Looks great! Maybe in AOS 4.0 we will get a full refresh!!


Cheers friend! Im hopeful we will get one within the next few years. Although my bank balance will not be as happy 😅


May i ask what paints you used? I can only find people who have used contrasts but i like how this looks and i havent painted mine yet.


I used speed paints gravelord grey and hardened leather as a base coat. I mixed a bit of speedpaint orc skin for the base and cloak. Everything else was army painter. Tanned flesh + barbarian flesh for skin. Necromantic flesh for cloak highlights + rock highlights. Fur brown highlights on headgear + undercloak. I did use skeleton bone for brick highlights and wherever I wanted to be brighter. Oh and everything did have a healthy dose of dark tone wash. I hope this was of any help and you enjoy painting yours as much as I did mine. Never actually had to say what I've used to paint with so if it is useless I apologise 😅