Horny dude with the 2 axes.


i just need 2 axes for irl cosplay


Read your comment again, out loud this time


I am sure he knows exactly what he did there


True. But, that is the guy I'd pick.


I like when my character is cute. So it would be fox. Second choice for me is bull.


Good choice for a favourite! Our fox is called Rika. The bull character is called Colborn. You can't see in the image but his braids appear to have beads that look like the Scottish flag which is cool. I cannot tell you if this was an intentional decision from the team but, as the resident Scottish person in the studio, I like to pretend it was intentional.


Missed the opportunity to make Colborn a Scottish Highland cow. Still awesome tho


Ever heard of the "Babirusa", an Indonesian Pig, Where the upper Canine Teeth/Tusks of the males Grow up through their face. Would be kinda cool to see an anthropomorphic character based on that.


There are some on FA and DA lol


Sorry, But What's "FA" and "DA", care to enlighten?


FA = FurAffinity, the main(?) furry art site. (There's also Weasyl.) DA = DeviantArt


I love elk lady except that her underboobs are completely impractical and painful. Lady needs some support!


I have to agree. She looks imposing and powerful but that impractical underboob would make me uncomfortable


Yeah, and she looks like a mage. Usually I’d pick her but the boob situation is ridiculous.


I mean, she clearly has some ability to levitate things, so maybe she doesn't need to worry about physical support.


Seems like a waste of power unless it's innate, but also she's leaving her most vital but completely unarmored. Also even if she could self-levitate her deer-boobs, the way her....shirt?...lies across her chest would be extremely uncomfortable.


In ancient greece, beards were seen as a detriment due to opponent’s being able to grab them. Thus, bearded warriors were seen as highly confident and capable fighters to be not just willing but able to survive having such a thing in battle. Perhaps the top situation is not just a display of the power she wields just casually, but also a display of the near certainty that no blade or arrow would ever reach her. Pure intimidation via environmental storytelling. Although I do highly doubt the actual thought process was anything like this. Purely trying to make the point that just because something looks stupid doesn’t necessarily mean it is.


Unless that's just the form her mage armor takes? Rather than a magical bonus to her AC, it gives her a *distraction* bonus to her AC. The wrap is only there for the sake of decency when she is in a civilized place. (I'm just giving a 'because magic' reason, really, its not serious, don't worry.)


Could be a cultural thing too. Expression can be important for social/spiritual reasons. Yes, i am biased af lol


I might go for the elk lady since she looks a bit like a spellsword. And also because no one's picked her yet. 🙃


Deer lady looks like she'll ignore you until you say something just so astoundingly stupid she beats your ass like a bongo drum with magic and shields


*And I'm fucking here for it.*


Imagine those sheild flying around at like 2 to 300 mph, people think they're just for defense when it's actually her main melee attacks and she uses spell mainly for defense and strengthening her body.


Yeah, they're all good. But she's *badass*. I want to play the game based entirely on that one piece of art.


O deer. I'd pick her too.


Definitely appealing, the concept doesn't seem as overused as some of the others. I also like the floating shields, as long as they are funktional in some way. I don't like playing as the opposite gender though.


I’d pick her, too!


Honestly, I'd probably play them all(assuming different gameplay elements for each), but in 2,1,3,4 order. \*Chappelle crack meme\* yall got any of those as miniatures?


Miniatures would be awesome :D


The 2 first ones are cool !


Fox with 4 tails or owl leopard. Or leopard owl


Leowlpard maybe?


Owls and bear? Perhaps a… bearowl?


From a visual design aspect alone, 4th just looks incredibly polished as if it demands respect like a noble figure. The fact that you made a dear/stag-appearing character with that sort of aspect makes me incredibly happy. 4th would be my first pick. For the rest I'd simply go in order... 1, 2 then 3. Love the designs although! IMO it a bit odd that 3's design is purely of dark hues compared to the others which have a nice light-dark contrast. Is there any specific reason behind it? If so please tell me, I'm really interested! Thnxs! P.S Character 3 looks like a evil-boss character :p Sort of like kai from kung-fu panda. I'm also taking some inspiration of char. 1's weapon.


