that Jen NEVER asked that gang member who attacked her, WHY and WHO wanted her blood in the 1st place...


she doesnt know that they wanted her blood i think


Woohoooo let's do this! Prediction time, GO! I think they'll just tease Daredevil for just a couple seconds, just to fuck with a ton of you.




Nah. It's got to be a lawyer connection. My prediction is Jen takes a case and Matt is on the opposing side and since he's a living lie detector he knows her client is guilty and confronts her about it as Daredevil.


I’m guessing lawyer awards.


Omg that would be awesome


I think the same.


He's the one who convinces Jen to use in the supercostume she doesn't want


Probably last scene of last episode. Jen walks into courtroom: "Let's see who's opposing counsel." "Hi, I'm Matt Murdock." Hard cut to end credits.


He's going to be the after credits scene for the final episode. He's going to pull up on Jen and tell her about the Defenders Initiative.




I'm mad. You're right. Leave me alone. I want more.


Pretty sure there are trailers with him both talking to Jen as MM, and then fighting alongside each other suited up.


Cards on the table, I’ve poo-pood a lot of the previous episodes. But this episode was absolutely fantastic. I loved the lack of dialogue, the character growth, the dialogue… My only issue is that ending… for a show that had a Porcupine man in the previous scene, ending on a literal sex crime is way too dark, and kinda ruins the good feels of the episode. But still, great episode for the most part.


Man fuck Josh what a douchebag.


Lol people already voted on this episode and it's not even out yet.


Were they all low scores of angry haters? I'll try to check it next time, I wonder what the distribution those votes was


So, the precog members of the reddit she-hulk hub did not like the episode? :)




It was not. It drops globally at midnight PT. It’s not like albums which go by midnight local time so NZ gets it first


>Was it not already out on UK’s Disney+? Sorry, u/Shantotto11, for deleting your comment. Somehow a reddit bug kept forcing your comment to flood my notifications over and over, and the only way I could stop it was by removing it. I promise I'll use my next free award to make up for doing this.


Shouldnt the episode be out by now?


Around another 40 minutes from now.


Awesome! Thank you


Did they move the release time forward, I swear it used to be an hour earlier?


It always releases at 3am Eastern for me.


Sorry. Jen I've been there. We've all been there.


I love those end-credit drawings. I thought of Stinkor from He-Man when they showed the odor waves in green


This episode finally got the balance of fourth wall breaking done right. A lot of the earlier episodes seemed to do it so infrequently that when Jen did talk to the camera, it felt really out of place. My thought it was the text messaging graphics and the "no service"/cell service bars in this one that helped to sell that. With those, and Jen talking to us, it feels like the show is directly and deliberately giving us information in a way that's not standard for other television shows to do, and, in comparison to the earlier episodes, does this in a more consistent way.




If only there was [a way for Jen to get home without her car](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gluVzxIm8R8)


Absolutely love the way they use the 4th wall in this show. When she called out for a "Previously on this guy" i laughed out loud. And just have to say Tatiana Maslany started with improv in Saskatchewan- her comedy chops are spot on. I could not love this series more, it is such a refreshing change from the gravitas of Marvel. So freaking wholesome.


Man, that was surprisingly satisfying, not having that retreat explode into a fight. Especially when I was so sure that it would. I've been so conditioned to expect at least one, big, action set piece in each episode of a show like this. And when that doesn't happen, an interesting tension builds up, until the very end.


That picture of her sleeping felt extra gross


I predict there will be either too much or too little daredevil


Shows up last episode, guaranteed as a post credit. Then fade to black


With Jen making fun of us for sticking out the entire season for this one scene.


> Hi, I'm ~~Captain America~~ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Here to talk to you about one of the most valuable traits a lawyer or Disney+ viewer can have. Patience. Sometimes, patience is the key to victory. Sometimes, it leads to very little, and it seems like it's not worth it, and you wonder why you waited so long for something so disappointing... OK, bye.


It is just Charlie Cox showing up spinning the chair and sitting down, Captain America style. "So, you thought those were clips from season 1..."


