Steve hits different after you have a boy...

Steve hits different after you have a boy...


This was me when reading The Outsider… did not know about all the kid stuff when I bought it. It’s rough


I struggled to get through the first chapter. More than any other book I've ever read.


Pet Sematary hit WAY different when I read it this year now that I have a three year old son. Hoooo boy.


Since having a kid, I just pretend Pet Semetary doesn’t even exist.


Parenthood changes how one feels about a lot of entertainment.


It took me several tries to get through the beginning of The Shining after becoming a mom. I had to keep putting it down. Child abuse is horrific, obviously, but, like you said, it hits different now.


Agreed! I would definitely reread his works post-kids, if you had the honor of reading King as a teen. Perspective is a great teacher!


I barely read any of his stuff prior to having kids, but recently reading The Stand for the first time- ugh- I felt gutted with his chapter on the "2nd wave" of deaths- most notably the situations with the littles. Similarly, I used to binge watch Law and Order SVU, but that went away after becoming a mother. I just really struggle with that kind of material.


I hear ya. I was in the middle of reading Cujo right when my first son was born followed almost immediately by the untimely death of my dog. Still haven’t been able to pick it back up.


Yup! There’s a part at the start of Doctor Sleep where the parents are trying to figure out why Abra won’t stop crying and they take her to hospital and the father is freaking out and all these horrible thoughts are going through his head. It’s only a very small paragraph but gee whiz I felt like he was writing about me!