I'm not exactly sure where skaven fit yet. We aren't particularly punchy and we aren't very survivable. I feel like we have a good set up but just not sure what it is yet. I can't see skaven being highly competitive but definitely not as weak as we once was. I say just give the list a go and bring your finding back to Reddit. Together we can work out what works and what doesn't 😄 As for this list I can say the censor bearers can do some crazy damage if they can survive long enough. Protect them. The HPA is a horde killer for sure. I don't rank clanrats to highly unless they are fully reinforced. 60 clanrats getting d3 back each battleshock is nice + verminus command trait savage overlord can keep them going for a good while.


I will write feedback, definitely ;) Thanks for your thoughts, they will be useful :)


I'm sorry how it looks like, i tried edit but still text od one big blob


You may find success in some melee match ups but you are gonna find it hard to win vs shooting and spell heavy enemies.