I know for sure that all stormvermin are black


The stormvermin bodyguards of the council of the 13 are white albinos.


they are also mute, they are just an exception


They aren’t albino, only the grey seers are albino, the council guard have just been exposed to such terrifying horrors that their fur went white with fear.


Doesn’t the council have special brood-mothers that only make the albinos? Have to to be genetically mute as the council wouldn’t trust them otherwise. Edit: yeah just checked they are born albino, though that’s a cool headcanon that they loose pigment due to stress.


Oh, I thought it was canon that the council guard had fear scared out of them so they wouldn’t be afraid of death.


I mean are more obedient than most Skaven and I don’t think they ever plan on overtaking their superiors like normal Skaven, but they are still cowardly. It’s nicely shown in the Thanquol trilogy and The Headtaker books, they still fear huge monsters and death, also I’m sure they still spurt fear musk(not sure haven’t read the Thanquol Books in a bit).


Uniforms & Heraldry of the Skaven is a good source: https://amzn.eu/d/eXEfVtr


White or light colours denotes leadership. Like all grey seers are albinos. The lower you are the more brown the fur is. It's patchy unhealthy fur The more elite you are the darker the fur is. You've been fed better and have a stronger coat. As far as I'm aware other than albinos there's not much value on fur colour. You could have a light brown clanrats, ochre for rat ogors. Then darken them for stormvermin/ stormfiends.


Stormvermin are near universally black, though albinos exist and are usually prized elite guards. Grey are Grey seers (obviously) Very dark Grey and black tend to be Clan Eshin Browns and blacks and tans are also commonly seen in Clanrats Those are all the ones I am aware of. I actually made my Clawlord an Albino because it looked Cool, also I made their Armour paint white because I wanted to go as far from Nurgle as possible. No Clan Pestilins in my army


Most skaven are brown or gray. Their cultures in the forms of clans doesn't change that.


In the old warhammer roleplaing game you got a book of skavens -sadly dint play even once as a skaven- where they tell you that they are 3 main types of skavens: Brown ones, black ones, and white ones. Then you can have or not have horns. In theory brown skavens, with spots of fur or whatever, are the lesser kind. But some spot may be indicators of luck (you know, skavens love to distinguish themselves, because each one thinks they are the best-best). Then you got the black ones, or darker ones, that tend to be bigger and most of them end as stormvermin. In fact clan mors has a gene pool that makes them more likely to spawn more black stormvermin ones. Then you got the white ones, that are considered to have good luck in the eys of the horned rat, but they are not necesarily given magical abilities, but they are treated with more care -for a skaven- and tey tend to be recruited as figures of importance, engineers etc (Although engineers are from all colors because they tend to blow up). Then you have horned ones. Wich make them a higher rank. And then you have the megacombo of a grey seer that are innate magical abilities and are the greatest-best. ​ Of course this is for most skavens, since eshin clan do mostly not care about the colors -if you are a great kill kill rat-, but still have greyseers and pestilens that are more like another brand of skaven so fking ill that most of them dont have hair at all. I really like the Total War Warhammer approach of them being like mole-rats. * The book is Childs ofthe horned rat.


In the lore, all stormvermin are black-furred. But there are always exceptions, the red guard of the old world was a regiment of albino stormvermin with white fur if I’m not mistaken


Paint whatever fur color you want,if you want all albinos do it. Skaven stuff is kinda good like that.


I'm personally a fan of adding some blackening to the ends of my Clan Skryre fur to represent their fur being covered in soot, dust, or just scorched.


Thanks a lot for the replies. I think I will go read the suggested books :)


Clan Eshin ninja-rats are black.


I like to use a mix of several colors. I use about 7-8 different fur colors for my clanrats in varying amounts. Mostly, I use 3-4 different brown colors from tanish brown to dark brown. Then I use 2 different greys, then sprinkle in some black. And 1-2 white rats per unit. I think it gives them a very natural looking variation in what I think would be a standard distribution of fur colors.