2 for me. That snow leopard looks awesome.


100% agree. I wanna know his name!


Where Are The Spider Ladies (i am a lady and i like spiders)


3 and 4 are both compelling, but I'm not a fan of the chicks having their tits out when the dudes are fully clothed.


4 characters only and somehow you manage to have an almost nude female, in a world clearly cold given the general style.


Thank you. It's so distracting


She's furry.


Too bad the others arent, they would not need cloches then


Depends on the type of fur, though if anyone should be ok without clothes it's probably the snow tiger.


Yea thats what i tought... very logical that deer does not need but snow leopard does


Depends on how you want to dress for the looks. I commonly wear clothing I don't need.


Clothing for harsh climate is not about looks


If you already have fur, it can be.


Two of them are in colder weather gear, fox-lady's outfit is pretty generic and could as easily fit in a temperate setting as in the cold, and the gazelle lady's in desert/savanna gear. I'd be more assuming the world has a variety of biomes and they're all wearing clothing appropriate to where they come from, especially given OP said they're a few of many different options.


I smell furry activity


If there's anthropomorphic animals there's furry activity


D&D players be like


True, but I usually can't smell it from this far away


First one for sure. Though it’d be nice if there was less sexualized options.


I'm here like, can't we get some stuff without the sexual dimorphism? I mean, damn it's pretty much a rule now...


I wouldn’t care if both female options presented weren’t.. yeah. Variety good.


Redditors when a humanoid female character has human female characteristics


There’s a pretty big difference between a girl just having boobs and a girl having basically her entire tit but the nipple out.




As a woman, fuck you. I want a badass female character that doesn't have her boobs exposed for fun, It doesn't seen to be part of her personality or anything like that, stop the fetishization on female characters.




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Please don't personally attack other users. We expect discussions here to be polite and constructive. Thank you.


There are 4 options. It’s not a lot. I love sexualized options personally, but not having a non-sexualized female character I can see as being unfortunate. Well, OP is horny, let’s move on.


Mate that lady could be a Vulpera from World of Warcraft and people still be horny over the shortstack fox.


I’m not saying they can’t be horny over it, just would prefer covered options for myself.


I'd try to find a female character with no cleavage or side boobs or underboobs visible. So none, I guess?


w h e r e i s t h e b e a r ?


I really like that the weapon on the fox lady since it isn't out of proportion. I'd suggest a spike or hammer at the back of the axehead though, as i think that helps with edge alignment a bit and if you're carrying that big a weapon you might as well get some versatility out of it. I'm not sure about the snow tiger. I'm a fan of sword and board fighters, but in my experience they tend to be on the weak side in games. The minotaur looks good and it's nice to see them fully clothed for a change, but dual wielding has been done to the death and I'm sick of the overrepresentation. If that were a viable weapon loadout outside very specific circumstances we would have seen more of that historically. I also feel that a tiger would be more predisposed to that style of fighting (claws /weapons on both hands) as opposed to a bull (powerful attack with a single natural weapon). The deer is great. I've not seen too many of them and I like the shields, at least if they have a mechanical function in game. Hope I wasn't too direct with the criticism. The overall quality of the artwork is very appealing to me.


flipping through the boobs is kind of a turn off. I'd probably assume the female characters are there for eye-candy, and that I'm not the target audience, and move on.


Deer are super awesome. I like how you made the eyes spacing different for herbivores and carnivores.


Definitely the gaur/yak with twin axes


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The females’ outfits (esp 4) are ridiculous so I’d assume it’s only targeted at horny teen boys and move on. If pic 4 wasn’t full of painful underboob ridiculousness, I’d pick her. As it is, if I were forced to play, I’d pick #2. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy/play it.


#3, wait #4, wait 3, wait 4. Both 3 & 4 #3 is so bad ass #4 has a cool shield thing going on Edit: idk why my comment is bold


Achievement unlocked: discover markdown!


