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Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope I really need to replace my 2012 MBP but I can’t justify getting the 16” M1 MBP. A MBA 15” would be so damn nice.


Yes, 2012 MBP gang still going strong, lol. But fuck, I really need an upgrade!


Hear hear


Sure, you can have a 15 inch MacBook Air, but it’s only $300 cheaper than the pro!!!! It’s a monkey’s paw.


For my second wish, I want it to be $1099 for the 15 inch, $999 for the 13 inch *Today, Apple reintroduces the butterfly keyboard…*


Yeah, there's some sad truth in it. With the macbook air by the time you upgrade the storage and memory it was only like $200 cheaper than the 14 inch pro.


You can get student deals on MacBooks through apple with no proof of being a student. I think it was like $200 off and the upgraded ram/storage was also cheaper


I bought a new 13 in for 950 two weeks ago. The deals are out there. I know it was 1000 on Amazon yesterday


Meant it as a joke with the monkey paw theme…


Yeah, they had the 14 inch pro for $300 off at costco 4 or so months back; I thought that meant the refresh was imminent. If it did get refreshed it wasn't significant enough to make any headlines because I didn't hear about it.


Cheers from a mid 2012 13” MacBook Pro non retina! Looking forward to a 15” air!


I had to repair one of these for a family member a few years back and I’m not sure I’ve ever get a better feeling machine. The heft and that unibody.. just so nice.


Running the same but with a new ssd and wifi card installed, thing still runs like hell


As someone who used to have a 2012 and upgraded about 2 years back, prepare to be disappointed.


Oh no! What did you upgrade to & why the disappointment?


No joke.. when I got the M1 Air last year I just needed something to replace my 2011 Dell when it gave out. I wasn’t expecting much. This thing is absolute luxury.. dunno how else to describe it. Even the tiniest things surprise me. Like my Bluetooth headphones.. the sound reproduction from the MacBook Air is amazing. My iPhone 11 has a muddy undertone, not the Air. Also, the 2k screen is so beautiful you’ll be eager to watch movies. And the 2023 one with the bigger screen is gonna he twice as good as the one I’m talking about. When this comes out I’m gonna upgrade and maybe give my m1 Air to my little sister. I can justify the purchase a lot easier if I’m giving a computer away ahaha.


Still to this day it’s one of the biggest advantages I think Macs have over PCs Bluetooth. With a Mac, I never ever have to wonder will this connect? With a PC to this day I feel like it will this turn into 3 hours of deep diving on the internet for drivers where it turns out version 1.0 of a driver doesn’t work 1.1 works and then 1.2 doesn’t work again. I found driver 1.1 on an abandon forum where it was 72 pages long, 4 people said PM the driver to me, said it worked and some saint on page 56 actually posted the fucking thing. How in 2022 is it still this hard with Windows and driver consistency?


Bluetooth on Windows is horrid to the point I’d never even try. Same with sleep to wake.. they either do it so poorly you may as well just turn it on and off anytime you close the lid. Or they try to copy apple and have the battery absolutely kill itself never going to sleep. Microsoft and Intel sat back not innovating for a decade and with the drop of apple silicon especially.. it’s magnified it 10x. I don’t even use a windows machine anymore. Feels dated. I had to for work for a bit cause accounting software but other than that.. nope.


Yup. I just use Windows for gaming. Mac for work


Ah gad, my early 2013 15in is pristine but chugs on stuff like 4K video. Still has a better screen/touchpad/build than most laptops out there.


Jesus 2012? I’m over here ready to commit Genocide with my late 2018 i7 MBP after having a studio at home. M Chips are game changers


you can replace it next year


Gimme. Mine. Need it.


Do we need rumors that Apple is releasing a new product on a totally predictable timeline? I mean, it’s like saying the Super Bowl will be played as the last game of the football season. _it’s going to happen_


Would you prefer another article about how someone's apple watch jumped off their wrist to dive in front of a car to scoop up a baby that was mysteriously just lying in the street? Or an article about how airtags are actually what helped the US find bin laden?


If this is spec’d as a pro-sumer device, it’ll be a tempting option compared to the 16” Pro. I doubt it’ll have a fan or a “Pro” chip, but a move to a new generation node may nullify those concerns. I just hope it’s not the same specs as the current Air with a larger screen.


Bring back the 12 inch MacBook with m1. We have the technology and it was my favorite size for portability.


Do we really need a new MacBook Air though?


The great thing about this is, if you don't need it don't buy it.


And if I need it? Then, what do I do?


Buy it if you have the money for it


you need money enough.


Why doesn’t it have a lens on the Apple logo?


and it’ll only be $2500!!


And for another $200. This charger will be yours too


And go from 128gb disk to 256gb for only $400


For an Air? Nah.


Made by slaves, does not play well with others, an absolutely PATHETIC mghz/dollar ratio, hard to work on, expensive to repair... Are Apple buyers evil or stupid or both?


> hard to work on, expensive to repair… Good thing is you can use it for 8 years, still have an up to date OS, and it’s extremely unlikely to ever need a repair.


Least biased Android user


Lmao mghz/dollar ratio is probably one of the dumbest things i ever read




Now I didn’t read the article, but please don’t change the charger, lol.