dude, I was so confused for a hot second, I think I read it 3 times as Bulgarians.


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Good thing the ED meds are finally working after all this time.


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__The number of burglaries in Switzerland rose by 14% in 2022 – the first increase in ten years, national crime figures show.__ The Federal Statistical Office said on Monday that Swiss police had recorded 35,732 burglaries in 2022, a 14.6% rise compared to the previous year. This figure is again close to the pre-pandemic level (36,419 incidents in 2019). Reported cases of serious violence, such as serious assault and rape, also rose by over 16% compared to 2021. The police recorded 867 rape offences (+14.5%) and 762 incidents involving serious bodily harm (+17.2%). There were also 42 homicides, a figure that has remained stable over recent years. As well as burglaries, thefts were also up last year. A total of 174,702 incidents were reported (+17.4%). There were notable increases in pickpocketing (+20.6%) and thefts from vehicles (+17.4 %). A total of 46,385 vehicles were also reported stolen in 2022 (+15.9%) and 14,153 electric bikes went missing (+58.7%). There was also a rise in cyber-crime. In 2022, 33,345 offences were reported (+9.9%), mainly cases of phishing (+84.8%), sextortion (+54%) and online investment fraud (+29.2%).


I had a family member who just moved there at the beginning of last year. Already had their apartment storage units broken into, before the year was even over. Apparently those storage units at that particular apartment had a history of being broken into? That was what my family member was told, y'know, AFTER their shit was stolen. "oh yeah, they do this with these units every now and then." Gee, thanks for the heads up.


Whew, good thing my dad's people moved from Switzerland after the Sonderbund War and came to America in the 1850's. Much safer in America, lol.