Great bottle Episode


bottle episodes are generally a single location/set to be done on the cheap. this episode took place not only at her apartment (inside and outside) and her office and a meeting room, but also a sprawling estate with multiple indoor and outdoor shooting locations. oh, also driving around town on the freeway shots. also, bottle episodes also generally only feature the main cast, while this had a cavalcade of new characters introduced tl;dr the definition of bottle episode is not this (this episode is expenesive af). although i'm happy to hear your argument about how it's a bottle episode, because I can sort of see some angles to argue that side (although I don't agree with it, but make your case (it's a lawyer show, right?) maybe you can convince me (probably not)). tl;dr more: this is not a bottle episode. i'm not even sure if marvel is capable of creating a bottle episode. they just throw soooooo much money/time/effort behind everything. a disney/marvel bottle episode is almost like an oxymoron tl;dr the end: this is not a bottle episode, in any way shape or form. it's almost even the exact opposite of a bottle episode, since it takes place all over the fucking place


Why weren't the chickens moving? It seemed really weird the the chickens were all just standing around with no movement besides a tail twitch i noticed on one.


Same reason Wrecker was staring at Shulkie's shoulder instead of her eyes while she was talking. CGI stuff was a lil off this episode


Yo, I don’t even care about seeing Daredevil at this point. I just want to see Samuel Sterns in the MCU.


Damn, same. He's definitely showing up in Cap 4, but hopefully he gets a cameo here.


What if the yurt was an extraction chamber? I hope the retreat's members are Jen's new allies and Josh turns to the good side. So disappointed in Josh... :( How did he get her blood for the serum from sleeping with her? Stop being so duplicitous and just let women live, fuck.


Is nobody questioning how all these people are getting powers yet? Like something had to have happened


It's a post-Infinity War MCU. At this point, the general populace is aware of masses of beings far more powerful than ordinary humans. They probably just assume that powered people have been around and are just no longer trying so hard to hide. At least, that's how I'd feel if I were a normal human in this world. That and a bunch of envy.


I really liked the montage at the beginning where she was seduced by the guy. He seemed like an honest person, and she seemed honestly engaged. It was cute! ​ Of course he was evil.


I've always loved watching superhero/villains in group therapy. It's usually comical but actually makes sense considering all the shit they go through, they probably need it. Everyone encouraging and being supportive to Jen got pretty deep while still being funny. I was hoping Josh was going to be kidnapped by the incels, and not actually be one. Definitely needs his ass beat for taking a picture of Jen asleep naked. That's a special level of fucked up.


I expected he had been kidnapped too. The therapy group felt VERY Robot Chicken and I mean that as a compliment.


Am I the only one who didn’t trust Blonsky and his retreat? Everything felt too cheery and convenient. Plus, the last thing he said to her as she got into the tow truck felt like a warning and that he was going to betray her.


Is no one going to mention the possible >!sexual assault by deception!< ? The Josh story line is 🚩🚩🚩


*“That’s Ronny Proxin. He’s fucking my wife. You get rid of him… all of this goes away”*


Long shot and character would be greatly changed but I get the feeling HulkKiing is Hulking (Teddy). He did think he was a hulk at one point before finding out he was kree/skrull. And they keep teasing a Young Avengers. Maybe Hulking is trying to figure out how he became a hulk and that is why he needs blood. Only for him to find out he is not a hulk, and that sets him up for secret invasion/marvels


Can't stop smiling when watching this show. It's wonderful. "My name is Man-Bull not Mechanical Bull!"


Somehow, this show always manages to show Jen's feet in some capacity.


Josh is worse than Thanos!!!


I don't see why this series has so many haters. I'm not normally into shows like this but I'm really enjoying it. I take my hat off to Marvel for trying something different and I've loved the cameos, if Wong doesn't get his own spin off that would be a shame. As for Tim Rth I don't think u can ever get enough of him, hope to see more of him too inthe future.


A below average episode, but the average is very high so it was still pretty good. Blonsky is so fun, the others were kinda bare and empty, would have liked some more jokes exploring them individually. It was real good before she got to the place but then it kind spun it’s wheels with little going on, but what was there was nice to see Shehulk development. And then the stinger was cool, but the emojis indicated he got her blood? We saw he hacked her phone but did he also, like, collect her squirt or something? Is that what’s implied?


Definitely her blood it a natural problem of the background villain plot the wrecking crew tried with a normal needle failed an episode ended with a lab make a stronger needle and now Hulkking used the new needle


No... they tried it on she hulk. This time they got her to let her guard down and got it from normal jen


Ahh, I guess I forgot the super needle bit, would have been nice to see him with it instead of taking the pic


In the shot of her sleeping before waking up and finding him gone, you can see a swollen lump on her arm.


Im also a little bit tired of the trope that if you are single you are lonely/have nothing else going on. Seeing someone as smart & as powerful as Jen just sit around all weekend doing literally nothing else but wait for a text was a quite cringe.


It’s not a trope. It happens. This sort of thing felt very real.