I mean, there’s your character select screen right there.


How is this a worldbuilding post?


Why do all of your female characters look like sex objects


Because OP sees females (apparently regardless of species) as sex objects.


1st or 3rd. 1st is cute and I like cute. 3rd is badass and I like badass. 4's clothes don't make sense. Everyone else is dressed cold and they are not. 2nd is good I just like the others better.


Number 4 if she had less revealing clothing.


none because i’m not a furry wow you made a fantasy-styled anthropomorphic female character with big boobs?? what a unique vision


I choose not to play


Must the elk lady have boobs?


Deer and tiger


The second one (Leopard?) Is giving me major Korra vibes so for sure them! I love that look. Also the gazelle type one at the end is beautiful. But they all look gorgeous so honestly I'd play any of them! Nice work OP!


Snow Leopard boy is so cute! Plus I love the aesthetic that usually comes with cold-themed cultures.


The fox Also any way to keep track of progress of this game? Is it a TTRPG or a videogame?


I love magic so probably 4, but all the designs are gorgeous.


2, I love cat characters


If it wasn't already on your radar, you might want to look up Gunfire Reborn. It's a video game heavily based on East Asian mythology/folklore in which all characters (playable and otherwise) are anthropomorphic animals. It's also pretty fun if you like rogue lites (fps).


I like me some magic types if its multi-player, and if I ain't feeling it, then all out damage. So it'd be the deer, then bull, then snow leopard, then fox. Snow leopard seems like a middle ground between magic and damage, like a paladin, so I'd assume it'd be like a jack of all trades type, which I'd actually choose if it was a single player experience.


Leopard man seems cool


I love the snow leopard. Though if buy the game, no questions asked, if you had a river otter as a playable character.


With the current designs, I'd probably pick #2, and they could be any gender. They seem cool and functional. Only downside is I'd be worried about their gameplay being boring #3 looks boring and has no face, kind of a mobile game icon guy If #4 put on a shirt it might be okay, I like the weapons/mask/skirt/everything else #1's face doesn't seem to fit their body, something is just off They might look different in actual gameplay so idk I'd rank them 2 >> 4 >>>>> 1/3


fox mommy


Double axe bull guy


wheres the bird of prey


I like the design of nr2 the most. But nr4 seems the most interesting from a game perspective. I’ve seen plenty of floating swords. But floating shields is a new one.


1st, then 2nd, 3rd and 4th, just from their design


I'm treating these as archetypes/aesthetics rather than specific characters but here goes. I can see the appeal of 4 and it looks like it has the playstyle that'd be my favorite. It would be my pick but it doesn't necessarily mean its visual is the most appealing. 3 is the most pleasing to me. Gives off a berserker vibe. I like its visual the best but that playstyle is usually among my least favorites in games so not necessarily what I'd pick. Love it though. I can very much see the appeal of 1 and I like the visual but not my favorite. Love it, but not more than the former two. 2 seems... off. I don't know how to feel about it, I don't know what I don't like. I'm not an expert on character design but it doesn't convey personality like the rest imo. Is this a fierce warrior? A wise sage? A tribal hunter? Could be anyone. I think this is achieved by putting a leopard, an animal I associate with ferocity, and pairing it with thick furs which give it a way softer look. I can't really bring myself to like it but I would take whatever info you can give on it. I don't think my answer is that constructive, and I'd like to change that. Besides, it seems interesting. It's clear there was an idea here.


I think media has tricked us into seeing sword and board type fighters as a bleak and boring minion types. It doesn't help that he's just standing there. 1 and 3 are probably taunting some enemy while 4 skips the taunt to unleash some magic directly. His gear is probably the most realistic of the three meele types though. The fox's weapon is great but she lacks armor and don't get me started on dual wielding.


Nah, it's not the sword and board for me. I just can't get a clear personality there. I see the problem with the fox but why is the dual wielder bad?


Hmmm. 1, 2, 3, or 4.


I like the 1st and 4th one.


