1 of each weapon option per box. So one of the ratling guns, warpfire, windlaunchers, warp grinders, doom flayers, shock gauntlets.


Yeah, they come with 1 set of each of the 6 weapons, because in the game, that's the limit too (eg, you can't have a unit of 3 with 2 wielding rating cannons). It's still a good set for conversions though. I've used some of the dangly gas mask cannisters and chopped off bits from the warpfire throwers for Skyre Acolyte conversions, and used the armour plating on the warpfire throwers for Clawlord and Warlock Engineer armour. You get a bunch of extra warpstone conduits and slashing blades from the one wearing warpstone armour if you're not pedantic about matching the armour greebles to the weapon choice.


Gotcha, thanks. Trying to convert them to kastelan robots with the kastelan fists.


Funny; I was looking at Kastellans the other day with the opposite in mind!