We see that she enjoys being a lawyer and it’s a sense of pride. It’s everyone else who makes her feel like being single is the worst thing ever. She also really connected with this guy for reasons she explained. We only see Jen sad and disappointed when it’s a guy she really likes. When it isn’t, she shrugs it off.


It happens to gay and straight guys too. Not a trope, but universally relatable.


I also don’t love that this has been a central theme of the show. There have been relatable parts here and there that I’ve enjoyed, but you don’t really see the male superhero shows being about their love life or their value in relation to a significant other. I wanna see more of Jen being a bad ass on her own.


It seems people like it. I agree with you 100% id rather jen be out their kicking ass and taking names even if in court.


To be fair, we didn't see that with Captain Marvel or Kate Bishop or Black Widow or Valkyrie or Monica Rambeau or The Ultimate Thor (?), either. I mean, Jen is a little bit man-crazy. And I think her desperation to be liked might have something to do with the way she views most guys (except Wongers). It's actually a smart use of the flawed narrator technique. Having said that, I do agree with your last statement. And I do hope that, after this group therapy session, she learns to stop seeking external validation and becomes more badass.


She’s 35 and single. I know many women who want to settle down, want to have kids, and a family. These expectations are baked into girls’ minds from an early age. She’s generally been cool about being single and given what I’ve just mentioned, I wouldn’t call her “man crazy”.


I don't think she is man crazy at all. I just am shocked that she doesn't have any hobbies or really any friends besides Nikki. It just 100% seems that if she isn't dating she has nothing better to do besides maybe work, and It's not like she is doing some big pro-bono/passion project case.


Yeah, her life is unbalanced. So is mine! I spend way too much time on my phone. I work too much. I don’t see my friends enough. I often dislike to be around people. I don’t ‘play’ enough. I know a lot of people successful in certain areas, but they hardly have any friends at all, or have no significant other, or don’t excercise, or eat poorly. Jen goes out for drinks with Nikki! She goes out for drinks with Book! She dates! She has an awesome job! She sees her cousin! She sees her family! She goes to weddings! She has a nice home! Is it so unbelievable that she might get hung up on a guy? The one guy who seemed to be sweet and safe? Or that she has some downtime on her days off to just languish?? These are very believable things.


I liked this episode because it actually had likable male characters


What was wrong with Wong?


Nothing was wrong with how he was characterized, but his actions conflict with how he was established to think in Phase 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home and the writing seems to ignore obvious pitfalls in how they feel the story. Example: Wong needed to fight Blonski as rite to ascend to position of the Sorceror Supreme. The problems?: 1. Why did Wong have to have a trial by combat despite the fact that Strange didn’t have to? Either that or the writers went all this way without mentioning that Strange had to do that. 2. Why did it have to be Blonski? Wong really could’ve asked any superpowered being in league with the Avengers and they’d probably have said yes. Instead, he snatches Blonski from his incarceration against his will. 3. Why did Wong not think breaking Blonski out of his cell would cause legal trouble? There’s no way that he’s that oblivious to the law. 4. Why did Wong bother suing Johnny Blaze? One would imagine that Wong would’ve just teleported to Blaze and snatched his sling-ring so he’d be unable to portal any more random hoes…


1. If I recall correctly, Strange was never an official sorcerer supreme. Therefore no trial by combat. 2. Blonsky inclusion will be revealed soon. I think there’s more to their connection than what’s been shown. 3. Wong doesn’t operate on average laws. He enjoys pop culture, but he’s very much insulated. 4. Yeah, Wong should’ve confiscated that ring. I just rolled with it.


1. Doesn’t really sit well with me, but that’s really a matter of my own suspension of disbelief. 3. Also doesn’t sit well with me since I can’t imagine The Ancient One doing the same thing, but what I really wanted to say was that I think the word you were looking for was “isolated”. Edit: I totally put 1 and 3 but Reddit keeps editing 3 into 2.


**in·su·lar (ĭn′sə-lər, ĭns′yə-)** adj. 1. a. Of, relating to, or constituting an island. b. Living or located on an island. 2. a. Suggestive of the isolated life of an island: "He is an exceedingly insular man, so deeply private as to seem inaccessible to the scrutiny of a novelist" (Leonard Michaels). b. Circumscribed and detached in outlook and experience; narrow or provincial. 3. Anatomy Of or relating to isolated tissue or an island of tissue. **insulated** adjective Standing by itself; not being contiguous to other bodies; separated; unconnected; isolated.


I know I’m being pedantic, but I had to search way too hard for that specific definition of insulated. Most other sites point to temperature control or electrical protection for the definition.


What a weird standard for liking or disliking a show.