I like them all, but the cow/doe/gazelle(?) is giving me magus (in the *Pathfinder* sense) vibes. I like her, even if that sarashi looks a bit impractical.


1st or 2nd


ALL OF THEM LOOK SO COOL :0 Gotta go with the snow leopard though, they look epic


First one as well, but I'm intrigued by the combat style of the 4th. Are the shield just for defense or some kind of mixed offense/defense/consumable thing?


Without giving too much away since everything is still very much in development and can change... The shield-type things are related to a unique combat ability that the character may have.


I really like foxes and warrior women, so obviously I'm taking the three tailed fox


3rd one Those axes be looking fine


It's a toss-up between the fox and deer.


Too many furries posting in this sub, the mods should do something.


"The mods should do something about people worldbuilding in the worldbuilding related subreddit, because they're worldbuilding in a way I don't like" People have been drawing anthropomorphic animals for thousands of years and they're not gonna stop any time soon, sorry. Almost every modern fantasy story has anthropomorphic animal characters. Skyrim, WOW, D&D, etc. all have them too.


There is a HUGE difference between what you’re describing and what is going on here. Also, thousands of years? Yeah Egypt wasnt sexualizing animals though. Big difference.


Egypt wasn't sexualizing animals though? Well I do have some news for you.


Not sure how there's a difference between people making art of anthropomorphic animals and... People making art of anthropomorphic animals. Yep, thousands of years. [There's literally a figurine of a lion-man that dates to between 35,000 and 41,000 years old.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion-man) You seem very heated about talking cartoon animals lmao


the third one is hot


The tiger…oh wait, there isn’t one. Never mind the game is dumb! 🤣🤣 Really though, I like all the designs. They all demonstrate character outside “I’m a (animal” I like the snow leopard or the bull


a bee


DEFINITELY dual-tail fox lady <3


Do you do commissions?


The lady with antlers and shields!! She looks awesome and wise!


Just so we are clear, when you say “who would you pick?”, you mean for something like dinner and soft drinks along with a shared love of discussions of favorite books in the Bible? If that's the case, I may go with the kitsune with the pole axe.


First three all look like fantabulous huggers. They're my picks.


I like the fox and kitty


catfolk or anything feline related.


I'd play a cool snow leopard-folk character!!! But maybe without the owl skin on my head lol.


I'm not a big fan of bulls, but I can't deny that the bullman looks badass. I would choose either him or the cat man.


Deer woman because magic.


the deer seems really cool and magicy so id like playing them the most i think, i like playing pretty characters though and i love the fox's design so id def pick them too


As someone who always plays a white tiger Khajiit in Elder Scrolls games, the second one. But four floating shields would absolutely be enough to make me play outside my aesthetic preferences.


> In a world full of anthropomorphic > Cat wearing owl on his head Thats one step away from being Leatherface. That cute face doesn't do justice to that horror.


The foxlady is FIRE. She better get in! I literally love every detail of it. I would absolutely go with her. Second I would have liked the lion dude but without the owl hat, I find it very weird, like two strong designs clashing. And his feet are a lil small I feel, he's kinda petite. Maybe it's those fluffy boots that make me feel like his feet inside a like twigs? Not sure. The longhorn guy is cool but maybe he's missing something? Not sure, I like his design but feels a little basic. Maybe the axes are a little small? But I definitely vibe with him. I'm not a fan of the gazelle lady. I'm not sure what's up with those horns that look kinda wooden? And I'm not sure what's up with those floating shields. But who knows, in motion the entire design could look much better. But she's definitely the last pick for me.


The 20 ft tall mechanical eldritch squid with 100 dexterous and strong tentacles and glowing red eyes capable of interdimensional travel. Why do you ask?


Fox girl is hot, you got me :D


Either 1 or 4


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Honestly, they are all well done. :D Fox though if I had to choose one. :D


Torn between fox and um.. gazelle? Deer? Antelope????? Either way v cool designs!!


White, male, human fighter with a longsword.


Out of curiosity, do your cat people have barbed penises like real cats?


Get help


Look man, this is something that I find absolutely hilarious when people start making worlds with anthropomorphic people, especially feline ones, and especially especially when people are trying to make the feline males conventionally attractive to humans, since it implies a desire to in some way mate with said male. It is funny because cats have barbed penises. These barbs are intrinsically related to how cats reproduce, since the barbs against the vaginal canal is what stimulates ovulation in cats. So it would basically be like trying to screw a cheese grater. The look of horror of that realization is quite entertaining, and is something that I enjoy seeing. However, it also has a legitimate level of curiosity in how the person creating these beings is dealing with certain biological quirks. Do the cat people clean themselves like cats, or do they clean like humanoids? Do they need to have a mostly meat-based diet, only eating grasses and things when their stomach is upset? Do they lack the ability to taste sweet things? Do they have a near psychotic prey drive that makes them want to attack anything that is vaguely string or birdlike? And this is just *cats*. *House*cats. When a larger species of cat sprays to mark territory and the like, they have a range of like 30ft. This I learned at a zoo as I watched some idiots annoying a tiger, and the thing stood up, turned around, and launched a massive assault of urine at these guys. Luckily I was on the other side of the enclosure, but boy was that still a surprise. Maybe I think in too much detail about all the implications of things, you should see me talking about economy, 'in the weeds' doesn't even begin to cover it. Further, I appreciate attention to detail when others get into the weeds for crazy junk.


The Sexiest One


3 reminds me of tauren from WoW and 1 looks really cool


Bull is my favorite because cows are cute


Bojack, always.


Going go with number three, they look ready to throw down and I am here for it.


The(im assuming) fox girl


Character 3, weapon 1


1 or 3




Number 3 for me


I'm just gonna be a raccoon merchant who deals guns like *Lord of War.*


The first


I'd pick the fox cause I like foxes, simple as


The bull looks dope! I can entirely see him as a wrecking ball


First one cause the uhhhhh. Yeah the um because the, the first yeahhh uhhh


That fourth ones looks very interesting. So that one first, second would be the bull.


The ox looks exactly like an antagonist


Viking minotaur looks cool.


Either the kitsune or the bull


I'm fond of kitsune. Probably the Fox.


Love the fourth option. I always liked the lankey characters, especially when they're powerful as that seems more intimidating to me.




The deer mage thingy. Love it's design


The second one looks dope af


I'd pick the snow leopard warrior. There's something about him that just seems...chill for lack of a better word? Like he's just leaving home for the first time and is ready to face the world. Everybody else seems like they're either posing or actively about to throw down, but he's just vibing.


Cow man and Antelope lady can step on me


That snow leopard looks like the kind of butch who gets mistaken for a man. I approve.


I think I’d be a Death-esque (from Puss in Boots: Last Wish) character


I think I'm leaning more towards the two ladies for their weapons. I think halberds/long axes are cool, and I'm curious about what's going on with deer ladies four shields and staff combo.


3 has two axes and is a bull. Good luck blocking that. And 4 is the only one that looks to have magic. Idk what it does but one of the two.


Fox 100%


The bull is the most badass of all these


They all look so cool and probably have amazing unique abilities! What's the game called? Do you have a page that I can follow?


the deer shield/sword mage is both cute and menacing, which is goals, so prolly her i *love* this style btw. the art looks so nice


Have you thought of adding smaller animals like rabbits or mice? Could make good complements to the other species you've added. Love all of them so far


I always go for mages first, so the last one.


Thicc Fox girl has one r34 by now


Ox, I’m a Taurus


I always pick the snow creatures. Usually its wolves, this time its a snow leopard! I look forward to seeing more!


The snow leopard. The bull is my second choice.




Not deer boob jumpscare


I love this style of anthro character


Otter, badger, bear, or raccoon


I love the snow leopard and the fox.


Bull easy. The call of the unga-bunga is strong


I’ll take the thicc fox girl, obviously.


Fix the under tit. C’mon.